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Publication numberUS1037073 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 27, 1912
Filing dateFeb 9, 1912
Priority dateFeb 9, 1912
Publication numberUS 1037073 A, US 1037073A, US-A-1037073, US1037073 A, US1037073A
InventorsFrederick Sonnemann
Original AssigneeFrederick Sonnemann
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US 1037073 A
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Patented Aug. 27, 1912.

1 'Be it known that I,


rannmucx somtnmmm or miBYLaNn.

1 7 Filament: re est.

Applicationmed February s; 1912. Serial menses.

To ull'whom it may concern: a 1

FREDERICK some a citizen of the United States, resid- Chase, in the count -iof Montgomery and State ofMa-rylan have. invented certain new andv useful- Improvements in Dish-Drainers, of which the fol- MANN, ing at Chevy lowing is a specification, reference beinghad v vision of a device of this character in which 1 foraminous racks dish draine-rs.

ient steaming therein to the accompanying drawing.

The invention relates to a StGBIIIIIIg'CHbI- net' and more particularly to the class of object of the invention is the provision of a device of thischaracter in which table articles, such as dishes, silverware, cutlery, and the like may be thoroughly steamed and drained in a single operation, without requiring the manual handling thereof for this purpose. 7

Another object of the inve'nt' on is the pro- The primary cles of tableware and, draining net being designedtobe placed above a sink so that hot water from a faucet or other water supply can be admitted thereto and flow upon the articles for the cleaning thereof and subsequently'flow from said cabinet into' the sink. I f

A,- still further object of the invention is the provision of a device of this character which is simple in construction, readily and easily cleaned, thus rendering it sanitary. thoroughly reliable and eflicient in operation and inexpensive in manufacture.

With these and other objects in view the invention consists in the construction, combination and arrangement of parts as will be hereinafter more fully described, illustrated in the accompanying drawings, and pointed out in the claim hereunto appended.

In the drawings z-Figure 1,is a perspective view of a sink and waterinlet faucet showing the device constructed in accordance with the invention mounted in position 1 althou h it may ing therefrom, the

mounted above a water sink 9, of the ordiing upon brackets 16,

therebetween. Fig. 2, is a vertical transverse I sectional'view through the device and\the Patented ug. 27,1912.

adjacent parts. Fig; 3, is a sectional view on the. line 33 of Fig. 2.

'- imilar reference characters indic ate corresponding parts throughout the several views in. the drawings.

Referring to the drawings by numerals, the device comprises a box-like body 5, preferabl'y constructed from metal of sheet form,

he made from any other suitable material impermeable to water,

fluid, and is formed with an opening 6, in the front wallthereof, so as-to permit access to be had to the interior thereof. It is of course understood that the body 5 may be of any size and shape to steam or other like suit the fancy of the user.

The body 5, is formed at the lower end thereof'with a substantially hopper shaped" bottom 7, with its front portion rearwardly inclined, so that water admitted to the said body will flow rapidly to a common point centrally of its bottom and discharge through a drain nozzle or spent 8, dependbody being suit-ably nary well known construction, so that the water discharged from the body 5, will be delivered thereinto. Communicating with the sink 9, is the usualdrain pipe 10, to carry ofi the waterand sediment therein, in the ordinary manner.

Passed centrally through the top of the body is the discharge mouth 11, of a hot water faucet 12, of the usual type, which is connected to a supplypipe 13, leading from any suitable .water supply or main and within spray head14, whichis centrally connected to the mouth of said faucet 12, for admitting a quantity of hot water and steam to the interior of" the said body for the steaming andtherein.

of articles placed the body 5, 1s a washing held within Removably stack of spaced rearwardly inclined foraminous racks or shelves 15, the same restor approved manner teriorly of the duced' into the body 5 through the opening 6, in its front wall and likewise removed therefrom-in this .manner.

the body is a perforated T-shaped said body, and are adapted to support kitchen or table articles, such as thereof. The articles are intro-v fixed in any desirable at the corners infront wall are or a} curtain or shade roller 18,'hav1ng cona. waterproofcurnected thereto one end of r I tain or shade 19, adapted to beunwoundfrom the roller for the closing of the opening 6, or wound upon said roller for the uncovering of the opening, the curtain or shade being providedwith button-holes 20 near its free end for engagement with but-' tons 21, fixed in the front wall of the body 5, so that when the curtain or shade is unwound it may be fastened in extended position.

It will be apparent-that when articles are placed on the shelves and on'the bottom of the body 5, the faucet can be turned on for admitting hot water and steam to the interior of the body, so that the water will flow onto the articles for the cleaning thereof, thereby avoiding the manual handling of the articles. f

It will be noted that by reason of the disposition of the shelves at a rearward inclination the water falling upon the articles supported by said shelves will be caused, to gravitate toward the back of the cabinet thus preventing the splashing of the water v open front thereof or 1 in the direction of the the flow of the water therethrough. Furthermore when the water trickles onto the inclined. lower front portion-of the cabinet there will be no possibility of the same flowlng over the open front of said cabinet or the open frontof the cabinet is obviated.

- What I claim is:

Adevice of the class described comprising a casing having an open front, a hop per shaped bottom, and a rearwardly inclined lower front portion merging into said bottom a plurality of foraminous shelves located within said casing, corner brackets of the casing and supportingv fixed interiorly the said shelves in spaced parallel relation to each other and at a rearward inclination corresponding to the inclination of .t 1e lower front portion of the casing, and a water spray head located interiorly of the casing at the top thereof and spaced rearwardly from the open front of the sa1ne.

my signature,

In testimony whereof I afiix in presence of two witnesses.



p to water and (thereby the dropping of the articles through

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