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Publication numberUS1037096 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 27, 1912
Filing dateJan 2, 1912
Priority dateJan 2, 1912
Publication numberUS 1037096 A, US 1037096A, US-A-1037096, US1037096 A, US1037096A
InventorsCharles H Wood, John T Powers
Original AssigneeCharles H Wood, John T Powers
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US 1037096 A
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Patented Aug. 27, 1912.


Specification of Letters Eatent.

some Aug. 27, role.

Applieationfiled January 2, 1912. SeriaI NoL 689,066.

To aZZ whom it may concern:

Be it known that We, Guanine H. Wooo and JOHN T. POWERS, citizens of the United i abling those skilled in the art to Which our States, residing at the city of St. Loiiis and State of Missouri, have invented va new and useful Improvement in Lampfiupports, of which the following is a specification, en-

invention appertains to understand the same. v

This invention relat-esto lamp supports, and an objectof the invention is to produce a durable, portable and adjustable support for the purpose mentioned, which may be economically manufactured; and Which will possess great utility and ornamentation of deslgn.

' Withthis and other objects in View, we have designed, combined and arranged sev-- eral parts hereinafter illustrated and de-" scribed, and have specially pointed out the novel features thereof in the appended claims.

In the drawings, in which like parts are designated by likecharacters of reference,

Figure 1 is a perspective View illustrating one embodiment of our invention in all its essential d etails; Fig. 2 is a detail view, illustrating the inannerof clamping the device to-some permanent support, such as a table or desk top; this View also discloses in dotted lines theadjustable features of the stem supporting the lamp; Fig. 3 is a Ian View of the under side of the support,

illustrating the means for clamping the device tothe permanent. support; Figml is a detail view'of the lamp socket illustratingthe detail of the adjustable sha e. I

The support includesasuitable base plate 1,,Whibh, 1n the embodiment shown, is in the form ofgan elongated metallic plate,

curved upwardly at one end as shown at 2,-

,in order to form a rounded surface which 5 will not deface the polished surface of furniture such as tables or desks when the device i s-mounted thereon. The opposite end of the base has a downwardly bent portion 3,

which constitutes a leg to uphold one end evenly on a fiat surface or hang. evenly,

of the base. The lower-end of the leg 3 is extended obliquelyoutwardly as shown at 4; the lower surface of said extension being in -the same-plane as the under rounded surface 2, so that the support Will rest against a well. An opening or hole omay be formed in the center oisaid BXtCDSlOIl other vertical surface.

plate 1, and adyaccnt to the upper end there- 4, so that the devicemay be hung upon a "nail or other pro ection against a wall or fit each side oi the of, a portion of the plate is bent as shown at 6 so as to form a tubular hearing or sun port for the ends of a clamp element 7, ."illie clamp? is formed from a wire' so hentas I to form a spring, and comprises two arms, which extend forwardly and transversely near the front of the plate 1, forming a bail.

At each side of the base plate are offsets forming shoulders 23. The arms oi the clamp element 7, are bent upwardly to 01m loops and then downwardly under the shout.

tiers 8 of the plate 1, as clearly shown in- Flg. l; The front part lithe clamp ele-.'

ment rests normally against the lower: 51115 face of the base 1, as clearly appears by a.

reference to 3 oi the drawing. The

forward end of the base plate 1 has a notch 9 formed therein, making the bail-readily accessible for drawing back the clam with. the fingers, and maybe placed under a'iiat surface such as table or desk; top,

and the tension of the spring will securely, hold the device where placed, in the man nerclearly shown in Fig, 2 of the drawn-1g,

The under surface of the base plate 1', and; oi. t-lABEXiZQRSlOll l may be pro vided with-a layer 10 of felt or like material. suitably secured thereto, to prevent damage or in jury to the polished surface of woodwork too the embodiment shown, is arr-un ed to re:

ceive the usual incandescent elcctricibulb It is to be understood, that ajgas lamp or other illuminating element may be used in L connection with our support instead of an electric bulb and We do not limit ourselves to any specific design or character of light, An adjustable lamp shade d6 may be used in connection With the support which shade is revolubly mounted in the lamp socket as in diiferent positions.

shown in Fig. l, of the drawing, so that the light. may he thrown in an; desired direction when the supportis placed or fiiounted A cord or Wire 1. permlts of the support being moved from place to place, and connected with the sourceof light energy.

We are aware that numerous changes in detail and arrangement maybe made without departing from the spirit and scope of our invention. lVe do not limit ourselves,

I therefore, to exact details but- What We claim and desire to secure by Letters'Patent isl. A lamp support comprising a b plate; said plate having one end thereof con vexed upwardly, and the other end thereof 'heing bent doi 'iiwardly thereby constitutmg a leg or support for upholding said plate, a sprmg element, the ends of which are seated in said base plateand having forwardly extending arms crossing trans- .versely of the front {)fil'li Of sa d plate-to form a hail, a projection on the'upper surface of said base plate and a lainp pivot-ally mounted on said projection, substantially as specified. l

2. The combination with an elongated metallieplate, arranged with one end thereof upturned'and the opposite end bent downwardly and obliquely outward, a spring clamp element having its ends seated in Said base plate and extending forii'ardly and transversely forming a hail, an opening in the front part of said plate under which i said hail'normally rests, a projection formed on the upper surface of said plate, and a,

stem pivotelly and reinovalily mounted on said projection, and an illuminating element '40. on said stein, substantially as specified.

K A device of the character descrihctl comprising a metallic plate, provided i 'iih a leg for upholding one end thereof, and

I also arranged with an oiiset at either side lhei-eof, a clamp clement consisting of: a spring w1re the ends of whi h are permanently set in bearings formed integral with saidplate, the said Wire being looped upwardly above the surface of said plate, and

then downwardly under the slmuldt-rs formed in said plate, and then l tn'u-m-tlly to a point near the front of said plate, then extending laterally forming :1 hail, a notch in the front of said plate under which H. part of said bail normally rests. :1. layer of soft material attached to tho-bottom of said ost see plat-e, anarm projecting upwardly from the upper surface of said plate, a stem pivoted to said arm, means for binding said stem to said arm, an illuminating element surmounting said stem, and a conductor arrangetkin connection with said illuminating element whereby said element may be supplied with energy from a remote source, substantially as specified.

4. A lamp support, comprising a base plate arranged to rest evenly on a flat surface, a spring clamp element secured to said base plate and arranged to normally rest against the underside of said plate and adapted to cooperate with said base plate effectively to clamp the sameto permanent clamping element and beingv arranged .tobe

drawn from the under face of said plate to permit a permanent support to be interposed hetivcen said plate and said spring clamp, substantially as specified.

6. The combination with a metallic plate. one end of which is bent downwardly thereby constituting a leg or support for upholding said plate one end, a. spring clamp.

element, comprising :L U shaped rod the nds of which are looped upwardly and sealed in said plate atlhe sides thereof, said clamp being arranged to rest norii'mliy against the under face of said plate and to be Withdrawn therefrom permitting a permanent support to be interposed between the under fare of said plate and said clamp elen'lent, suhsiantihlly as described.

in tes iinony whereof, we have signed this specification, in the presence of two subscribing \'.'itnesses.


In the presence of NELSON THOMAS,


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