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Publication numberUS1037265 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 3, 1912
Filing dateFeb 26, 1912
Priority dateFeb 26, 1912
Publication numberUS 1037265 A, US 1037265A, US-A-1037265, US1037265 A, US1037265A
InventorsOrville C Kirkpatrick
Original AssigneeOrville C Kirkpatrick
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US 1037265 A
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Patented S6395 19255.


" l ll t i lull) til 'liifl li hl hlhl l tlh l llfi i;



Specification of Letters Patent. Patented Staph. 3 1912.

Application filed February :26, 1912. Serial No. 679,391.

he a full, clear, and exaeh deseription ot'the invention, such an will enable others skilled in the art to which it appertaina to :alte and are the eamo.

This invention relates to in'iprovenurnts in bag holding and supporting;' deviees.

Une object ot the invention is to provide a hag holder and supporting; deviees havpng an imprertnl means for detachably Rewiring a l ag' thereto whereby the haganay be sup ported and held in position to receive the material "planed therein.

i Ltl-OtllCl object to provide a bag holder whie-h may he applied to a vessel or'utensil for supporting the bag therein and which is provided with separable folding supporting; .inen'ibers, and a folding handle adapted to be clet-aohably and intorehangeahly secured to the holder.

Anothe and important object tit-the invention is .in the provision ot a device oi the character referred to which can be suspended from a support or readily removed therefrom and placed upon the floor as may he found moateonvonient without detracting from the utility and advantages of the invention.

. lllitlethese and other objeets in View the invention consists of certain novelttuitnres o'lf oonstruelion, and the oomhination and arra'ngen'uau. of parts as will be more fully described and claimed.

in the aoeonnimnying drawings, l igure l is a ptu'speetire \iew vof my improved bag holder and its supporting li'iLClitHllSltl showing a bag applied to and supported thereby; Fig. 2 in a. eent'ral verticalsectional View of the nap; receiving member; Fig. 3 is a fragmontary sectional perspective View of the base "in; of the supporting mechanism;

Fig. -lis a. perspective view of thebag fastening ring; Fig. is a perspective View of one of the sections of the haseior stn'iporting ring hown in .ilig. 1; Fig. (5 is a sideview of the holder showing;- the detaehable handles applied thereto and the holder and bagsupported thereby the ring in the handle. being engaged with a suitable support; iii permeetive View of the handles i the handle with the parts intolded position; Fir: his a Vtlllt'tl seetional view through a eollee pot showing the holder arranged therein for supporting a 'eott'ee holding or per-rotating; bag: Fig. is a perspective view oi. atunnel whieh preferably eniploved in eonneetion with the holder for faeilitating the titling of the bag.

My imprmed hag holder and supporting device eomprises a eireular'hagreceiving member eoniprising a metal ring or hand which flares outwardly from its lower toward its upper edge and has on its upper edge an outward radially projecting flange 2 and on its inner edge an inwardly extending annular bag Supporting flange 3, the illner edge of whi -h is turned upwardly to form a rib or head 4'. in the flange .2 and spaced equal distance apart are apertures 5 the purpose (it whirh will be hereinafter deserihed. .\da|ite l to be engaged with the flange -3 is a bag fastening ring: (3 which is adapted to fasten the upper end of the bag 7 to the holder. in applying the bag to the holder the bag is first turned inside out after whioh the fastening' ring tl is inserted into the open end ol' the bag and said open end and ring; are then applied to the holder and the ring engaged with the flange 3 whereupon the bag is-puahed down through the holder thus again turning the bag right; side out. After the bag has thus been pushed through the holder and turned right side out the open upper end of the bag will be folded around the. ring (3 which will securely hold said itolded upper end of the bag in engagement with the flange 3 and rib or head'al as clearly shown in. Fig. 2 of'the drawing'. \Vhen the bag has thus been secured in the holder the same may be engaged with any suitable support or may be applied to or arranged in the upper end of a eoil'ee pot or other torm ot cooking utensit or vessel whereby the bag will he supported to hang down in the utensil or vessel as clearly shown in Fig. t) of the drawings.

In oonneetion with the holdenxl preferably employ a supporting mechanism coniprising -a plurality of supmu'tingrods or bars 8 wliieh may be of anvsuitahle length and which are reduced and threaded at. their upper ends, said reduced tiithi 'loi'ining stop shoulders 9 with whieh are engaged stop nuts or \vnh'lltl'fi. The reduced threaded upper ends of the rods Rt) adapted to be en:

from the holder; Fig. 8 is a similar .view of together. v

l In addition to the supporting mechanism herein described, I also preferably provide -on said ends.

'gaged with or inserted through the apertures 5 in the flange 2 of the holder and said ends of the rods are secured in engagement with the stop flange by clamping nuts 10 screwed ont othe threaded upper ends of the rods as shown. The lower ends of the rods are bent at right angles and said angularly bent ends are threaded to receive clamping nuts 11.

When thus 'arranged the lower ends of the rods are adapted to be secured to a base or su porting ring 12 having therein rod fastening holes 13 and 14 which are arranged in pairs and spaced equal dis tancesaround the ring 12 as shown; In attaching the lower ends of the rods to the ring, said ends are preferably engaged with the inner side of the ring and the angularly bent threadedends are inserted through the holes 13 in the ring and the nuts 11 screwed The lower portions of the rods are further secured to the ring 12 by clamping hooks 15 which are engaged with the rods and have one end projecting tachably secured together to form the ringand may be readily disconnected to permit the ring to be taken to pieces and folded in compact form. When the ring 12 is formed in detachable sections, the holes 13 and 14 are preferably arranged through the joined ends of the sections as herein shown, and the ends of the rods 8 and the clamping hooks 15 which engage the holes serve to firmly fasten the joined ends of the sections a handle or supporting mechanism by which the holder and bag may be attached to and suspended from a hook, rod or other suit-- 1 able support a as clearly shown in- Fig. 6 of the drawings, the handle and suspending or supportmg mechanism also serving as a carrying mechanism whereby the holder and the bag attached thereto 'may be conveniently lifted and carried from place toplace. The-handle or carrying mechanism comprises a ring 17 having a depending stem or shank 18 the lower end of which is offset or headed as showh. Pivot i'y connected to the shank 18 area series of older attaching rods 19, which are preferably of right angular form and have their ends reduced and threaded. The reduced threaded ends of the rods for-m stop shoulders with which are engaged stop washers or nuts 20. \Vhen the handle is to be applied to the holder, the

upper ends of the supporting rods 10 are disconnected from the holes 5 in the flange 2 of the holder and with said holes are engaged the threaded ends'of the rods 19. When thus engaged the washers or nuts 20 on the threaded ends of the rods engage the upper side of the flange 2 and on the threaded ends of the rods below the flange are screwed clamping nuts 21 whereby said ends of the rods are securely fastened to the holder. The upper ends of the rods are preferably bent into the form of eyes 22 which are engaged with the stem of the ring l7 whereby-therods are pivotally secured to said stem, so that when the handle is not in use and disconnected from the holder, the rods may be folded together in compact form asshown in Fig. 8 of the drawings. By

thus constructing and arranging the holder and its supporting mechanism it will be seen that a bag may be supported at a suitable elevation and held open to receive the material to be placed therein and in order to facilitate the filling of the bag when thus supported and to prevent the material from dropping onto the folded upper edge of the bag, I preferably employ a funnel 23 which is inserted in the holder and engages the upper portion of the bag.

While the invention is particularly designed for holding and supporting a bag for straining jelly, fruits, milk or the like, or for extracting honey or for filtering purposes, it is obvious that the devicemay be constructed of sutficient size and strength for holding and supporting bags or sacks to be filled with grain or other products of food stuffs. 7

From the foregoing description taken in connection wit-h the accompanying drawings, the construction and operation of the invention will be readily understood without requiring a more extended explanation.

Various changes in the form, proportion and the minor details of construction may be resorted to without departing from the principle or sacrificing any of the advantages of the invention'as claimed.

Having thus described my invention, what I claim is l. A bag holding and supporting device comprising a band,.means to secure the mouth of a bag to said band, a plurality of supporting rods theupper ends of which are detachably secured to the ban d, and a base ring detachably secured to the lower ends:

of said rods,.said ring being composed of a plurality of curved sections; the ends of which are pro'videdwith hooks for interlocking engagement, the lower ends of sand rods being detachably connected to the band at the connected ends of the sections.

2. In a bag holder,',a support, a holding band having on its upper edge an upwardly projecting radial flange, a plurality of supporting rods having reduced threaded upper v ends adapted to be inserted in the apertures in the flange of said band, said threaded ends of the rods having shoulders thereon forming stops which engage the under side of-said flange, clamping nuts adapted to be screwed onto the upper ends of the rods, said rods also having right angularly disposed lower portions having threaded ends, a base ring formed of a plurali y of detachably connected sections having therein pairs of apertures, one of each pair being adapted to receive the threaded angularly bent lower side of a rod, clamping hooks engaged with the rods and inserted in the other apertures in the base ring, and clamping nuts adapted to be screwed onto the ends of the hooks, and on the projecting threaded ends of the rods, whereby said parts are detachably secured to the sections of the base ring.

In testimony whereof I have hereunto set.

my hand in presence of two subscribing wit.- nesses.


' Witnesses:

F. B. SHAIN, W. H. Buss.

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