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Publication numberUS1037664 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 3, 1912
Filing dateOct 15, 1910
Priority dateOct 15, 1910
Publication numberUS 1037664 A, US 1037664A, US-A-1037664, US1037664 A, US1037664A
InventorsFrederick C Rockwell
Original AssigneeFrederick C Rockwell
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Distributing-valve for bath-tubs.
US 1037664 A
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' APPLICATION FILED 001215, 1910.

f 1 ggzggg Patented Sept. 3, 1912.

l/v-b'tmcosco gm FREDEmc c. ROCKWELL, on HAMILTON, ILLINOIS.


Specification of'Letter's Patent.

Patented Sept. 3. 1912.

- Application filed October 15, 1910. Serial No. 587,264.

water distribution attachment for bath tubs.

The object of the invention is to' provide novel and peculiar means for utilizing the waste water of bath tubs whereby such water may be directed from the tub to various places and for various purposes, such as irrigation, kitchen use, and similar purposes.

In certain localities water is so scarce every precaution is used to save the water as much as possible, and in order to provide for the same body of bath water'being used more than once and for various purposes, I provide the bath tub with a device for discharging the water, after bathing, in various directions as desired or as occasion may demand.

The invention consists in the novel and peculiarconstruction and arrangement of parts, and especially in the attachment whereby water from bath tubs, after bathing, may be distributed in various directions from the tub; and means for controlling such distribution as desired.

Various other objects, and advantages, and desirable results are attainable in the practical application of the invent-ion.

In the accompanying drawings forming part of this application:Figure 1 is an elevation, partly broken away, showing the application of the invention. vertical sectional view. Fig. 3 is a cross section taken through the valve chamber or casing, taken on the dotted line :ccc Fig. 1. Fig. 4 is a perspective view of the indicator wheel and nut. Fig. 5 is a side elevation, partly broken away, showing a modification. Fig. 6 is a' section view of the modifi cation.

The same reference numerals denote the same parts throughout the several views of the drawings.

he usual stand pipe 1, of an ordinary bah tub 2,15 employed in carrying out this invent-i051, and'said pipe is connected to the drain-discharge 3, .and the over-flow disgear 21, inclosed 'in a Fig. 2 is a.

charge 4, of the tub by pipes 5 and 6 respectively- The bottom of the pipe 1 is provided with one-half 7, of a casing and the other half 8,

of the casing has a sewer or waste pipe 9,

and a distributing pipe 10 attached thereto and discharging t'rdm the water chamber formed by the casing. A valve-stem 11, has one end thereof journaled centrally in the casing portion 7, and it is cushioned by means of a spring 12. A-disk-valve 13 issecured to the stem 11, and works on the bottom of the casing portion 7, and is cushioned in its bearing thereon by the said spring 12. The disk 13 has a port-14, and a stop pin or lug 15, for engaging a pair of stop pins or lugs 16 on the casing portion .7, so as to limit the rotary movement of the disk, and stop it with its port over one or the other of the pipes 9 and 10, and thereby open and close communication between the chamber and these pipes, according to the desired direction for the discharge of the water from the tub. The valve-stem 11 eX- tends through the pipe 1, and through a hand-wheel 17, having inscribed thereon the nature of the pipes 9 and 10, and the wheel issecured to the top of the pipe 1, by a boss 1*. 'The stem 11 is turned by a nut 18, having an indicator finger or point 19, cooperating with said inscriptions for indicating the position of the valve or disk 13.

Referring to the modification shown in Figs. 5 and 6, the valve disk-20, is provided with peripheral teeth which mesh with a gear-housing 22- secured to or forming a part of the valve casing 23. A shaft 24 is tributing pipes 25, branchedtherefrom, and the disk may be operated by the gear to place the disk-port 26 over either of said pipes as desired. Obviously this casing and disk have no stop-lugs.

Flexible hose or. other pipe may be attached to certain of the distributing pipes to carry 'the water from the bath tub to such 'place or places as desired, for examplefor watering lawns, kitchen use, stable use, and for various other purposes.

It will be seen that the device, in either form, is readily attached to ordinary bat-h tubs, and that the drain and over-flow are employed in the usual way.

journaled in the housing 22, for operating the said gear and the disk. The casing 23 may have three or more dis- I do not wishtelae'n'nderstood as limiting myself to any sp'ccial size or material; to the number of distributing pipes; to the particular place in the stand pipe for applying the disk-valve; nor to the means for operating the valve as far as lies within the a waterchamber, a. water conducting pipe having the upper of said casing parts formed thereon with a pair of induction ports in the pipe abo e. the casing, a plurality" of eduction pipes leading from 'the chamber and having the lower of said casing parts formed thereon, an operating stem extending'through said pipe and through both formed on the stem and seated on the eduction pipes within the chamber, and means 20 parts of the chamber casing, a port disk contained within the chamber for controlling the movement of the disk, substantially as and for the purpose set: forth.

In witness whereof I hereunto set my hand in the presence of two witnesses. FREDERICK C. ROCKWELL. Witnesses:



Copies of this patent may be obtained for live cents each, by addressing the Commissioner of Patents I Washington, D; 0.

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