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Publication numberUS103770 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 31, 1870
Publication numberUS 103770 A, US 103770A, US-A-103770, US103770 A, US103770A
InventorsInner Sole For Boots
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Improved inner sole for boots and shoes
US 103770 A
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Letters Pfl-tent No. 103,7 70, dated Mey 31, 187i).

The Schedule referred to in Ithese Letters Patent and making part of the same.

To all whom it may concern Beit known that I, EDWARD W. PARISH, of Boston, in the county. of Suolk and State of Massachusetts, have invented. certain Improvements bin Inner Soles for Boots and Shoes', of which the following is -a. full, clear, andexact description, reference being hadto the accompanying drawing making part of this specica-tion, in which- Figure 1 isa plan of my'im'proved inner sole. A

Figure 2ris a perspective View of the same, with the lining or covering removed to show the construction of the under side ot' the interior.

Figure 3 is a plan showing the construct-ion otthe upper side of the interior.-

Figure 4 is a central longitudinal section on the line x x of fie'.- 1. l

My invention consists in an elastic tube and a per-- forated plate applied to the toe and heel portions of 1 sole, thus vinclosing theelastio tubes within la chamber, through which, and the perforated plates and perforations in the toe and-heel of the sole, the air is caused to circulate by the ordinary action of the foot iu walking, the elastic tubes being alternately compressed and expanded by the pressure of the toe and heel upon them, thus affording a soft yielding cushionfor the foot, and circulating the air around it, thus maintaining an even temperature within the boot or. shoe of the wearer.

To Aenable others skilled inthe art-to understand and use my inventiom'I will proceed to describe the manner in'which I have carried it out.

In thesaidbdrawing'- A`is apiece of -prepared pasteboard, of suitable thickness, of the size and, form of the foot, required to serve as an inner sole for a boot or shoe.

The toe and heel portions of this sole are provided with perforations, a b, (see figs. l2 and 4,) over which',

4on the upper side ofthe sole A, are secured' perforated metal plates B O, I

The toe and heel portions :of the sole are slightlyV fcut away, so that rubber tubes, D E, may be attached directly to the under side of the perforated plates B .0, the said tubes being bent around to conform to the shape of the toe and heel, and the extremities of the tubes being tapered off on their upper sides, sov that an enlarged orifice, 5, may be formed, having a direc-t communication with the' perforations -in the metal plates B C, a direct communication also being opened between the perforations a bin the toe and heel, and the perforated plates B (l.

Extending entirely over the whole surface of the sole, under and outside the tubes' D E, is acovering, G, of enameled leather, orother suitable material, impervious to air, forming a chamber, c.

The upper side of the sole, between thepei'forated plates B O, is covered with a strip of liannel, 6, or other suitable material, and the said plates -are covered by perforated leather pieces, ll e, to keep the foot or stocking of the wearer from contact therewith, and to protect the plates from rust.-

Whenv the foot of the wearer presses fiat-ly down upon the whole surface of the sole both of the elastic tubes are compressed, and, there heilig' no thickness of 'pasteboard aboveA them, the 'sole is not ot more L than ordinary thickness.

rlhe covering'G. may be dispensed with, and a chamber, c, formed betweerithe sole secured to' the boot 'and the pastcboard inner sole, without departing from 'the spirit of .my invention.

I twill .be seen, from Vthe foregoing construction, that, as the heel and toe of the foot alternately bring the weight-fof -the wearer upon the tubes-under them, they are compressed and expanded, so that'v the air surrounding the foot is forced dowu'throngh theperforated plates B Gand peri'orations ct b, in the inner isole, into and through the tubes D E, to the chamber c, which is thus alternately exhausted and filled, thereby insuring a continuous current of air, oi' a uniform temperature, between the foot and the boot or shoe, and providinga perfect ventilation, which, in a great measure, carries the prespiration away from the foot, while thebody of air within the chamber affords a soft and elastic cushion thereto.

EDWARD W. PARISH. Witnesses:

N.'W. Srnanns, Geenen E. Buuren.

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