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Publication numberUS103774 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 31, 1870
Publication numberUS 103774 A, US 103774A, US-A-103774, US103774 A, US103774A
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Improvement in apparatus for platting games
US 103774 A
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dntll Staten wat Mite.


Letters Patent No. 103,774, dated May 31, 1870.


The Schedule referredto in these Letters Patent and making part of the same,

vI,-HIIL\M- PLUMB, of Philadelphia, county of Phil adelphia, State oi' Pennsylvania, have-invented an Implexnent wherewith to PlayGames, oi' which the t'ollowing is aspecitication.

Natura and Object of the Invention. A

My invention consists in the employment, in connection with a spherical polyhedron, having figures or other characters on its ilat sides, ot a table or board with spaces marked thereon, the said spaces having figures, letters, or othercharacters corresponding with those ou the'faces ofthe said polyhedron, so that many Igaines can be played with 'the lat-terinl connection with the table o1 board.

Description of the Accompanying Drawing.

Figure 1 is a view of an implement to be used in playing games;

Figure 2, a perspective view; and v Figure 3, a plan vi'ew oi atable which maybe used in connection with the said implement.

General Description,

A, fig. 1, is a'spherical polyhedron, which has in the .present instance thirty-two surfaces, some ot' the faces being hexagonal and others pentago'nal.

In preparing this ball and forming the faces thereon, care should be taken that it does not lose its spherical character, all the projecting corners between the .different ihces being tangential with the same sphere.

'Diii'erent figures, letters, or other characters are engraved, painted, o r otherwise marked on the different faces, so that a game may be played with the ball in connection with the table, iigs. 2 and 3, part of the surface ot' which is so prepared as to present thirtytwo hexagonal spaces numbered to correspond with the samenumber oi' faces ou the ball, the sums of all the columns, counting across the table being alike, and

irrthc present instance amounting to sixty-six, and

the highest number being thirty-two, as in the ball.-

The players having decided upon the number which shall determine the completion of the game, roll or otherwise twirl or propel the ball from the plain portion toward the figured portion of the board.

The ball, owing to its peculiar formation, is somewhat uncertain in its mow-nnents, and may come to a stand in a division line between the figured spaces, in

whichcase the player makes no counts, vbut has thc privilege of again trying his chances witlrthe ball'.

Should the ball rollonto the uniigured portion of' the table the player loses his chance, and must hand the ball to the nextplayer. Should the ball come to a stand on a numbered space, the uppermost number only on the hall is placed to the count` ot' the player, unless that uppermost number corresponds with that on which the ball is lodged, Ain which case the sum oi' the column on which the ball rests is added to the uppermost number oi' the ball, and the tot-al goes to the piayel"s, score.

. It' the uppermost number of the bail corresponds withonc ot' the numbers of the column on which the ball rests, then the number on the ball is added to the correspond-ing number in the column.

Ihus the game is continued until one ci' theplayers can count the number originally determined upon, when he is declared to be the winner.

'lhe above is butone of many diicrcut games which can be played by the figured polyhedrou and table.

,lhc spaces on the table may be of different shapes, and letters or other characters may be substitut-ed for the figures on the ball aud'tablc, and the polyhedron may have any desired number of faces.




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