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Publication numberUS1038167 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 10, 1912
Filing dateDec 14, 1910
Priority dateDec 14, 1910
Publication numberUS 1038167 A, US 1038167A, US-A-1038167, US1038167 A, US1038167A
InventorsGeorge Maitland
Original AssigneeGeorge Maitland
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US 1038167 A
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JL GS8, I 67. Patented Sept. 10, 1912.




Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented Sept. iii, i9 12.

Application filed December 14, 1910. Serial No. 597,239.

To all whom: it may concern:

Be it known that I, GEORGE MAITLAND, a citizen of the United States, residing at Detroit, county of 'Wayne, State: of Michigan, have invented a certain new and useful Improvement in Vacuum-Cleaners, and declare the following to be a full, clear, and exact description of the same, such as will enable others skilled in the art to which it pertains to make and use the same, reference being had to the accompanying drawings, which form a part of this specification.

This invention relates-to vacuum cleaners.

It has for its object an improved cleaner which can be manufactured cheaply and combines special means for cleaning the strainer and disposing of the accumulate dust.

In the accompanying drawings and specifications T have shown the invention applied to a single composite vessel comprising the outer inclosure for a motor and fan, an outer receptacle for dust and the preferred means for cleaning the dust strainer; but I do not desire to limit the invent-ion to this particular construction, since it may be applied to vacuum cleaners where other means of moving the air are employed which would re ugal fan, is actuated by electric current.

carried into the motor through the line wires 6, and the fan housing 2 is provided'with an induction port 7 concentric with. the shaft of the motor, and the fan is provided externally with a nipple 8 with which engages the end of the suction hose (not shown).

The discharge 9 from the fan housing 2' leads through the opening 10 in the base i 'of the upper receptacle 5 and emptiesdirectly under. a baffle plate 11 which shrouds and protects the discharge opening from dust that has once entered the receptacle 5. The receptacle 5 preferably extends from. the bottom upward and is closed at the top by a ring or rim 12 from which hangs a woven wire frame 'or stralner 13, conical. and paillike or bucket-like in shape, covered by a porous cloth fabric. The ring 12 is provided on its external side with a packing gasket 14 of felt, rubber or other suitable material that makes a close joint between the walls of the receptacle and the ring. To the inner margin of the ring 12 is secured the rim of the frame or strainer 13, with suitable packing material interposed and the ring 12 with its attached frame or strainer 13 is secured to the under side of the cover 23 by screws,

Which construction permits the removal of" opening that is central to the cover 23 is located a plate or bar 15 which acts as a bearingfor the vertical shaft 16, that extends vertically'and centrally through the frame or strainer 13. The bottom of the strainer holds an annular extending ring and across this is located another bar or plate 17 through the center of which is another bearing for the shaft 16. T e shaft 16 supports a cross bar or cross-head 18 below the frame or strainer 13; the cross bar turns with the shaft and is provided with bristle members 19 that engage against the outef bottom surface of the strainer sustained by the frame or strainer 13, and these brush 0d the adhering dust and dirt therefrom. The cross bar 18, which can be adjusted on the shaft 16 to vary the contact or take up the wear on its brushes, supports vertical brushes 20 and 21 that extend along the vertical sides of the strainer 13 and brush and clean or? the outside thereof. These vertical brushes are adjustable by set screws on the cross bar 18.

The frame 18 is covered with straining material, preferably of some textile material, suitable to permit the comparatively free transit of air, but fine enough in weave to largely prevent the transit of dust therethrough. The upper end of the shaft 16 terminates with a hand grip 22. A cover 23, to which the ring 12 and strainer 13 are attached, rests on the rim of the receptacle 5 and is held in place by books 24 pivotally secured to brackets, which themselves are secured to the outer side of the receptacle 5 near the top thereof. suitably arranged to engage closely over the edge'of the cover 23. Preferably the cover 23 is provided with a bead around its edge; it is also provided with a central opening 27 through In operation the motor is given such a direction or motion that the connected fan draws air through the mouth opening 8 and discharges it with force into the" receptacle 5. Thislair passes through the straining filter and escapes atthe opening 27. hatever dust may be carried. in with the incoming air is removed therefrom by the strainer and the strainer itself is cleared by revolving the brushes 20, 21 and 19 which turn with theshaft 16, and may be turned entirely around or reciprocated asinay be desired giving to the straining material all the cleaning that is necessary for the efficient action of the fan and strainer. The

- strainer itself, with the attached cover, may

be removed from the dust receptacle 5, and the dust receptacle, in the bottom of which the dust accumulates, may be removed from the fan inclosure at any time it may be desired to empty it, The entire device may be carried by the hand grip 22, or the upper receptacleo, removed from the fan in closure, may be carried by the same hand grip, or the strainer and brushes, with attached cover, lifted out from the upper re- 'ceptacle may be carried independently thereof by the hand grip 22, in which case the upper recep acle 5 is light and may be easily handled as may be desired. In case it is desired to empty the receptacle 5 without removing the cover and attached strainer it may be done by opening the cover 30 and shaking or withdrawing the accumulated dust through the aperture.

tion, a receptacle, through which the air is adapted to vertically traverse, a vertically depending strainer, a vertically depending rod extending along the axis and through the bottom of the strainer, packing for said rod and said strainer parts in engagement andfor said strainer parts in engagement with said receptacle, a brush extending along the bottom of the strainer and having an upright extension adapted to sweep the sides of the strainer, revoluble with said rod, the said rod, strainerand brush being removable as a unit through the top of the receptacle without inversion or partial inversion, substantially as described.

3. A dust separator having in combination, a receptacle, a depending and distended strainer, a. vertically depending rod journaled on the axis of said strainer, a brush attached to and adj ustable'vertically on said rod and adapted to sweep the exterior of the bottom of the strainer and an upright brush extension attached to and ad.- justable laterally along said first men tioned brush and adapted to sweep the exterior of the side of the strainer, substantially as described. v In testimony vwhereof, I sign this specification in theipresence of two witnesses.



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