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Publication numberUS1038306 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 10, 1912
Filing dateDec 14, 1911
Priority dateDec 14, 1911
Publication numberUS 1038306 A, US 1038306A, US-A-1038306, US1038306 A, US1038306A
InventorsDorsette A Davison
Original AssigneeDorsette A Davison
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US 1038306 A
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APPLIOATIOH FILED 1120.14, 1911.

1,389 S Patented Sept. i0, 1912.

ATTORNEYS' lnl noieen'rrn e. ne'vrseis, on meeneem, ninemsn..

l Jl.

ennnrnenis. i" l Peten @ed Sepe. lil.

To all whommay concern:

Be it known limi I, Doneer-In il. DAW- son, e cilizen or". the Unied Stn'es, and a resident of Richmond. in the connly of Henlrico and State of Virginia, have made cerlein new and useful improvements in Aer planes, of which the :followingr is e speciication.

My invention relates to improvements in eeroplenes, and ie consists more pfiri'nicularly in e. novel form of mein sustaining 'planes or wings.

in object of my invention is to provide Wings or planes which will have the inetd mum suseining effect for the snrfece used.

further object"J of my invention is io provide ineens for maintaining equilibrium.

A furllier object of my invention is to provide e novel form of plenejwhich overcomes the disastrous eects of side movement dne to the peculiar formation of the sustaining wings. Y

@they objects and advantages Will appear in the following specification, and the novell lfeeures of the device will be particularly pointed ont in the eppendcd claims.

lilly invention is illustrated in the eccome penying drawings forming port or' thisv en pliceiionin which .Figure l is a. perspective View of am aeroplane ,constructed :recording lo my inveninicia, Fig. 2 is e plan View of the mein sus V'eining' wings, Fig. 3 is :i section along elle line 3 3 of Fig'. 2, and Fig. lis e, sect-ion along the line @we of Fie". 2. Referring now perticulaerly to lligs. 2, 3

end fl, l lieve shown therein a pair el' curved vri'igggs A. end B of the sliene shown in the dreivings. lt will be noticed'tliet "theront portions e and ZJ of lire Wingsere lient on mi ero toward the `rear as shownin Fig. 2, ond they ere cleo curved in laterel'orcs as shown in Fig-3. The rear edggerse2 end 62 lieve e greater rearward curvature es shown in Figi/3, end they also have greater lateral cnrveoturea c.,';l1e radii of curvature in .both the rearward end'tlieleteral directions 'of lie edges azend 62 is less 'than the for- Werd edges a and b. Consider now e section lili along elle line fl-e l, such e. secion 'Would eppeerlilre that in Fig.' 4; The Wing B, therefore, is vreally made up of two ercshaped sections, 5X and by. Since the Wing A is similar to the Wing B,

the lreel., or brew l it is also Inode irpef twesections similar to the sessions bx end o?. in order tosupport the Wings, I.

provide e series oi' ribs like those shown et R iii Figs. 2, 3 and These l cured :it one end to e een or lireostljoney l. it the forward end of' 5( lie lree'l is e flexible lin le ef 'igriengulsr shape, the forward end of Wliicli is connected by moans of flexible cords C with pulleys P on the planes or Wings and thence extend in'o the cer M Where they' een be eg manipulated by the operator. ln the illnetraizion lie car is sliown'as snepended from one. This View merely diagrammatic and is :not intended to picture en ecmol de tice. Tire prepeller y. is designed io be pli-iced in elle reer oil?, the car underneath ehe keel, and the rudder S to be carried et the rear end ci the keel id' in the manner shown. in l.

From the ,going descipaion of lille various parte of h'nc device., opereion thereof be rendiijyT understood. The two po'clree in each Wing, seen ce those shown et 5X end e?? tend in cause lille Wings 'to be supported el; four points eince the sir tends to exert nnwerd liln .iii i5-lie highest portion or eecli n'o'elze'. device is in motion :is slim-vnv in oir strikes the der .f 1;-" LIZ will be noted l'rom .ifi tend lo l'mnlr up against the ple' cause' e maximum lili" aeroplane should sier?, to fell sie: toward end ci one ivinig, 'lie p l.- 'the lreelor breeslioone *will eend to wir moticelly righi'v the device occ it will cerise v the banking" oftlie cir ni ier' time Wing" which is lipped dowxiwnrdly. ln order." lo furl/lier lbelaiwe flic device,- l pro l 5 flexible fin F. The forward this `lin maybe pulled rearwardly end upwardly so esto Werp elle surface of tlie n toward one sidey or the other of the keel. This causes the'rigliting of lie device through lire action-of the lair upon the n. The lin heee lill# double purpose ci? being eclied on by the oir :ind of cutting oli' the air-.freni lelie Wingloeloind inv l clairnz- 1. In en aeroplane, e central lrecl or lereosibone, e noir el? wings secured thereto and :amending latere-ily therefrom, each ci? seid Wings curving; laterally in en orc :ind each Wing consising of iwo erclied portions from front to reergend lie forward edge LVi oilecch Wing having e ,greci/er rediris of letelii curvature tiren. the rear edge.

,to and exteridin "of -said 'wings curving laterally` in en are,

"2. n ari aeroplane e.l central' keei or breastbone, 'a pair of Wings secured the'relaterally' lt'ierefroim, each and each wing'consisting of two portions arched from front io rear, the forward edge Seid .fin and arranged to bend'the latter in a,

merwerd 'and upward direction. I

A3.- n en v aeroplene, eV central -keelyor breustbone, i a. pair of wings extending laterally therefrom, each of said wings being curved in zi lgiterel direction and having two arc-shaped portions from on'o to rear, the front edge of each Wing being curved to the rear end the rear edge of each wing being curved to the reef on e less dius than the front edge.



, B. C. DUKE,

B. P. AsHTeN.

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