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Publication numberUS1040461 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 8, 1912
Filing dateNov 27, 1911
Priority dateNov 27, 1911
Publication numberUS 1040461 A, US 1040461A, US-A-1040461, US1040461 A, US1040461A
InventorsGertrude Thorpe
Original AssigneeWilliam Hogg, Gertrude Thorpe
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US 1040461 A
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APPLICATION nun NOV. 27, 1011.

1,040, 16 1 Patented Oct. 8, 1912.

anuunbo'b Qerlriuie 7 fiarpa wumm UNITED ATENT OFFICE. if



To all whom it may concern Be it known that I, Gxa'rannn Tnonrn, a citizen. of the United States, residing at .lhiladelphia, in the county of Philadelphia and State of Pennsylvania, have invented certain new. and useful Improvements in Head-Coverings, of which the following is a specification.

My invention relates to improvements in head coverings, the object of the invention being to provide a head covering which is preferably crocheted, and which is adapted for use both as a cap and a hood.

A further object is to provide a head covering of this character which is especially adapted for use by motor drivers, aviators, and others exposed to the cold, and which will be adjusted so as to form a cap to fit the head, or a hood with tabs to button around the throat.

A further object is to provide a head covering of this character in which buttons are provided and adapted to button through the material of the head covering without providing button holes of any sort, thus enabling the buttons to be varlousl positioned so as to cause the cap and its tai is to snugly fit any size head and throat.

\Vith these and other objects in view, the invention consists in certain noveltfeatures of construction and combinations and ar- 'hood to protect both the head and the throat of the wearer. Fig. 2, is a view showing the head covering :t'olded to form a cap, and Fig. 3, is a view in section on the line 3-3 of Fig. 2..

My improved head covering 1 is crocheted or knitted with heavy knitting yarn, and at its lower edges is made with integral front and rear flaps .2 and 3 respectively.

On the opposite sides of the head covering, buttons l are sewed, and when my in]- provenients are used as a hood, as shown in Fig. l, the front llu 2 is folded back onto the body 1, and tho hultons 4 are projected through thev meshes ot the knitted or ero- (-heted nuiterial ol' the Hap.

'lhe l)2\(l{ llup I3 is made at l)()ll](Il( lS with integral tabs 5, and on one oi these tabs,

Specification of Letters Patent.

Application filed November 27, 1911.

Patented Oct. 8,1912.

Serial No. 662,669.

buttons 6 are secured. This tab 5 with the buttons (5 thereon, is laid tightly against the throat, and the other tab 5 overlaps the same, and the buttons 6 are projected through the meshes of the outer tab to tightl button the tabs around the throat. 1t wil be noted that these tabs .may be. drawn as tightly necessary to snugly fit any throat, and the buttons 6 projected throu h the meshes of the outer tab so as to sccurcdy hold the tabs across the throat.

When the device is to be worn as a cap, the front and rear tlaps are both folded against the body 1, as seen in Figs. .2 and 3, with the tabs 5 located under the front flap 2, and the buttons 4, which are secured to the body, are projected through both front and rear flaps 2 and 3, and securely hold the parts in this position. The diameter of the cap may be changed by the position of the flaps with relation to the buttons 4, so that the ca will fit any sized head, and will securely ho d the parts in position.

It will be noted that with my improved crocheted or knitted head-covering, no' button holes are provided for the buttons, and the buttons are projected through any portion of the material. This is of great advantage, because it allows the head covering to tightly or loosely engage the head or throat to suit the wearer, and it will fit any head, and it will therefore allow the user a wide range of variation in the wearing of the head covering.

Various slight changes might be made in the general form and arrangement of parts described without departing from my invention, and hence I do not limit myselfto the precise details set forth but consider myself at liberty to make su changes and alterations as fairly fall within the spirit and scope of the ap nded claims.

Having thus described my invention, what I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent is:

1. A head covering of the character de-' scribed composed of knitted material, front and rear flaps of knitted material on said head covering at its lower edge, both lla'ps adapted to be folded back against the body of the head covering, and buttons secured to the head covering and adapted to be projected through the knitted flaps, substantially as described.

A head covering of the character described comprieing e'body portion, integral of the head portion at the sides thereof front and rear flaps on said body portion adapted to be buttoned through the other? at its iower edge, both flaps being adapted tab when lowered, substantially as described. to be folded back against the body of the I In testimony whereof I have signed my 5 head covering, tabs on the ends of said rear name to this specification in the presence of 5 flap adapted to be positioned across the two subscribing Witnesses.

. throat when the said rear fie is lowered, GERTRUDE THORPE. and adapted to be positioned ietween said Witnesses: 1 body ortion and the ends of the front flaps C. R. ZIEGLER,

in when in raised posifiion, buttons on the body Ones. E Poms.

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U.S. Classification2/203, 2/209.11, 2/172, D02/880, 2/195.8
Cooperative ClassificationA42B1/045