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Publication numberUS1040652 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 8, 1912
Filing dateOct 9, 1911
Priority dateOct 9, 1911
Publication numberUS 1040652 A, US 1040652A, US-A-1040652, US1040652 A, US1040652A
InventorsEdwin Rust Douglas
Original AssigneeHero Mfg Company
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Collapsible drinking vessel.
US 1040652 A
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Patented 0013. 8, w12.



Specification of Iietliis lnteiit.

trated in Figs. '5 and 6 is a cup, and the largest section, 18, is in this instance the topsection. Said section has a contracted portion, 19, forming a beveled seat for the outwardly Haring end, 20, of the second secs tion, 2l, the opposite end, 21X, of 4which is contracted to form a seat in which fits the outwardly flared end, 22, of the third section, 23, which has. a contracted end, 24g' forming a seat in which lits the outwardly flaring end, 32, of the fourth or bottom section, '25. Said section has a bottom,'26,

formed with a central portion, 27, whichv is sopressed or otherwise shaped to overlap the inner edge of an annular foot, 28, from I both sides of the, foot to form clamping i The outer edge of the annularlv foot is preferably shouldered, at 30, so as to beads, 29.

raise the bottom of the lower section.

proper diameter.

proper lengths.

opposite end,vand the top section is flared at its lowerfend, all by means of suitable dies.

Sections of roperly decreasing diameter are now asaembll end of cach sectionv will be seated within the beveled seat of the next larger section. The

vcylindrical bottom section is thereupon placed over the flaring portionof the next4 smaller section and suitably contracted at its upper portion to. t over the flaring portion of said next section. The handle may -now be attached to the top-section of the assembled mug, which may then be 'finished as desired or required.

The sections composing a cup are similarly drawn in cylindrical form 4and fiared and contracted, whereupon the sections are nested. In the cup all the sections are nestedv at one time, whereupon the foot is secured tothe bottom section, as described.

By seating the sections with flaring portions in the beveled seats, the remainder of each section being cylindrical, greater capacity proportionate to height and greatest diameter of the cup or mug is attained, than y in a collapsible cup or mug formed from conical sections, and the diameter of the smallest section is considerably greater in this stepped cup than in a conica-,l cup of the same height and greatest diameter, all owing to the fact that, the intcrtting bcvels of the sections only extend for parts of their ving claims are emp ed and nested, and the flaringlengthinstead of throughout each section and throughout thev assembled cup, rendering the taper or contraction throughout the height of the vessel proportionately so much greater.

Other modes of applying the principle of my invention may be employed for the mdde herein explained. Change may therefore be ina-de as yregards the mechanism thus disclosed, provided the principles of construetion set forth res ectively in the follow- Having thus described my invention, what I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is

l. A collapsible drinking vessel, comprising a closedA base member, a plurality of cylindrical sections of different diameters admitting of one section nesting within an adjoining section, a smaller diameter section having an edge-portion conically expanded and a larger diameter section having an edge-portion correspondingly conically contracted to fricj tionally and expansively engage said Haring In the manufacture ofthe cup and mugf the sections are drawn cylindrical and of the A number of sections of; each diameter are preferably drawn in one: cylindrical shell and thereupon cut ofi' into; When used in the construction of a mug, the cylindrical middle sections are flared at one end and contracted at they edge portion when the sections are distended, and said conical edge-portions being of substantially the same thickness as the cylindrical portions. l

2. A collapsible drinking vessel, comprising a base member having a cylindrical ring of uniform diameter projecting upward therefrom, the upper portion of said base member being beveled inwardly, a second section having its.intermediate-portion formed of a cylindrical ring of uniform diameter throughout, and provided with a lower outwardly beveled portion of the same thickness as said cylindrical portion said outward bevel conforming to the upper bevel of said base member, the top of said second section above said cylindrical portion being beveled inwardly, and a. third section having its intermediate portion composed of a cylindrical ring of uniform diameter, and provided wit-h a lower outwardly beveled portion of the same thickness as said cylindrical portion and beveled outwardly at the same angle as the top inward bevel of said second section, said cylindrical portions being of varying diameters, and jrhe juxtaposed beveledA portions when' the lvessel is expanded being beveled on the same angle and Yin intimaite frictional contact with each other.

3. A collapsible drinking vessel, comprising a base member, having straight cylindrical sides, and an inwardly contracted upper portion 5, a second section 6 having its body portion of Iuniformly cylindrical contour. and of an outside diameter equal to the inside diameter of said contracted portion 5,

the lower portion 7 of saidsecond section being of the same thickness as said cylindrical body portion and being outwardly fiared to snugly it the inner periphery of said con- "erected portion 5, the upper portion 8 beelod portion 8, und beingy of the same thickina?)r inwardly contracted, and an upper secnees as Suid cylindrical body portion.

jion 9 havin" an intermediate straight cy- ,f n `liinc'iirieel bod; portion of the same external ED IN RUSl DOUGLAS' dimiieber es the inside diameter of said bev- VVtnesses:

efed portion 8, the lower ortion 10 of said WM. SEDUR,

eee/tion 9 being beveled to t Within said bev- C. D. MCVAY.

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U.S. Classification220/8
Cooperative ClassificationB65D21/086