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Publication numberUS1041286 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 15, 1912
Filing dateMay 6, 1912
Priority dateMay 6, 1912
Publication numberUS 1041286 A, US 1041286A, US-A-1041286, US1041286 A, US1041286A
InventorsHorace Hoskins
Original AssigneeHorace Hoskins
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US 1041286 A
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lBRGQM HANDLE. 121111011111011 HLBD MAY e, 1912.

'Patented ont. 15, 1912.

jf in@ :Massief Y V4 i; j q1 Y l if lf? 1 7/2/ l 1 ,4 Y 4 l. Z



To all .whom it may concern:

Be it known that LfHonAon licenties, e citizen of the United States, 'residing' et Eolia, in the county of Pike and State ol Missouri, have invented a. new sind useful Broom-Handle, of which the following is a specification. i y One object oat the present invention *to provide, in a device of the type hereinafter described, ,novel` means ttor actuating the movable jaw, end for cont-.rolling theimove- 'vention herein disclosed'can oe made Within the scope of what is claimed Without departing from the spirit of the invention.

ln the dreWings,-Figure l shows theY invention in side elevation; Fig. 2 is `a top plan; Fig. 3 is e longitudinal section; Fig. 4C is a transverse section on the line -fl et' Fig. 2; and Fig. 5 is e. sectional detail shoeY` ingv portions-fof 'thejaW-operating mecha. nisni.

In the Veccornpanj/'ing drawings, the numerel 1 indicates the handle of e tool, such, for instance, as a broom, the numeral 2 indicating en extension handle. Thev estension handle 2 is inserted into a'socket 3, provided With inde'ntations 4, adapted to hold the extension 2. The socket 3 is eut may at one side as indicated at 5 and a movable jaw 6 conforms to the opening 5, to complete thetransverse contour of the structure. A' hook 6 projects from the socket 3 at .the end of theV opening 5, tho'hoo'k l6 passing through en opening 7 formed in one end ot .the jeW.- Thejaw G is provided with indentations 8 cooperating with the indentations/ 4 of the socket 3 to hold the tool handle l.

An `arched shoulder 9 projects from the j aw' 6, the .shoulderlfl having feet 10 secured by Ineens oli-rivets ll or 1n my other suitable anner to the j ew. Extended transversely through' the shoulder Slis a pivot element Specicaton el? Letters Fatent. i Application filed Mey 6, 1912. Serial No. 695,433.

12 which may he .a belt nut structure, the

same supporting' en actuating lever lll which,

for strength, is of trough shape, the side Wells of the trough-shaped lever 14 terminating in eers l5 through Whicl'i the pivot element l2 passes. Extended through the eers l5 of the lever le is :l ttsheped link fingers i8 are pivotalljf mounted. in eitl1erone of t-Wo pairs of openings 20 `tori in the ends'oirf a @shaped support :El which is secured to the socket 3 edjacent the openn ing ln operation, the free end of' the lever le is swung in the direction of the arrow l in Fig. l, the link l@ swinging in the direction of the arrottr B, and the jew 6 moving in the direction of the arrow C, whereupon the 'handle' l or" the oroorn or other tool is mounted in place between the jaw 6 and the socket 3, e reversal of the operation shove described serving 'to clamp the handle l between the jaw @and the socket 3. W hen the lever le is in the locked position shown in the drewings, the points of engagement hetween the lingers 18 of 'the i port 21 will .lie between the point of engugenient between the link 16 and the lever le upon the one hand, and the peint o t engagement between the tree end et the lever le end 'the socket 3 upon the other hand. fin accidentel displacement of. the lever 14: and

link and the sup the consequent loosening or" the hold of the` l jaw (l upon the handled?- will tl'ierefore be avoided;

Noting particularly Fig'. it will be understood that the lingers lll may boengafged successively in the voj'lenings 2O to accommodate broom handles ot different. diameters, theV jaw 't5 being slightly smaller than 'the opening 5 in the socket fl. Oln'iously, the bosses '19 serve to prevent the fingers 18 of the link 1G, from beingl displaced from the openings 2() inthe' support 521. @Wing to the pivotahconnectnm between the jen' 6 and the socket atlordcd luy the engagement of thejhook (l ,through the opening 7 in the jaw 6, thcflongitudinal movement of the jew 6 `will he 'jircventetk the jaw G moving transversely, nt its free end, under the actuation of the lever le. to engage the handle l.

Attentionis directed to theiact that th e support 2l exercises n double func-tion. llt

Having thus described the invention, whatv -is claimed is 1. A device of the class described cornA prising asocket', a jan' adapted tol coperate with the socket; a lever; means for pivotally connecting the lever intermediate its ends with the socket; and means for connecting one end of' the lever \vitl1.the jaw.

.2. In a device of the class described; :i socket; a jaw pivotally connected at one end. with the socket; a lever; means for pivotally connecting the lever intern'iedate its ends with the socket; and nie-ans for connecting one end of the lever with the inten mediate portion of the jan'.

3. In a device of the class described, a socket; a'support extended partially around the socket and constituting a reinforcement for the socket; a jaw movable Within the support and Acoperating with the socket; and means connected with the support and i with the jaw for operating the aw.

4. A device of the class described cornprising a socket; a jaw cooperating with the socket to engage an` article; a link pivotally supported from the socket; an angular lever fu crumedintermediate its `ends upon the link and pivotally connected with the jaw; and means Jfor preventinf7 the jaw from moving longitudinally un er the, action of the lever to move the article longitudinally in the socket when the jaw is clamped upon the article.

In a device of the class described7 a socket; a jaw pivot ally connected at one end to the socket; a link pirotally supported adjacent its ends from the socket; an angular lever fulcrumed intermediate its ends. upon the link; and means :for connecting one end of the lever with the jaw.

G. In a device. of the class described, ai

socket; a support extended part-Way around the socket; a link pii'oted at its ends in the support; a lever i'uleruined upon the link; and means for connecting the lever with .the Jaw,

i. A device of the class described coniprislng a socket; a Jaw cooperating therewith; a support extended around the socket; a link; a lever fulcrinned intermediate its ends upon the link and pivotally connected with the jaw; and .means for establishing a step by step adjustment between the link and the support.

8. A device of the class described coinprising a socket; a jan' cooperating with the socket; a lever connected with the jaw; and means for adjustably lconnecting the lever with the socket to regulate the travel of the jaw With respect to the socket. 4

In testimony that I claim the foregoing as my own, have hereto atliXed my signature in the presence of two witnesses.



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