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Publication numberUS1041378 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 15, 1912
Filing dateSep 6, 1911
Priority dateSep 6, 1911
Publication numberUS 1041378 A, US 1041378A, US-A-1041378, US1041378 A, US1041378A
InventorsJean Tweeddale
Original AssigneeJean Tweeddale
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Strainer for nursing-bottles.
US 1041378 A
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` 1,041,3'?8 Patented not. 15, 1912.

A g mi@ M701 5 um GEMM@ 0l@ @395910: HozMMJ JEAN TWEEDIDALE, 0F NEW YURK, IN. Y.



Speeiflcaten of Letters latent.

Patente d @ce 15, llllfl..`

Application led September 6, 1911. Serial No. 647,961.

citizen of the United States, and a resident of New York, borough of Brooklyn, county of Kings, and State of New York, have invented a certain new and useful improvement in Strainers for NursingBottles, or' which the following is a full, clear, and eX- act specification.

This yinvention .relates more particularly to a class of devices or strainers adapted for use in conjunction with nursing bottles.

Myinvention has for its object primarily to provide a strainer or device designed to be applied to the mouth of especially nursing bottles whereby an infant While being fed with liquid nourishment will be prevented from partaking ot all solid or semisolid substances which the food may contain, and which will enable the infant tobe conveniently ted by preventing the. passage of the feed aperture of .the nipple of the bottle from becoming obstructed.

A further object of the invention is to provide a strainer o' a compact, inexpensive and eliicient form adapted to be readily applied to a nursing bottle, or removed therefrom and which will permit of being easily cleaned and sterilized at desired intervals.

A practical embodiment of the invention is represented in the acompanying drawing forming a part of this specification in which similar characters of reference indicate corresponding parts in all the views, the saidinvention being more fully described here:y inafter and then pointed out in the append@ ed claims.

In the drawing, Figurel is an elevation, partly in section, of a nursing bottle and nipple with .one form of 'my improved strainer applied thereto. Fig. 2- is a top- Vplan of the strainer. Fig. v3 is a'section taken on the linelll--lll of Fig. 2. Fig. i is a top plan of a form of the strainer provided With a plurality of gripping members, and Fig. 5 is a side view of the strainer shown in Fig. 4.

The strainer or device 10 may be applied upon the mouth 11 of any suitable form of nursing bottle, as 12, and said strainer has a supporting member 13 which is centrally apertured, at 14. lhe supporting member 13. is preferably circular in shape and the aperture 14 is lil-ravvisa circular so that said member maybe in the form of an annular band or ring. The supporting member oran'nular band may be made of thin sheet metal, rubber, or any other desired material in order to occupy a limited space when l resting upon the top of the neck of the bottle, and to permit an elastic nipple, as 15, to be readily guided thereover when titted over the mouth of a nursing bottle, as shown in F ig. 1.l -Upon the outer edge of the band 13 is an annular flange 16 which is disposed` underneath the band and is spaced a slight ldistance from the underside thereof so as to provide a concentric groove 17, or instead of said annular flange 'the outer peripheral edge ot' the band may be curved similar to a beading.

As shown in Figs. et and 5, l may -provide upon t-he outer edge of the annular band 13 a plurality of gripping members, clips, or hooks, as 18 and 19, which are adapted to engage the beaded lip on the exterior of the mouth of the nursing bottle when the device is applied thereto, though, as described and illustrated, said clipsV may be dispensed with, i-desired. 7

Viithin the groove 17 and clamped between the flange 16 and the opposed surface oi. the band 13 is a 'dange 21 of a depending part or straining member 22. The straining member 22 may be of open-mesh or perforated material, such as Wire cloth, or the like, so as to allow the liquid food to lloW freely therethrough,l and by plating said' straining member as Well as the supporting member 13 with nickel, silver, or other noncorrosive material the device may be readily cleaned and sterilized at suitable intervals. The straining member 22 is substantially cup-shaped or has a tapered annular 'Wall 23 which is in alinement Withfthe peripheral edge of the band 13 at the opening 14 thereof whereby said straining member Will be spaced some distance from the inner surface of the neck of the, nursing bottle when inserted in its mouth, as shown in Fig. 1.. By

this arrangement it is evident that when 'an infantis feeding, and. the bottle is tilted in the usual manner the solid or semi-solid substanceof the liquid'food `.vill collect in the space between the annular Wall 23 of the straining member and neck of the bottle, and the food will continue to dow properly through the periorations or interstices of the end of the tapered straining member ,20. Moreover, the `feed--aperture of the nipple will thereby be prevented trom.

being obstructed, and obviates the necessity modioations may be of enlarging the feed-aperture ot the ni ple which often results in the infant strangllling owing to excessive flow of the liquid foot.

. In the foregoing description I have embodied the preferred form of my invent-ion, but I do not Wish to be understood as lim iting myself thereto, as I am aware that made therein without departing from the principle or sacrilicing any of the advantages of this invention, therefore I reserve to myselt` the right l'to make such changes as fairly :tall Within the scope thereof.

Having thus described my invention, l claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patentz l. A strainer, adapted to be used in conjunction with bottles, comprising a flan cir- Vflange on the said disk,

cular disk, having a circular opening in the center thereof, and a depending flange around said opening, a flange upon the outer edge of said disk, adapted to engage a straining member, a straining member comprising a cup-shaped depending part adapted to it Within the mouth of a bottle, and an integral extended flange', whereby the same is secured to the saidl disk, by means of said outer clips integrally formed with the said flat circular disk, and upon the outer edge thereof, adapted to seeure the device to the mouth ot' a bottle.

ing a circularopening in the A strainer, adapted for nursing bottles, comprising a flat circular disk, adapted to rest upon the top of the mouth of the bottle, and Contact closely therewith, said disk havcent-er thereof, surrounded by a depending flange adapted to engage and register with the bottle, an out-er flange around the said disk, whereby a straining member is secured to the said disk, a straining member formed of woven Wire cloth, cup-shaped in form and having an integral flange of woven wire cloth adapted to be engaged and secured by the said flange on the outer edge of said flat circular disk, and said depending cupsliaped part of said straining member adaptthe mouth of ed to lit- Within the mouth of said bottle,

hooks integrally formed with the said fiat circular disk and so adapted as lto secure 'he said device in position closely adhering to the mouth of the bottle thereby admitting the use ot' said device in combinaton with an ordin ary nipple such as are used for nursing bottles.

'lliis specification signed and witnessed this iiith day of September A. D. 1911.

, JEAN Tl/VEEDDALE. lVitnesses: l Rom'. B. ABBOTT,


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