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Publication numberUS1041917 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 22, 1912
Filing dateFeb 26, 1912
Priority dateFeb 26, 1912
Publication numberUS 1041917 A, US 1041917A, US-A-1041917, US1041917 A, US1041917A
InventorsFlorence Waddington
Original AssigneeFlorence Waddington
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Cut toy figure.
US 1041917 A
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APPLICATION EILED PEBZG, 1912. 1,041 .Q y?- Patented Urfa. .22, 1912.


In hier Specification ei EALTX Letters Patent.

'fo of! wllom 'it :fifty concer u.

Bc il known that l, l'LoRuNcr: YVADDING- rox, a citi' en ot the lllnitetl States willing in thc city ot' llalliuiore unil titulo i illary luinl. have inrenlcil a new unil linprovell lCut 'V Figure, of which the following` a specilication. i

'This invention relates to figures cut troni still' paper or other like ina'terial that represent toi` ilolls7 animals, or other objects, and uu'v saill invention hasI for its' olijeet to provide a cut ligure olE the general charac.- ter statetl unil the lnctholl of Creating the saine in which thc ligure ot' the doll, animal or other ohject printed or otherwise lelineutell on the still' paper or like substance, either plain or in colors and then cut on the outline. so as to produce the llesiretl figure hlunk.

3l); invention has l'or its ohjeet to provide a cut ligure olf the general character statetl so designed in the blank torni that it eau he readily lient uph'lo the completed shape hy ehihlren or others, whereby to produce, as it. were. hniue-n'nnle dolls, anil in the formation ot which special. prov sion .is inatle in the shaping ol the blank forni whereby toot portions are proihnetl 'for sustainingl the heures in their upright positions without other er supplemental props'.

Another antl important olijccty of luy iu- \'c1uion to provide a .oy rut ligure formell of a 'flat sheet ot' stilt' paper or other like iuaterial in which the holly' shape is such that letaehahle peilal like supporting periong in the ilolltornis ha'c the appearance ol" thc shoe und stock' b' and can be readily applied to the lilith-like portiuis of the ure :unl wherebyY paper dresses/unil hat portions ma)v also he easily mul removably conihinetl with the` cut ligure7 thewhole being intentleil for proilueiug a pleasing' elleet., an interesting :unl an inexpensive instructive tof. for children.

Yith other objects in View, that will hereiua't'er appear. 1u)Y invention consists iu the peculiar construction antl novel arrangeinent ol the parts l ereinait'ter fully (lescriheil. specificallypointell out in the appenrleil elainis :unl illustrated in the accompanying' drawings in whit-hflfigrures l :unl represent respectively/'a freut :unl hack View ol a preferred Yforni ot my invention. thc saine representing a Lloll. Fig. 2%, is a tiugrauunatio perspective View ot the eut toy7 showingr the two parts septiou taken on the line e: l on Flo l. Fig. 5, is a elulelsl ligure and illustrati` another torni of the toot or supporting portions. Fig. t3, is a iletail seel'iontlureot taken on the linel l3-li on vFig. i, tl azul tl? are further modifications ot' the foot portions hereinafter speeilicalljyv relerretl to. Fig. lll, reuesents the ligure of a man7 with e AfurL ther inorlitieation of the Ytoot. portion. Fig. ll, is a. detail perspective View o1 the liznhs ol a doll ligure with detachable or hoot-like supports. Fig. l2, is a section thereof on the line 12-12 on Fig. ll. Fig. 13, is o perspective View that illustrates the several portions that. forni the saill hoot support. Fie'. ll, is a section on the line l--t*lon Fig. 3. Fig. l5', showsiniy invention in the representation ot' an animal, Fig. lh', is a View. that. shows the ligure head with a removable hat. Fig. li", is a View of a preterreil design ot the blank from which my cut ligure is protlueetl. Fig. 18, shows the lirst step in the making et nig eut out ligure Fie'. lf), illustrates the third step in handling the said blank forni to my out out ligure` the dotted line 'sl-0, indicating the liinil ot the opposing' pasted cut faces ot the l'olilecl over parts. Fig. 2G, shows the fourth step in producing iny iin-proved eut out ligure.

ln the 'following' {lescriptioin refer particularliv to the use ot' still paper. cardhoartl und the like. troni which the en t outlifejure is protlueetl, and l also refer to the ligures as dolls and toy figures. hut l tlesne .it understood the llgruresiinight he in the,

nature ot advertisingl elements, or other etlucational devices.

ln thc eouunercial presentation of m5' in- Yention the saine is nia'rkctetl iu the tia-ure ol sheets or" stili paper, carilhoartl or the like. for example. in the torni shown ou li. Ou the sheet l is `printed the front and hack icm-@sentation of the tie'ure.I loll` animal or other ebiccti :unl tht e are so positioneil that when the Isheet l is toltled upon itself on the eenlral line il@ the front and hack portions and 23 register.

ln printing the figure either a (loll or other object. the representation in every i1istance incllnlerf; the pedal portions lf-4, which for both the haelt and troutrepre-` sentntions liegin et ii. common predetermined point, indicated by the `line 5 :ind relatif/ely the said pedal portions ere of di'lerent length, that for the front representation being Inuoh longer than thet l'or the bot-lt rep portion oi' sneh length that it een be first' bent ont to forni the foot proper 5l) and then boek to `torni a sole piece 5l, the hitter being,y extended beyond the heult of the figure toil'orin a heel portion 'this tintnre of niy'invention is an eefsentinl one, xinee the hhiipe oii the pedal extren'iilies for ell of the represented objects are noch that they1V positively sustain the said objects in their up right posit-ion without the use o t ext 'ancolie supporting ineens.

Va rions inodiientions of the lootI portion@` nniy be made without departing from the generic forni shown in ities. 3 and 4f. exznm'ile,-tbe forni stated may be rein forced by hzfving the nieinher ol the ligure inode with a supplemental heel 52* bent boch and gloed to the heel extension, shoii'n in Fig. let, und :in clearly shown in Fig. Ll, or the ports formed es in Fig. 6, in which the front here the toot portion only, the reni" the heel portion, and the two ure reinforced by .1 sole .atrio 53 posted over the bottoni oi the heel end toot member.

ln Fig. 7, the .keine arrangement Shown in Fig. (3 opposons, exoeiiting the use of the eX- tray solo piece.

Fig. 8, the extra solo piece is used, tie figure in thiA torni being; e. Single member und the heel portion being e enpplei'neniel angle piece hat.

ln Fig. il the .annie jenernl form is mointained eieept thaty the l'oot portion is 'formed by n Siipiilen'ientnl or seperate piece 55.

ln Fig. l0, i1 eon'ieix'lnit moditied torno of the foot portions appear, in re in thinI iigejnre is; reprenented :i infin with limbs exteiided :ind one 'toot nojei-(ed :il :in :ingle to the other loot, :ind 1n the Huid s-how'in;, the, left 'foot hails :t short lnleriil side i :ind n long interni extension Tf', that l'orni the equivolents4 of the heel end toe portions of the other foot melnlior 58.

The hoot member show n in Fie. ll muy be ninde in any suitable my, so long es the heel :1nd toey forms :ire l'nziintnined. ln Fig. 153 Vl have Shown one 'mty ol' ionizing the seine :1nd in that 't'orm the ,Laune consists of n 'front portion 3 :L imei( noi-lion 430, the 'front having the l'ool'y exlennion il, the hoek, the heel exlenmion (32, :ind these :1re pirated on zi tiher 453 bent upon itself to torni the hollow nonni? cltet {S- after which a solo blank 67 is ,I "ted on the bottom of the heel ond toe joortiions und trimmed oft' on the indicated solo line 68.

l@ne of the advantages in forming the body of Athe doll or other object is that it permits of readily slipping over the head of the body, fancy dreeses 9, see Figo. l and 2, and; these ere also formed of two ports,benb upon themoelves and joined by short neck vokes 90, the back member being slitted es at Dl, to facilitate the ready removal or putting on of the said dresses.

When fancy dresses are to be used the bod)7 of the doll, outside oit' the face may be e plain presentation, not colored or finished,-

for example, like that shown in Fig. 3, and when dresses are not to be used the front, and in some Ceses, the back also, are finished oil by printing or coloring to 'five tiled@- sired dress etleot, as is Shown by Figs. 5 and l0, and to further complete the ligure when tlnit of a dell it nuiy be topped off by o poc-.liet portion having a hat shape, as shown in Fig. lo.

lieterring again to Figs. 17-20 it Will be noticed tlnit cn one of the side folders oi. the xdieet, is; representedn sole piece and this :ippenrn on the lower or unguninied part of the seid sheet so it con be easily ont out.

.-"ii'ter the sheet l is AFolded over and pasted the ligure is out ont following the outline, :1nd nfler it is thus entout the extension of the detached front member is bent forwardly Vto form the foot and the free extension on the beek member is bent back to torni the heel portion, after which the solo piece is eut ont :ind gmnined to adhere. to the, bottom of the 'foot and heel portions mentioned.

Trees or other inanimate objects muy be presented os well as living;- objects and where necessary ,to Complete the figure and provide e. proper support, more than one set of foot and toe portions :ire provided, as for eminiple,in the animal forni shown in Fig'. i3 oi the drawing'.

WhileA l have shown and explained numerous modifications, it is eppaent thatV vai-ions other n'iodil'ications, so for as the body presentation ot' the object is (concerned, only be readily inode without departing from in y invention :and be within the scope oi' the appended ehiinis.

l. A ligure ont trom, still' peper or the like eoini'irising the object represented l'ornwd with pendent poi-tions, the lower ends ot' which have lint ioz'wzirdiy :1nd reni'- wzii'dly bent lootshsiped members that form the lient ot' the objiot.

2. A toy figure having pendent portions, the lower endel of which nre bent outwardly to loi-m flot footflike members end then bent hnehwnrdly to forni 'heel extensions for the Aloot-like members.

to form a ooik@ support iid the @they iit and and -ike suppoff' l1), a cui cui; ii" Pe, Suppsrting member @bmw sing a; ,naif-of upright members,

03E said members being bent 'at ight :m- 't0 form a hed. 5 and heoei of saici mmbers being; bezit ani figh angles .io oicm a me, said geeifi' and tce forming fmt-" supp 1201 #ha imma, sind a mi fiole sesmsii iindeside of limb i" nds tiff w1. ii beni 0i imei-ey soie ,pm'tons not member 'to form a smid members being 'beni at igham.

sifl 'maaia having av supporting portion b-enf at ight angles anni a base member se- Yso cursed to the underside 0I" said supporting porion and Gviiapping and extending be youd the bend thereof.

8. A figure-form 0i papei" or analogous niatei'ia having n ponan bent at iight au1- ges and another potion also bent at right angles out in an opposite direction o foifrA a base, and a, hoizozijal solei' secured @o the underside of said Vbaise. 9. A gure-form of pape? or analogous stiff lmatex'al shaped to form a head, body @mi legs and. also having :mns which are- P' mi@ MNDENHALL, i Jaim *$22. Ami/s.

back msnjibsrs which connec 1nd fold'

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