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Publication numberUS1042624 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 29, 1912
Filing dateMay 20, 1912
Priority dateMay 20, 1912
Publication numberUS 1042624 A, US 1042624A, US-A-1042624, US1042624 A, US1042624A
InventorsJames B Wagoner
Original AssigneeJames B Wagoner
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Rectal dynamo.
US 1042624 A
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1,042,624, Patented 001;. 29, 1912.




Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented Uct. 29, 1912..

Application led May 20, 1912. Seria-1 No. 698,991.

To all fr0/'wm t may concern Be it known Athat I, JAMES B. IAGorueR, a citizenof the United States, and resident of Los Angeles, in the county of Los Angeles and State of California, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Rectal Dynamos, of which the following is a speciication.

My invention pertains to galvanic apparatus, and it has special reference to a device which is adapted for and used in the treatment of certain diseases, and particularly those pertaining to the rectum, in which itis desirable to excite or stimulate the glands or to set up an action which will aid in placing the membrane in a normal condition. 7 4

It is well known in therapeutics that a gentle galvanic action is very beneficial, provided the apparatus can be'properly applied, and to this end I provide a device which may be inserted and worn in the rectum, so that the elements which are employed to produce the galvanic action may be most eficient fo-r the purpose, as will now be set forth in detail. l

In the accompanying drawing, Figure 1. is a longitudinal section of my rectal dynamo. Fig. 2. is a side view of the rectal dynamo. Fig. 3. is a cross section of the device, on line 3. of Fig. 2, and Fig. 4. is a longitudinal section of a modified form of the device. Y

In carrying out my invention, I show two preferred forms of constructing the same, and referring to Fig. 1. it will be seen that the main body 4 of the device is cylindrical in form, and this has ateach end a reduced portion 5, screw-threaded as at 6, to receive at one end a bulbous head 7 and at the other end a tapering or pointed bulbous body 8. The body thus constructed, has at the ends and abutting the bulbous members 7, 8, rings or bands 9, 10, of dissimilar metal, as for instance, silver and zinc, or any other positive-negative metals usually employed in galvanic devices. These bands have their outer surfaces Hush with the. cylindrical body, are electrically connected by means of a connecting rod 11 which passes longitudinally through the body, and by having a pin 12 threaded through each ring and passing through the body 4, so that it engages with the longit-udinalrod 11, thereby bringing the two rings into electrical contact with each other. A hole 13 is formed axially through the body for purposes hereinafter explained. This form of device is adapted for use in the rectum, but the device may also be adapted for the vagina, in which case the form shown is most available.

It will be seen by reference to Fig. 4, that I provide a long body 14, of insulating material such as hard rubber, which has an axial hole 15 through the same. On this body I place two or more couples of dissimi lar metals, each couple 16, 17 being electrically connected, as at 18, so that the galvanic action may thus be set up in the membrane, in contact with the device from end to end, and thus give an effective action over a range as long as the device itself, instead of having an action over only a limited areaas is the case with the form shown in Fig. 1.

While either form may be made of hard rubber, itis obvious that porcelain, or other non-conducting material may be employed.

The axial hole is a very important thing in connection with the use of the device, as the electrolytic action set up by the metallic couples causes decomposition to take place, and a constant evolution of gases follows, which should be removed as rapidly as they are generated, and the opening thus made provides a means to discharge the same immediately.

In use the pointed bulbous member 8 of the device is inserted in the rectum, and held in position by the head or member 7, so that it may be readily withdrawn when necessary.

What I claim as new, is:

In a rectal dynamo, a cylindrical body of insulating material, having at each end a removable member, a met-,1l ring at each end of said body, a longitudinal metal rod through said body, and a pin through each metal ring, contacting with the longitudinal rod, whereby electrical connection is formed between said metallic rings.

Signed at the city of Los Angeles county of Los Angeles State of California, this 3rd day of April 1912, -in the presence of wit nesses.

JAMES B. WAGONER. Witnesses v J. S. Zaman,l D. M. MCDONALD.

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U.S. Classification607/138
Cooperative ClassificationA61B2018/00523, A61N1/0524