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Publication numberUS1043656 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 5, 1912
Filing dateFeb 17, 1912
Priority dateFeb 17, 1912
Publication numberUS 1043656 A, US 1043656A, US-A-1043656, US1043656 A, US1043656A
InventorsRoscoe Conkling Ziringer
Original AssigneeRoscoe Conkling Ziringer
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Powder or liquid receptacle.
US 1043656 A
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'11,043,656. Patented Nov. 5, 1912.

Z6. /l E@ E9 E WITNEssEs lNvENToR l?. 6'. 14k/llaga' ATTORNEYS accompanying drawing.

. The primary object of my invention is to AUMTED sTA'rEs .PATENT oEErcE.


POWDER on 4J'tIaUID micErTAcLE.v

. 1,043,656.' specification of Letters raten; 'Patented Nov, 5, 1912 Application med February 17', 1912. serial No. 678,212.

` The receptacle 1l has circumferentially ar- 'ranged4 parallel ribs 12 between which is arranged the band 10, these rivets preventing vertical displacement of the receptacle 11 'relativelyto said band. The lower end of the receptacle 11 is tapered, as at 13 and provided with 'a beveled opening 14 and an exterior annular bead 15. Mounted upon the lower taperingend of the receptacle is 65 1T o all whom itmay concern: Be it known that I, Roscon `CoNKLINe ZIRINGER, a'citizen ofthe United States of America, residing at Pittsburgh, m the 5 county. of Y legheny and State of- Pennsyl- Vania', have invented certaln new and useful Improvements .fin Powder or Liquid Receptacles, of which the following 1s a spec1t-- cation, 'reference being had thereln to the h1s invention relates to a lpowder orliquid receptacle especially designed for vholding powdered or liquid soap 1nlava'- mto said receptacle and'has the'apeX thereof providedv with an opening 18. The seat 17 has circumferentially arranged openings 19 7'0 that are-closed by ahorizontal conicalshaped valve 20 carried bythe lower end of a valve stem 21 that extends through the having a conical-shaped seat 17 that extends torles.

provide a movable Vreceptacle with a valvular member, .said receptacle and said valvular member coperating in the discharge o f powdered soap orother detergent mate- 20 rial. I

' Another object'of this invention is to'provide a detergent holder that can be located abovea washstand, sink, basin orother toilet receptacle for supporting powdered o r liquid- 25 soap to be used at ones convenience.

A further object of this invention 1s to provide a detergent holder that is inexpen. 'sive to manufacture, durable and highly efficient for the purposes for which itis lng the push button in an elevated positiong5 intended.

Withthe above and lother objects in View, the invention resides in the novel construction, combination and arrangement of parts to be hereinafter specilically described and then claimed."

Reference will now be hadto `the `drawing, wherein;`

Figure 1 is a vertical sectional view of a detergent holder in accordance with this in- 40 vention, Fig. 2 is a planof the same, and t Fig. 3 is a'horizontal sectional view Vtaken on the line HI*HI of Fig. 1.

The reference numeral 1 denotes a wall or other support provided with -a face plate :5 2 that is secured Ahereto by screws 3 and 4 or other fastening means. The face plate 2 has the longitudinal edges thereof provided with `guides 5 for a head 6, carried by the inner end of a rectangular sleeve 7 the head 6 being placed in engagement with the guides 5 prior. to' mountingthe screw 3'in the wall or support 1. l Fixed in the sleeve 7 by a rivet 8 -or lother The top of the receptacle 11 is closed, as 75 at 22 and has a central depressed portion 23 providing a socket 24. The bottomyoffthe socket 24 has an opening 25 `for the upper' The top of the receptacle 11 .has a filling opening 28 normally closed by a screw plug 29. The lling opening 28 permits of a pow- 9o der1 or liquid being placed within the receptac e.

f When a powdered. detergent is used. in the receptacle '11, the top of the receptacle is. gripped by the hand, the push button 26v 95 pressed by the thumb or finger to open the valve` 20,1and then the receptacle is shaken by rapidly raising and lowering the-same whereby. the powder within the receptacle willpass through the openings 19 and drop 100 on to the hand held under the receptacle or into a basin-over whichA a receptacle is 'located. vWhenI the receptacle israised and lowered, the head 6 slides-between the guides tacle 11 contalns a liquid, it is not necessary .to raise andlower the same. `The receptacle l1` is preferably made of a vitreous material and the remainder of' the device of light and durable metal. 119

From the foregoing it will be observed that the faceplate 2 constitutes a suppor fastening means are the ends 9,-of a band 10 that encircles an inverted bottle-'shapedv receptacle 11,- preferably made of glass.

a ca p 16 that-embraces the bead 15, said cap i' ,I

5 of the `face plate 2.- When the recep- 105 and that the elementsfl to 10 inclusive conbody being closed and providedwith acentrally disposed depressed cylindrical por-` tion, the lower end of said Abody being reduced andv formed with an opening, a cap mounted upon the lower 'end of said body and having.' a vertically disposed coneshaped extension projecting into the body and constituting a seat, said extension having av plurality ofontletsfa vertically movable valve stem Hextending through said depressedL portion and through the apex of said extension, a valve carried by the lower end of said stem and normally engaging said seat for closing said outlets, a button mounted upon the upper end of said valve stem and Within said depressed portion, and

a coiled .spring interposed between the base of the depressed portion and' said button for normally retaining the valve closed.

In testimony lwhereof I aiiix myl signature in the presence of two witnessesf ROSCOE` GONKLING ZIRINGEIR.


' MAX VH. SROLOvrrz,


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