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Publication numberUS1044622 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 19, 1912
Filing dateNov 7, 1911
Priority dateNov 7, 1911
Publication numberUS 1044622 A, US 1044622A, US-A-1044622, US1044622 A, US1044622A
InventorsPaul Amadeo
Original AssigneePaul Amadeo
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Coin-controlled vending-machine.
US 1044622 A
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EL @@tggg Patented No?. 19, MM2.


WITN'ISSES, 5 Y f! [Nam/TUA fwd dd "E gg mi? pag/'5 mfae@ P AMADBG.. GOIN GONTRDLLED VENDINQMAGHINE. APPLIGATIONIILED,NOV.7,19M. fitm'n .Mmm im. i9, m2.


'suhjocl of ho bling olf 'lo (LH 'whom it fm1/3l concern:

o il` known hnl l. lwoi. Alumni, zx lhily, rosiilino; :il rllionoo .hih, in rho county oli' Schuylkill :unl Slulo ol.' Pennsylvania, how iovonlocl cormii now und usoful limproromeno; in (loin' Controlled Vondiug-hf'zwhinos, ol which ho following ls ze, spmfili-czalilui.

Illy inifQnilon rohllos lo img )rovcmchs in coin (,:onrollorl Vending imchiuos, uml has l'or am ohjoct lo prm'hlc zi machine o'l` hls chzu'acl'cr, whorohy when a, coin is rlroppeil in L coin chuloa :xml o plunger opal-ated, :i hox of ciglirclcs or somo o'hor comuodily i@ delivered. 'l l ,l 'lmlhcr ohjocli lo provlcle a iiizxchinc nl (his ohzirool'or in which lho coin ilsellf mili/:ml lo lil-lug' ho clischzxrgo moohzloisih under (lircol, cilnl'rol ol" tho plongor.

inrlhor ohjcohles to provid@ :i umchino lli which i'ho nwchzmlom ougcvlliogly rainiplc nml romp-9M. :unl )wel will posiliroly oporzzlc wlzcii tho gropcr coin is insorcrl.

llfilh lhmlc nml'olhcr ohliccl` .in view.. ho iovculioli ooo-isla in corloilr howl 'fczliirco olifoholi'urloli mail ifiiiii'hizmlions :unl o1 a'uogjlicnlf# oli f ha, :15 will he .iol'o fully horfpiimllcr ilcrsoriholl mail poinlml oui in fhc claims* lo the ucoouipunyiog llruvfieiga: Figur@ l., is :i \'lo\f\' lli sido olcmlion willi on@ sido of thc casino' romovml. Fig'. :2, :i flow in horizontal sccliou ou lho hoc 2-#2 of lfig. l. Fig. 3. is :i riow in vertical section oli tho lino $3 il ofcllig. 2. Fig. el, ls L `View similar lo hic'. 2 hul shanriig tho ilihmger iii its inlicr poiiou. lilo'. :i Vlam' in horl- .Zonllgil lion on lim lluo :EWR oi" i515 Vig. l5. is a View lll voricul hc lino (543 o Fig.

l. rcpri com :i cursing; oA :uw mmh-oil Shri uml Mmorial.. nucl hm ng; z'rolllomll Miha-14h13 ouwhinc cam hc coolly rr lle mom-y roiirocl.

n, slide wolf in 'which lhc plm: Y- l.

curious EN! lhull oo mol' limil. myx?? in ihn peil-lich. :m corlom ooiihriohig olhor goods o ighl i used. The boxers are arranged in lh wat' f in u 'vorcal column Shown. lui. lowormosi; hog roots ou am cjoctor Whi odi-pled to lle moverl inwardly5 allowln hon; to drop on a platform and hon 1 @uuml-i normement push ith@ ook".

Spacicasiou of Letters atent.

l. und crow4 section on partorito/il Nov. i9, jlgf.

if, 553.1. smal rm. 58,951.

platform :is will ho moro 'fully horeiiizrlfler oxphiizlofl.

plunger 6, which hohl in uornml pomlloii by zx. spring proioos through the oli-s1: and 'sil its mixer end 1s connected to a. oros ple-oo 7. This Cross picco 7 has slotl 8 whlc-h glsters with a; slot l) 11i an enlarged 1i pol-lion l() of lilo ejector "1l- A, longue 1l is un lfohupocl lower 12 l5 'pvooilly Secured Lo he umher Sido of the oros@` pieceT and normally projects across the slot 8 .in lhe Cross piooo. This lover l2 is hold in ils normal position by a spring .31, hul when e'the plunger o is moved inwardly lo its ext-fome rho mollig, and is moved from under the slol 8.

lrziiiia l is locoiecl in lho Losing l and il, formal vos ohown at M so that with anglo har l5 il', forms a guide way for thc, cross picco T, 'lhs frame 13 is provided in ils top w-iih 2,1 slot lo 'which registoro with the Slob; "w anal 9 lo the cross piece and ejecl'or respectively. A. coin chulo 17 'projects lhrough the, casing Y1V and. disposed al an inclino lio direct ghc @olii dowmvordly into u curved. groove or guido loro. directs; lho coin info slot 'L6 above referred to. '.llho from@ 13 also has a Slot- 10 in ils, sido, and a spring hold gvolocl (log 20 i5 looate tl'ioroinlmxol is aclapled at certain limob, to engage a loolhed rack. 21. secured to tho cillzirgeiiieut l0. h1 lho hollow of the wrong coin or a "picco ol' mola-l, which is lhiiuior i'huo ho proper coin is used., .it will drop hrough lho opening 22 iulo n recepa ch? 23 provided fort-hat purpose. Another rocovfrho proper coins when they are rclelioofl 'from l'ho slot@ 3 and 9. The shdel proiooioo together with :i partition 27 forms a Llollfory poohe m the and of he The operation is @is follows: A coin is dropyo im tho solo Chute 17, azul rolls clown lha owchuto and rlso through tho guldo lo ho roar oclge of Cross .picco 7. and

position. .lorenz strils the rear wall of l coln'chute 17 is :u1 opening 22 so that .if the 4 box or roce/pillole 24 is also provdedlo casing imo which lho cartons oro (lolivercd.

:l emoucls clown usshown at 26, and this lever llt@ strikes the rear wall of the casing, and inches from below the slots 8 and 9 allowi the coin 29 to drop down into the receptacle 2l.. At the same time, the ejector has from under the column ot boxes 30, and allowed the lowermost box to drop onto platform 5. lllhen plunger 6 is released, it is returned toits normalposition h v the spring and carries with it cross piece t3. )n this vreturn movement the tongue 'll will press against enlargement l0 on the ejector` et, and return the ejector to its normal position, thereby pushing the box, which dropped onto the platform 5, into the delivery pocket 28, where it can easiljy he reached with the hand. lf the plunger and cross piece are pushed inwardly, when no coin has been dropped in the chute` the ejector will ordinarily not be carried with them, but will he held in normal position b v the weight of the boxes. lf by chance` however, the ejector should move inwardly. the dog 2O will engage the toothed rack il and prevent any further inward niovement of the ejector. rl `liis movementtrom the normal position Yuntil the dog engages the rack, is not enough to allow a box `to drop onto the platform and'he pushed ott. consequently there is no danger ot a box being obtained free.

The enlargement l 'forms a shoulder wnieh bears against the slide way, and preventsrany out-ward movement of the ejector when it is in normal position.

Various slight changes might 'oe made in the general form and arrangementot' parts tileseribed without depali'ting from my invention. and hence l do not limit myself to the {,reeif-.e details set `toi'tli,'luzt consider mj'- :leltf at liberty to malte such changes and alterations as fairly fall within the spirit and scopeotI the anpen ded claims.

Having thus described my invention` what l cla-im as new and desire to ,st-cure lu' lietters Patent is:

l. )t vending machine` comprisinga casing, au ejector in the easing. a plunger movA able longitudinally below tl e ejector and projecting through the easing. a cross piece on the plunger having a coin .slot therein. an enlargement on the. inner end ol the ejector limiting the outward movem'J-nl thereof and haring a coin slot normally registering with the .'-zlot in the cross piece, said plungex and ejector adapted to he coupled by a coin in the slot. wht-Wehr the plunger when Yforced inwardlj-f will move the ejector in one direction, a ton eue on the cross piece engaging behind the ej i ctor, whereby the outward movement of the plunger causes the outward movement of the ejector, and ay spring eX- erting outward pressure on the plunger to move the plunger and the ejector outwardly eject-ing the goods, substantially described.

2. A vending machine, comprising a casing, an ejector in the easing, a plunger movable longitudinally below the ejector and )roectine' through the casin a cross )ieee vmovement ot the plunger causes the outward movement ot' the ejector, a spring exerting outward pressure on the plunger to move the plunger and the ejector outwardly ejecting the goods, and means for releasing the coin when theplunger reaches its innermost position, sul'istantially as described.

3. A vending machine, comprising a casing, an ejector in the casing, a plunger movable longitudinally below the ejector and projecting through the casing, a cross piece on the plunger having a coin slot therein, an enlargement on the 'inner end of the ejector limiting the outward movement thereof and having a coin slot normally registering with the slotin the cross piece, said plunger and ejector adapted to be coupled hy a coin in the slot whereby the plunger when forced inwardly will move the ejector in one direction. a tongliie on the cross piece engaging behind the ejector, whereby the outward movement of the plunge-r causes the outward movement ot the ejector, a spring exerting outward pressure on the plunger lo move the plunger and the ejector out wardly electing the goods, a spring held coin releasing lever pivotally secured to` the under tare ot the eross piece and adapted to strike the rear wall of the casing to release the coin when the plunger reaches its innermost position,substantially as described.

ln testimony whereof I have signed my name to this specification in the presence of two subscribing witnesses.

PAUL AMADEO. lll/witnesses:

Mnirunn Pn'rlrrs, ,lo HN YETTER.

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