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Publication numberUS1044772 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 19, 1912
Filing dateApr 14, 1910
Priority dateApr 14, 1910
Publication numberUS 1044772 A, US 1044772A, US-A-1044772, US1044772 A, US1044772A
InventorsBenjamin G Gilbough
Original AssigneeMetal Specialties Mfg Company
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US 1044772 A
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atented Nov. 19, 1912.




l .Ot-tf? 172.

Specification of Lctterslatent.

Patented No". 19, 1912..

Application tiled April I4, 1910. Serial No. 555,368.

To all uhom it may concern:

Be it. known that l, BENJAMIN G. GIL- noroH, a citizen of the tlnited States` residing at Chicago` in the county of Cook and State of lllinois. have invented a new and useful Improvement in Lamp-Brackets, of which the following is a specioation.

My invention .relates particularly to brackets adapted to serve as a means `for mounting electric lamp sockets onsthe burners of oil and gas lamps, thus providing convertible lamps. for use in either form. according to desire or necessity.

Mv primary object is to provide a simple and inexpensive bracket of the character indicated which will serve to support an electric bulb in fose relation to the burner of an oil-lamp or gas-lamp. so thatthe electricl bulb will be properly located with reference to the rel-lector` and which will permit the ,electric bulb to be turned from its standing position adjacent the original burner when it is desired to use the original burner. thus rendering it unnecessary to disconnect the electric lamp from said burner at such time.

The invention is illustrated in its preferred embodiment in the accompanying drawing. in which j Figure l represents an electric bulb and socket mounted upon the burner-cap (shown in dotted lines) of an oil-lamp through the. medium of my improved bracket. or mounting: Fig. 2. a plan view of the improved bracket: Fig. 3. an elevational View of the same Fig. 4.a section taken-as indicated at line 4 of Fig. 3: and Fig. 5. a perspective view of a gas-burner equipped with my device. slightly modified. serving1r as a mounting for an electric light.

ln the preferred construction. which is illustrated. the invention comprises a burner-clip. or burner-clamp. and a socket-clip. or socket-clamp. B.' angularly adjustable with relation to the clip A. The clamp A preferably is a. spring-clamp. in the form of a split ring of :resilient metal. having a vertical axis, and adapted to be slipped onto the burner-cap 1 from above: and the clamp B, also. is preferably a spring-clamp, employing a split-ring having a vertical axis and into which the electric light socket 2 may be slipped.

The split-ring A is formed of sheet-metal, and has a flattened circular base-portion, or

' pivotal-head, 3 with curved arms 4 extend- 1a shank 5 having apivotal head 6 and carrying a split-ring projecting at right -angles tothe plane of the head 6. The

pivotal heads are joined by a horizontally-fw disposed central pivotal rivet- 8, which holds themembers close together, the splitbeing placed virtually back to back. The member B may be conveniently formed from sheet metal. The disk-form head 6 is-70 provided with a lower-edge locking-notch 9, and two diametrically opposite lateraledge locking-notches 10. The head 3-is provided near its lower edge Awith van outwardly-struck locking-lug` or projection,11, 175 adapted to engage the central (lower) locking-notch 9 when the electric lamp is inthe standing position and adapted to engage one or the other of the lateral-edge Vnotches 10 when the member B is rotated through 0 an angle of degrees, according to direction of rotation. Between the lower, or central. notch 9 and the two lateral notches 10, the metal forms segments l2, carried by arms 13 which taper from the center of the 85 disk to their points of junction with said segments at their centers: that is to sagt-he metal is cut away. as indicated at the points l-t. to form `said arms and segments.

ln the modification shown in Fig. 5, I -90 employ the same socket-clamp B in connection with a slightly modified burner or burner-tube clamp A. The construction is the same as that already described and the parts are similarly lettered, except wheremodified. The clamp A1 has a burner-tube embracing-ring 15 provided' with ears 16 joined by` a clamp-bolt l'. The ring 15 carries an upturned shank 18 having a head 3*l which corresponds with'the head V3 of-100 the previously-described construction. Thev socket clamp B has its pivotal head 6 joined to the head 3a by the pivot 8, and the pivotal heads are provided with the same catchdevices employed in the previously-described construction. The burner-tube clamp A1 may be of integral formation, being conveniently formed from metal.

The manner of use may be brieiy described. When it is desired to employ an electric light in connection with an oil lamp, the mounting shown in Figs. 1 to 4' inclusive is employed, and it is only necessary to slip the burner-clamp A ontoA the burnercap 1` and slip the electric light socket into the clamp B, the parts being so adjusted that the electric lamp will be exposed just in the rear'of the burner-cap (or if preferred in front of the burner-cap). When it becomes desirable or necessary to employ the oilburner, the clamping member B may be turned about its horizontal pivot, say,y

through an angle of 90 degrees, until one of the lateral locking notches 10 engages the .Fig 5 is employed, and the manner of use is similar to that already described.

The construction described is exceedingly simple, may be cheaply manufactured, is

thoroughly durable and is also thoroughly effective for its purpose.

The foregoing detailed description has been given for clearness of understanding only and no undue limitation should be understood therefrom,but the appended claims are to be construed as broadly as permissible in view of the prior art.

What I regard as new, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is- 1. A mounting for the purpose set forth, comprising a burner-clamp and a socketclamp secured thereto by a horizontal pivot extending toward the axis of said burnerclamp, whereby an electric light socket carried by said socket-clamp may be held in standing position or may be turned laterally to a horizontal position.

2. A mounting of the character set forth, comprising a clamp adapted to be applied to a lamp-burner, said clamp provided with a transversely disposed pivotal head, a socket-clamp provided with a transversely disposed pivotal head, a pivot extending towardthe axis of the burner-clamp and securing said heads together, and catch-devices carried by said pivotal heads.

3. A mounting of the character setforth, comprising a clamp adapted to be applied to a lamp-burner, said clamp provided with a pivotal transversely disposed head, a socket-clamp provided with a pivotal transversely disposed head, and a horizontal pivot-rivet extending toward the axis of the vburner-clamp and securely joining said heads together, said heads being provided ywith lug and notch connections permitting angular adjustment of one lclamp-With relatio'nto the other.

,4. A device of the character set forth, comprising a clamp adapted to be Iapplied to a lamp-burner and equipped with a pivotal head having an outwardly-struck lockinglug, a socket-clamp having a pivotal head provided with a plurality of peripheral locking notches, and a pivot joining said heads together.

5. A device of the character set forth, comprising a burner-embracing ring and a socket-embracing ring equipped with pivotal heads and placed back to back, a horizontal pivot joining said pivotal heads closely together, and catch-devices carried by said pivotal heads adapted to secure the heads in different positions of angular adjustment.

6. A device of the character set forth, comprising a burner-clamp and a socketclamp equipped with pivotal heads, one of said heads having a locking lug, and the other of said heads having resilient arms carrying segments with notches at their ends adapted to receive said locking lug.

7. A device oflthe character set forth, comprising a spring-clamping ring adapted to embrace a burner-cap and having an outwardly-struck pivotal transversely disposed head, and a socket-clamp having a split socket-engaging ring and a pivotal transversely disposed head joined to said first` named pivotal head by a horizontal pivot which extends toward the axis of the burnerclamp.

8. A mountingVof the character set forth, comprising a burner-clamp having a pivotal head, in combination with a socket-clamp having ya pivotal head swiveled on said firstnamed pivotal head, the swiveling axis being radial with relation to the burner clamp.


In presence of- R. A. RAYMOND, R. A. SCHAEFER.

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