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Publication numberUS1045228 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 26, 1912
Filing dateOct 14, 1912
Priority dateOct 14, 1912
Publication numberUS 1045228 A, US 1045228A, US-A-1045228, US1045228 A, US1045228A
InventorsTracy C Weltmer
Original AssigneeTracy C Weltmer
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US 1045228 A
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MATTRESS PAD. APPLIOATION FILED JAN. z2, i910. mmwgocfr. 14, 1912.

', Patented. Nov. 26, MM2.


' i WIT/mmm;



' APPLIUATION FILED JAN. 22, 1910. RENEWED 00T,14, 19m` 1,045,228, f .Patented Nov. 26, 1912.


l v MM ..1 Hx f .m15 )i entren screens r .A




Application filed January f2.2, 1919,'Se1ie1 No.

To all wlw/m. it may concern:

Be it known that l, Timor C. WELTMER, a citizenot the United States, residing at Nevada, in the county of Vernon and State of Missouri, have invented an Improvement in Ivattress-l'lads, of which the following is a specification.

My invention relates to improvements in mattress pads.

The object of my invention is to provide 'Certain novel padding for a mattress which will enable person to lie cfnntortably7 thereon and without the liability ot acquiring bed-sores.

further object of my invent-ion is to provide adjustable padding mechanism `for a mattress which be adjusted to difterent positions to suit the different positions assumed by a person lyingy upon the mattress.

The novel .tentures ot' my invention are hereinafter iully described and claimed.

ln the accompanying' drawings which illustrate my invention Figure 1 is a. perspective view of the preferred torni ot my invention, showing the pillow pad disposed with one member mounted upon the other. In this form oi' my invei'xtion 'the mattress cover and gurls extend transversely only a portion of the width ot the mattress. Fig. 2 is av plan view ot the torni of my invent-ion shown in Fig. 1, a. portion ot the mattress being broken away and the pillow pad being shown disposed in a position cooperating` with the other pads to 'form a back rest-. Fig. 8 is e vertical section on the dotted line a-b of Fig. 5. Fig. 4 is a perspective View of a moditied torni ont my invention in which the mattress cover' and pads extend transversely the full width of the mattress.

Fig. 5 is a view partly in side elevation and partlyin vertical section ot the form ot', my invention shown in Fig. 1, showing'th'e pillow pad folded and serving es a headvrest. Fig. 6 is a view similar to Fig. 5, the pillow pad being shown in a position cooperating with the other pads to serve as a back/rest.

Fig. 7 is en enlarged end elevation of a portion of the mattress and cover end one of the devices by which the cover isl-deteehab'ly secured to the mattress. Fig. 8 is an enlarged,

` fragmental view of a portion of the mate tress, mattress cover,

find one et the pads, and one ot the 'I l 1 Torch the pees are oever.

Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented Nov. 'itil 539,559. Renewed October 14, 1912. Serial No. 725,733.

Similar. characters of reference denote similar parts.

1 denotes the mattress and 2 a cover therefor having preteably, `means for be ing' detachably secured to the mattress. Preferably opposite ends ot the cover 2 have secured to them snap hooks 3, which are adapted to detachably engage respectively with rings 4, secured to opposite ends ot the mattress 1'.

A pillow pad is provided which is pi if" erably flexibly connected to the cover 2, id pad comprising 4preterably two inembt and (i, preferably flexibly connected at their adjacent side edges, as bythe covering' which envelops said members, as shown in Fie and denoted by 7, whereby the memiers i and 6 may be swung` from positions disposed one above the other. as shown in Figi". 1, to the position shown in Fig. 3, in dotted lines.

The members 5 and G are also preferably detachably and flexibly connected to the cover 2, at the points 8 and 9, whereby said members may be swung from the positions in which they form a head rest, to the 'positions shown in Fig'. 2, in which they form a back rest. Secured upon the upper side ot the cover 2, preferably by liexible conneetions located at the points 'l1 and 1Q, is e.

pad 13, which is disposed in e position sach that the pillow pad members 5 and G, when swung to the positions shown in Figs. 2 and G, will overlap it and cooperate with it to form av beck rest.

v Any suitable means may be employed tor flexibly and detachably securing; the pad mernbers and G and the pad 13 to the cdver 2. As illustrated, the pad members 5 and t? and the p'ad 13 may be provided at their edges with flaps 1 4, of flexible material, having respectively sockets 15, secured thereto and adapted Vto re'ceive and releasably engage studs 16, which are secured to the cover 2. The sockets 15 andl studs 16 may be et the ordinaryglove fastener type. @ne of these fasteners is shownpin Fig 8. it desired, a. supplemental pad 15, may be disposed between the mattress 1 and the cover 2 below the padl, as shown in the drewings, when the pads are applied to en old mattress which has become depressed in middle porti0ns,as shownin Figs. 5 end 3,

or when it is desired to have the haelt rest.

unusually high.

the person desires to lie upon his back the pillow pad members 5 end 6 tire disposed es shown in Figs. 2 and 6. lf he desires to lie on his side he det-aches 'the securing strep let of the member 6 from the cover 2 and swings the said member upon the member 5, as shown in Figs. l and 5, the members 5 and 6 prior to such detachment, having been swung Jfrom the position shown in Fig. 6 to the position shown in dotted lines in Fig. 1. The pad 18 will then tit into the hollow of the persons side and his head will lie upon the pad 6, as shown in dotted outlinesn Fig. 5. With this arrangement oit' the pads e depression is provided between the pillow pad and the pad 13 to receive the shoulder of the person.

In the preferred form of my invention,

shown in Figs. I and'v 2,' in which the cover is substantially one half the width of the' mattress if the person tires of lying upon thepads he can roll over upon the unpadded portion ofthe mattress l. s

If desired2 the detachable cover 2 may be 2 5, dispensed with.

Myinvent-ion is articular-ly adapted for use by the sick or y those who by inirmities 'are bed ridden.

' I do not conine my invention to the preoise Construction herein shown and de 30 what I claim and desire to secure by Letters l Patent, is

The combination with e mattress cover, of u pad secured to the cover and adapted to afford t buck rest, and another pad compris? ing two wedge shaped members flexibly connected to the cover et their bases between the first named pad and the adjacent end of the cover, one member being detachably con- I neeted to the cover, seid members .being exibly connected with eaeh other at the adjacent ends, whereby the two members may be swung on the cover so es to-overlep the beek rest, or swung one upon the other with their thiekest'portions one above the other and next to the lirst named pad, so as to serve as a pillow.

In testimony whereof Ihave signed my name to this specification in presence of two subscribing witnesses.



GEORGE Jem-is, R. EidErLANs.

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U.S. Classification5/500, 5/630, 5/498, 5/632
Cooperative ClassificationA47C31/105