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Publication numberUS104564 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 21, 1870
Publication numberUS 104564 A, US 104564A, US-A-104564, US104564 A, US104564A
InventorsThomas Duncan
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Thomas duncan
US 104564 A
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To all whom'it may concern;`

a improved buckle; p

am epa.


l f lletters Patent Nal-04,564, datlcfzme 21, 1870.v

\ y imnovsmsm' mem-:Kees

" l l The Schedule referred to in these Letters Patent and making part of the same.

Beit known that I, 'IHolims` DUNCAN, of Brookn "ville, in the couuty'ot Montgomery `and State `of `lllaryland, have invented certain new and useful Improvement-s` in `Buckles,` `of which the following -is a fnll,clear, and eXactdescription, reference beingv had to the `accompanying drawing, in which--v Figure 1 represents a viewirr perspective ofmy Figure 2, a plan of avinodilication "thereof and i, Figure, a side elevation ofthe same, f "My invention consistsof the combination of lthe u plate or frame of the buckle, the looplratone -end` f thereof, and a long-headed `stud or tongue, having both a swiveling and an ,endwise movement through a hole in the plate, these1 parts -beng so constructed,

p that the `buckle canbe applied to any part of.`a bridle t or harness by cutting aslit in the tWo adjacent ends' of the leather and slipping themthrough thel loop and over the stud,which will hold them securely. In the accompanyingdrawingv -A representsthe fra-ine of the buckle, l,and B the loop.

The stud C is made with a `head,`c, longer; in one direction than in the other. `'.lhestud .moves freely endwise, and 'also turns freely ina hole in the plate.

Inapplying this buckle` a long hole is' cut in the two adjacent ends ofthe parts to be united, the stud is turned with. the longer airis of its head parallel with'the length of the strap; the lower strap is then passed through the loop` and 'over the stud, and the yupper one wover the stud and through the loop, and

the head of the stud then turned round about one- Afourth of `a revolution, when the parts will he ,securely locked together. y l

I also4 propose to prevent any possibilityl'of the turning of the st ud by making its lower end polygonal for a short distance, and making the hole of acci-res,- ponding form 3 or the'same end might be' obtained-by va pin ou the stud `taking into vra knotch in the under side of vthe plate.' By this mode of construction' the stud could be pressed inward until the pin or polygonal part escaped from its recess, Whenit could turn freely; but when locked on the straps the strain upon them would force ti1e-pin or polygonal part of the stud into' its notch, and thus' keep the stud from turning.

. In figs 2 and 3 I have shown a plate 'with a loop at `each end and a' turning-stud in the middle.` In ap- `plying thisform of buckle it is better to pass the, ends of'both straps through both loops and then press them down 'upou'the stud, especially if the leather be stiff. n I thussecure a strong, simple fastening, which can be applied to unite the various parts of a harness or to unite brokeutraces or reins, without rivets or other fastenings. A I do not claim the combination of a loop anda fixed stud. v Y

I claim as my invention- 1. The buckle, consisting of the plate, the loop, and the Vendwise-moving turning-stud, all these parts bei'ng constructed, as set forth, for joint operation. 2r The construction, as set forth, of the endwisemoving turning-stud, with a locking-stop on its shank fitting a corresponding recess on the plate.

In testimony whereof I have 'hereunto subscribed myname.` Y

THOS. DUNCAN. Witnesses:

.los I. PEY'roN,


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Cooperative ClassificationA44B11/22