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Publication numberUS1047668 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 17, 1912
Filing dateSep 4, 1912
Priority dateSep 4, 1912
Publication numberUS 1047668 A, US 1047668A, US-A-1047668, US1047668 A, US1047668A
InventorsCharles J Madonna
Original AssigneeCharles J Madonna
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Hot-water heater and sterilizer.
US 1047668 A
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Patented 1386.121912.

Arm/Mfrs riruinLEs ti.ivns.\.I oi\n\:rA, or NEW YORK, N, Y.'


Specification of Letters Patent.

kimputation fued'september 4, 1912. serial No. 718,466.

To all lwhom t may concern .1 i

Be it known that I, yCinrRLris-J. MADONNA,

' a citizen of the United States, and a resident of the city of New York, borough of Brooklyn, in the county of Kings and State of New York, have invented a newand improved Hot-Ivater Heater and Sterilizer, of which the following is a full,V clear, and exact description.,

The object of the invention is to provide' l anew and improved hotwater heater and sterilizer, moreespecially designed for use in barber shops, hospitals and other places and arranged to furnish a supply of* vhot water for shaving, and Washing purposes, .and atthe same time permit the steriliz'ing of a large quantity of towels, napkins and the like. For the purpose mentioned use is made of a steam compartment, a water compartment below the said steam compartment and provided with a water inlet and a water outlet, a valved connect-ion between the water compartmen't'and the steam compartl ment to charget-he latter with water from `the said water compartment, and a heating coil below theusaid lwater compartment `lcompartment. A

A practical embodiment of the invention is represented ,in the 'accompanying drawing forming a part of thisspecification, in which the gure is a sectional side elevation of the hot Water heater and sterilizer, parte being in elevation.-

Cn a suitably constructed stand A is l mounteda boiler shell Bprovided in its lower portion with a water compartment C andinits upper portion with a steam'compartment D, the said compartments Cna-nd D being separated from each other by an outlet chamber E into which opens the upper end of a tube E extending through the -water compartment C preferably centrally therewith, as indicated in the drawing. The outlet chamber E is provided in its side wall with openings E2 for the escape of the products of combustion, as hereinafter more fully elvplained. The water compartment C is provided with a water inlet F connected 0 with a suitable source ofwater supply for charging the compartment C with Water, and the said water compartment is also provided with a draw-ott faucet G for drawing olf the hot Water for shaving, Washing or other purposes.

The steam compartment D isV chaifgiged.H

and having its terminal in the said steam Patented nee. 17,41912.

water in the steam compartment'D and yalso f to permit of withdrawing the water by the use of the faucet H3 from'the steam compartment D. J

Immediately below -thewater compartment C is arranged alieating coilI having -its ends I extending upward through the tube E and the chamber E,'thetcrniin'als I2 of the ends I being secured to the bottom of the steam compartment D and opening into the same. burner J, of any approved construction, preferably, however, an oil burner connected bya fuel pipe K with .a suitable source of loil supply. i

Oiil top of the steam conipartn'ien't'D is `removably mounted a sterilizing vessel L provided with a door`i\T and a'grate t) for Below the coil' I is arranged a supporting towels, napkins and other arti'- cles to be sterilized, itv being 'understood thatv the articles P can be yreadily placed `on the grate O or removed therefrom.` I

VVhenthe device is in use the water from the steam compartment D passes into thel coil I which latter is heated bythe tlaine lemanating from the burner J so that steam is generated and this steam passes through the water in the steam compartment D through the top'thereof and into the steriliz-4 ing vessel L to sterilize the. articles P held in the sterilizing vessel L at the time. The

water in the compartment C is also heated 10d by the llame emanating from the burner J,

and the hot Water can be withdrawn as needed from the compartment C by the use of the draw-0H faucet G.. The steam compartfl ment D is periodically charged with water 105 from the water compartment C by opening the valvegH so that water flows into the steam compartment D until a desired level is reached, and which level is indicated by the gage The products of combustion arising from the burning fuel ofthe burner J .pass vthrough the tube E 'and into the which the products of coml,ily set up in a barber shop bustion can escape by the openings E2. 1t is understood that the products of combustion in passing throueh the tube E heat the latter to assist heating the water contained in the water compartment C.

The combined hot water heater and sterilizerl is yery simple and durable in construction, can be cheaply manufactured and reador other plae to furnish hot water for shaving, washing or ether purposes and; toenable the barber to keep on hand a large quantity of sterilizedtowels,` napkins and thelike.

Having thus 'described my invention, claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent:

1. ihhot'water heater and sterilizeric'omprising a steam compartment, a water compartinentbelow1 the said steam.compartment andl pro vided with a water' inlet'and 4a water outlet, -a valt-ed connectionbetween the water compartment and the said steam compartment to charge the'latter. with water from the said watercompartmeDt', and a heating coil below the said water Comp'artu yment and having its terminals in the said steam compartment.

E2. A hot water heater and sterilizer, comprising` a steam compartment, a Water'compartment below the said steam'compartment and provided with a water inlet and a water outlet, a Yal'ved connection between'the water compartment and the said steam comiartmentto charge the latter `with water 'from the said water compartment, a heating` coil below the said Water con'ipartment and having its terminals in the said steam compartment, a tube extending through the said' water coi'npartment, an outlet. chamber intermediate the said steam compartment and prising the said water compartment and into which opens the upper end ofthe said tubel the coil en'ds extending through the said tube, and a burner under the said coil'.

3. A hot water heater and sterilizer, coma steam compartment, a water compartment below the said steam compartment and prerided with a water inlet and'a water outlet, a valred connection between the water compartment and the said steam compartment to charge 'the latter with water from' he said water compartment, the said ralved connection including a 'water gage for the steam compartment and a draw-ott' faucet, and a heating coil vbelow the said water compartment and having its terminals in -tlie said steam compartment.

4. A hot water heater and sterilizer, comprising' a steam compartment, a water compartment below the said steam compartment and provided with a waterinlet and a water outlet, a valved..connection between thc water compartment and the said steam com'- partment to charge the latter with water from the said water compartnient", a heatiiig:`

vcoil belowl the said water compartment and haring its terminals inthe said `ste-ani com- 'rartmentg and a sterili/Jing vessel on top ol the said steam compartment. and .in communicatioir therewith, the said st'erilizcinf vessel having` a door and means within the vessel `for supportingl the articles to be sierihzed.

ln testimony whercot` l have signed mj.' name to this specification in the present-cot' two subscribingwitnesses.



Trino. l'los'rian, PHILrrl l).v RoLLi-mts.

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