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Publication numberUS1047791 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 17, 1912
Filing dateMay 16, 1912
Priority dateMay 16, 1912
Publication numberUS 1047791 A, US 1047791A, US-A-1047791, US1047791 A, US1047791A
InventorsWilliam Loyd Gregg, Roscoe C Gregg
Original AssigneeWilliam Loyd Gregg, Roscoe C Gregg
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Spraying device.
US 1047791 A
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l w. LfspR. 1G.V GREGG.



Patented De@ y17, 1912 2 SHEETS-sum1. 2

' Show/ H6074- C. Gregg atto'rllwio i W. L.,& R. o. GRBGG. SPRAYING DEVICE. APPLCATIONPILED MAY 1G, 191,2.

Patenteanec. 17,1912.



meinen Specification of Letters Patent. Eatgnted Daw, 17.

Application tiled my 16, 1912. Sel-tizi]l No. 691696.

To all wkor/i it may concern:

Be it known that we, `WILAM Loro Crnnoc and Roscoe C; Giuoco, citizens of the United o States, residing 'et Fredericktown,`

in the county of Knox end State of (Milo, have invented certain newT and useful l1nproveniente in Spraying Devices; and we do declare the ollowingto be a-fuil, clear, and exact description of the invention, such as will enable others skilled in the a'rt to which it appertains to make and use the seme.

Y spraying devices.

-proved construction of liquid pumping and discharging mechanism whereby liquid muy the spraying operation.

vbe drawn from e tank and forcibly ejected in' e-continuous stream. Another object is to provide means 'whereby the contents of the tank ere automaticelly'cnd continuously agitated throughout With these and other objects in iriew, the invention consists of certain novel features y of 'construction7 and the combinsition and erl ranement of parts as will bernore fully de;

scri ed 'e d claimed.

In the y compenying drawings; Figure 1 is a side View of 'our improved spraying dev vice; Fig. 2 is e top plan 1View thereof; Fig. 3 is evertical sectional view taken on the line 3'-3 of Fig. 2; Fig. 4 is o horizontal sectioned jVieW teken on the vline lof 'leferring more particularly to the drawings, 1 denotes the tank which cont-eins the spraying liquid or solution and whichv tney be of any suitable size and shape, said tank being here shown in the form of e, cylindrical container htm/ing in its upper end e lling opening which is normally closed by a screw cap 2 or other suitable closure. Secured to the tank l andspaced a suitel'ile dist-ence 'therefrom is e combined pump and air chamber comprising ta, bese section 3 consisting of two sockets 4; and 5- formed integrally with each other and having their upperendsinternally threaded as shown.

Into the threaded upper end of thevsocket 4 is screwed the threaded lower 'end of a,

pump barrel 6., while in the threaded upper end of the'soclret 5 is screwed ,the lower end of en upwardly projecting eir chamber 7.

The lower portions of the sockets are connected or communicate with each other by for holding the device steady derni pmnping and spraying operation; 'llhuo it o. connecting port or 'pnsecge 8 end in the socket 5 above said port is arranged e valve seat 9 with which is engaged e. check valve 10'. The lower portion of the pump socket y which the foot ofxthe operator enY edv the heldinposition when the seine 'is operated'.`

lThe upper end of the air chamber 'Y is closed by e -suitable cap lwhich is fsecurely fastened on the borrel ci the chnin- `ber and has formed thereon or securely fas- ;tened thereto an upwardly proyeevt-ing beering 'bracket 15 on the upper end of which `is e bearing sleeve 16. The cap lll of the air chamber is securely fastened to the tank 1 by a horizontally disposed bracing bend or strep 17 which is engaged with 'the tenir and connectedwith the cap llt 'es shown.L

Revolubly mounted in the isleeve if; of the bracket l5 i3' a,.pu1np operatinc 18 on the inner ndof which is fix'edly inonnt ed ecrenk wheel or disk 19 having en eccentricclly arranged wrist pin 2) to which is pivotelly connected the upperl end of en operating rod. 2l. The lower end of the rod 2l. is'pivotelly connected to the upper end of e 4piston rod on the lower end et which isvxed the pist-on 23 of the pump barrel 6. On the outer end of the shaft 18 is fxedly mounted e crank handle or other suitableoperating mechanism 24. v

Connected with the socket '5 of the oir nected the exible liquid conducting or spraying pipe Q6 which may be of any desired length end has on its outer end a. spraying nozzle 27 ofeny suitable forni.


chamber 7 is a discharge pipe or nipple 25 to 'the outer end of which is adopted to be con- Arrangedy in the discharge pipe or nipple 25 is a T-coupling 28 having e nipple 29 which is connected by a. shortexible pipey 30 with an' injector nozzle 31 arranged in the lower portion of the tank whereby la portion ofthe tion of the chamber.

liquid pumped from the tank is forced back into the same ior the purpose of stirring or agitating the contents of the tank as will be hereinafter more fully described.

In using the device the pump is operated in the manner described thereb),7 drawing the liquid from the tank through'thechec'k Yvalve l2 and forcing said liquid up past the check valve 10 into the .air chamber '7,

thus compressing the air in the upper por- After the air has been suticiently compressed by a few revolutions of the pumping mechanism the spraying nozzle 27 may e opened, thus permitting the air compressed in the chamber 7 to force the liquid out through the discharge nipple and spraying pipe and through the nozzle. During this discharge of the liquid it will be understood that the pumping operation is continued, thereby continuously forcing more liquid into the air chamber which will maintain4 the required pressure therein for expelling the liquid in a continuous stream through the spraying mechanism. A portion of the liquid when thus forced from the air chamber to the spraying mechanism passes through the T-coupling 28 and pipe 30 to the injecting nozzle 3l through which it is forcibly injected in a fine stream into the contents of the tank thus keeping the latter thoroughly agitated as long as the pumping and spray ng operation continues.

It will be understoodthat the liquid is forced into the air chamber by the pumping operating much more rapidly than it is expelled therefrom to the spraying mechanism and agitating mechanism so that the pressure of air in the air tank is always maintained and a plentiful supply of liquid is maintained in the lower portion of the air chamber to provide a continuous discharge of liquid through the spraying mechanism when the spraying nozzle is opened.

Fromthe foregoing description taken in connection With the accompanying drawings,

A spraying device comprising a tankadapted to contain a liquid, a base comprising two communicating sockets and pro vided with a foot plate, a tubular member rigidly securing said base to said tank and aiiording communication therebetween, a check valve in said tubular member, a pump barrel secured in one of said sockets and projecting upwardly therefrom, a compression chamber secured Yin the other socket and disposed in parallel relation to and extending above the pump barrel, a check valve controlling the communication between said sockets and opening toward the compression chamber, an outlet pipe provided with spraying mechanism connected with said compression chamber, a connection between said pipe and said tank comprising an ejccting nozzle adapted in the operation of vthe device to deliver a portion of the fluid from said outlet pipe back into the tank, and operating mechanism for said pump having supporting connection with said compression chamber.

In testimony whereof we have hereunto set our hands in presence oit' two subscribing witnesses.


Wiitncsses (ir. A. XVALTERS,

C. A. Barcos.

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