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Publication numberUS1048824 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 31, 1912
Filing dateMay 3, 1909
Priority dateMay 3, 1909
Publication numberUS 1048824 A, US 1048824A, US-A-1048824, US1048824 A, US1048824A
InventorsDe Nise A Griffiths
Original AssigneeDe Nise A Griffiths
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Magnetic separator.
US 1048824 A
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Patentod D66 31, 1912.


m w m m w? .Y m 4 d H huww ma mudwwwwwwnr 1 m 3 I I j m "a!!! DE NISB A. GRIFFITHS.


Patented Dec. 31, 1912.





'Specificdtibn of Letters Patent.

Patented Dec. 31, 1

Applicfition filed May a. 1909. Serial No. 493,530.

i111 Imp xh enmnts in Magnutir; Separators,

if iyhitzh the. Ltpllmving a tlescripti'mh,

My ihvctititinIhulm'wa tn that class ut v(1ckilo i ula'i'ly to n t, clct-trumugnutit:

. ingsq whert-in like r'ttatence.

zulnptt-tl to carry the magnet-SQ justuhly mounted within the sluise hofsb that it may he tillF-ltti or lmvm'vd as (lcsu'ed' mrrcqmrut. Any suitable :1 rz'zmg emcnt may be employed ttm mount mg; (n-supporting'thc g .tlttlllt and magnets, :1 very'simple arrangement being shown mimpri'fiing a part or joux nztl' bux'f on eat-h side of the drum arranged and n'utintuintzd in position by means 'pf guides 6. The journal boxes 5 are support" 1 (:(t in t't'ieguitlus by means of suitable rods"? and nuts or hand wheels 8,01 the equit'alertts' for the. purpose; The (1 rum may he raisedbr lmvcrmlfihy turning the hunt whbels the r j quirtztltliStttllt'tO. in'nue ditectinn or the other. 7

It -l ii1=ttrullcr l'Mf-ttIlHgS f) as shown in Fig; or thmr-cqmvnhmt. nia'y'bc arranged 1n the pr rvithtl-fmtht: pu'1-posc',:iny suitable means hat-n15 'irrrvitlwl for driving the pulley.

Within drumt-is :u'mn gottdn e or mo r nmgnvts. 'lltttt hcmg preferably'mpluruh'ty' Hf elucttu-magnets provided wlth hops 'mnpju tk :u'c szlimvn, (nah (comprising the cores 12 1 t6- j12, 1:14? A 3, ct(:., the pa t 169 'lmviug'thv parts t l- 12 secured thereto'htii, in Sttttt'ttl to the part. 11; etc, the varioug nn gnt-t..-r-or -s hfling suitably insultxtectfrom the hint-h 11. As'shown the Seycpal' orgsjl mvntinm-tl urn prnvirlvd with coils 2 2, 23, 2{L ',9 imtl 25 uri-nngrett thrmn, thv snmgwith the? with tlurir 'imlt: tacos prozk'imato 't o the inner Sltlt! ht thov gathering fave 2' of the drum. A.

't'utzinliz 2t; of \t'nml mthe, equivalent, may he "1.t 0 tlt't'iltl g'ttl on tho imwr Sltlt'. of the drum face- 2 the same svrving to reinforce the-drum time as \vvll as to assist. in bracing th' sevv; t'l'nl t-m' i t t y [uh :ruthm, asquu iing the water 1 tikt- 2'7, t-art-ying in suspension the nintcz n u to h Fit pitltllttl mvxti-n't-tml, to bellowing; tllt't .t;fll lltulllltt box in the diriitign it);

(at by thev anroyv tkthc tliium is preferi'hl'tlt'tl iii lht: elit'i lltul' lltt A 3n that h I I guthtit'ctl '01: thii (ii-t Lit-L 2. Any =uitiibl' tlit wiper 45. To accomplish this I provide means may be pr'ovidedto remove the material so gathered, the preferred construction comprising a wiper or scraper 45 arranged to wipe the drum face. I

In the preferred construction I preferably excite the magnetic. cores during a portion of the travel and break thefcircuit approximately at the time the magnet is passing the wiper. To accomplish this I provide means 'for independently controlling the exciting of each magnet, so that, forexample, eachinagnet will'be excited between the points 28' and 29 or approximately those points and not .be excited while passing between points 29 and 28. This facilitates the operation of the what may be termed a commutator on the shaft 3 the same being preferably secured thereto by means of a set screw-36 or its equivalent so that it is adjustable on the shaft.- On the commutator 35 is provided a suitable number of commutator bars 30,31, 32, 33 and 34, therebeing one bar for each horseshoe magnet and one common to all. The bar 34 is continuous while the bars 30,

31, 32 and 33 arebroken pthe broken partrepresenting the time when the magnets are not'excited. Theseveral commutator bars are provided with brushes 37 38, 39, 40 and 41 of any suitable design and material. As shown a portion of the shaft 3 is made hollow the conducting wires 58'from thecommutatorbars passing therethrough to the in teriorof the drum where they are suitably connected to the several coils arranged on the cores. One broken commutator bar, as for example, 30 and'the continuous commutator bar 34 are connected to the coils 22,

bars3L and 34 to the coils '23,-'etc., the arrangement of the coils being such that the two pole faces of the cores 12-12, etc., will be positive and negative. The several brushes are connected to suitable conductors 42 and 43 so that the several circuits mentioned may he formed the current being derived from any suitable source such as a dyname or the equivalent. It is,=of course, ob-' vious that the extent of the space through which the magnets are-inoperative, is controlledby the length of the broken part in the commutator bars and that the-position of theinoperati've space may be changed by .....adjusting or shifting the commutator 35 about the shaft 3.

To remove the material taken up or gathered on the face 21' pi wide the scraper or wiper 45 which is preferably arranged between the points where the magnets are inoperative as before mentioned. The scraper or wiper maybe of any suitable material, rubber being found very satisfactory for the purpose and any suitable means may be employed to maintain the scraper in the desired position, the preferred construction comprising means whereby its position may drum. As shown the rods 47 are providedwith extended parts. 47, the same being adjustable relative to each other and retained at the desired adjustment .by means 'of nuts 59 or their equivalent I.-hef:;parts 50 are secured to the parts or arms49- by means of'thumb-screws 52 or theirequivalent and bolts 53, it being possible to change the position of the parts 50 by changing the bolts 53 to a different boltholefin the parts 49. The thumb-screw 48 alsopermits. an

adjustment of the wiper support 46. It is As shown brackets 49 are ar' obvious thatby means of thIS QSQSjEIUCtIOn the wiper is raised or lower? 'drum and may be set in a ygariety of positions and angles relative to'the drum face.

With the Any suitable means may be employed for conveying away the product or material gathered by the wiper or scraper 45. As

shown a trough .60 conducts the :material.

gathered to a conveyor belt 61 the same being arranged to retainthemateri'al thereon. Any other equivalentfgarrangenrent maybe employed to take care- 0f the'material removed by the wiper 45 or its equivalent. It is of course, obvious that mydevice may be used wherever found applicable and that r 5 there may be any number of drums positioned in the same sluice box. magnetic and non-magnetic materials. are separated these several materials may be further separated or broken up if necessary After the -by any suitable or well known method depending upon the use to which my device is put.

will not reach the interior of the same and injure coils, but it should be noted that the use of the separator is not confined to the separation of moist or wet material and .that the material may be conveyed to the drum in any suitable way.

Ilavmg thus descrlbed my invention it is obvious that various immaterial modifica- In the preferred construction the drum is made water tight so that moisture.

tions may be made in the form, arrangement, construction, combination of parts or 'uses shown, described or mentioned, hence I do not wish to be understood as limiting myself to theexactor preferred form, construction, arrangement, parts or uses shown, mentioned or described.

What I claim as new, and desire to secure by Letters Patent is'i 1. In a device of the character described, a sluice box, two ournal boxcssecured to said sluice box, a magnetic drum "adjustably combination of,

supported in said journal boxes longitudinally yieldable arms supported by said journal boxes and a scraper supported between the outer ends of said arms and (werlying the drum bearing on the periphery thereof.

2. In a device of the character described, a sluice box, journal boxes secured to said sluice box, a magnetic drum adjustably supported in said journal boxes, angularly adjustable and longitudinally yieldable arms supported by said journal boxes, and a scraper supported between the outer ends of said arms and overlying and bearing on the periphery of the drum.

3. In a magnetic separator, a magnetic drum, means for rotatably supporting the drum, a pair of independently and angularly adjustable arms secured to fixed supports at the ends of the cylinder, and a scraper yieldably mounted upon said arms and engaging the periphery of the drum.

4. In a magnetic separator, a yieldable magnetic drum, means for supporting said drum to'permit vertical adjustment thereof, angularly adjustable arms positioned at the ends of the drum, plungers yieldably mounted in the upper portions of said arms, and an angularly adjustable scraper carried by said plungers and adapted to engage the periphery of the drum.

In testimony whereof, I have hereunto signed my name in the presence of two subscribing witnesses.




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