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Publication numberUS1049263 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 31, 1912
Filing dateSep 7, 1912
Priority dateSep 7, 1912
Publication numberUS 1049263 A, US 1049263A, US-A-1049263, US1049263 A, US1049263A
InventorsBenjamin F Pigg
Original AssigneeBenjamin F Pigg
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Hanger for box-cars.
US 1049263 A
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ANGER ron; Box-cans.

' citizen' of tht*l United States,'residin 1 Alio' l .secured to the frame, an oiitivardly` lient porltion 12 and a segniento-cyliiidrical portion Be itknown that I, `BiiNkiiizyuN- FQPmGt, Bonner Springs, in the county of Wynn otte and Stte ofKanses, have 'invented' certain new and useful Iin-proveinents'in Hangers for Box-Cms, of which vthe follovvingzis a specification, v.reference being had therein to the accompanying' drawing.

This invention reltes to door hangers and has special reference to a-ball bearln'gdoor hanger for box cars. j

The principal ob`eet of the invent-ion is to improve 'and simplify the general construc-V tion of devices of this character. .j Another object ofthe invention is 'to profvide an improved form of spacer for the. bearing balls of such devices.v f With the aboveiand other'ohje'cts in View, this invention consists in general of certain.

novel constructions, combinationsfmd ar.

rangenientsof parts, as will be hereinafter f ully described,A illustrated in the' accompanying c lraivingslgvandspecifically claimed.

ln the accornpn'yin drawings, like charactersof referencefin vieate like parts in the several views, andZ-Fi'giir 1 is a side elevation of a portionl of abox car constructed in accordance with this invent i i n. Fig. 2" is an enlarged detail"perspec'tive partly in scot-ion showing such a hanger. Fig. 3 is an enlarged": vei't`i`al'"l"section throgigh the hanger. v Fig. 1l is detailview showing the bearing strip. HP1; 5 .a `detail section through the hearing sti-ip taken froml the end to show the construction thereof..

In carrying out. this invention there is sea'- cured to the upper'inemher or [intel 10 of adoor framea trough consisting, of a plate of metal having a flat portion ll-wliieh is- 13 which forms a trough proper. Secured to the door is a hanger vronsisting of alla( platelfi'rhaving an arcuate vupper Aportion l lvwhioli conforms to the outside -of theA ilrorigggl'iv adjacent: its odge. The plate 'is Speicgtion ot Letters Patent. ppiicanon iiigi'gsepieiiijier 7,

as at 17, to'constitutz. -rest upon the balls -l -thon rehentfto forni an' odge engaging por- 1912.-' yseriaiNo.. 719.141. Y

Patented Dec-:31, 1912.l

tion and again relient iiixrciiate form e portion adapted to trough '13. In order to properly space these- -balls, afs-trip of V'sheet'met-gil is iisedwhioh is punched to provide openingsl9 for the balls 18' and this strip isoslightlyv wider ,thanthe double diameter of thetroiigh 13.

Furthermore, the; openings l9'are arranged :in two parallel'-roivs so that there are formed pairs `of o'ppositely disposed omnings.V Th:`

stripis then bent along its middle line and the sides thercofare bent as is clearly shown in Fig. 5,-so that the openings are spaced apart. These 4openings are slightly smaller than the diameter of the ,balls so that the latter are prevented 'from falling outl of the strip 'when the freeedges. thereof are brought together. 'By the punching ofthe side portionsof the. strip the width of the Vsame is reduced slight-ly lessfthan the di'- ameter of the trough"13 s'o thiitthegstrip can freelyviiioif'e along lthe trough.: Th'u. in'iise,l

the balls rest. on the bottom of the' trough and are kept in spaced relation hv the'spaci i ing strip while thedoor hang@ top of thel halls and thus mov asily. ,A

`,coi-'er plate 20 may also lie 4irseglto p iteveiit thel rusting of the halls through access of rain water or snow to the hearings. There has thus been provided a. simple and elhcient ,device of tlie cliaia ter described, and for the purpose specified.

llavinv thus described the invention what 'o A l 1 is claimed as new, isz v l. In a device of the character described,

aiouate portion haring :i Arelient portion adapted to engage oni-l i-dgfe of thc (rough, a flat portion' extending lwlow thearcuate which are -held inthe sts on the portion. a soi-ond.'arruaio portion lying within the upper pari of'lhr trouglna .serios of halls in said (rough rciirroon said .sof-mul vari-nate portion res-(s. and-a .sparing vicini-nt for holdingr .said halls in .spared relation.

2. ln :i door hanger a hall hearing spacer consisting of a strip of sheet metal bent l vided with oppositely disposed openings; in

combination with a. series of balls of slightly longer diameter than the openings and having portions projecting beyond the outer sides of the spacerg In testimony whereof lI hereunto ax my f signature in presence of two vv'i1ie,sses.l


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