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Publication numberUS1049726 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 7, 1913
Filing dateFeb 2, 1912
Priority dateFeb 2, 1912
Publication numberUS 1049726 A, US 1049726A, US-A-1049726, US1049726 A, US1049726A
InventorsWalter M Johnson
Original AssigneeWalter M Johnson
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US 1049726 A
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' -,049,726'.' Patenfigd Jan. 7, 1913.

Swveutoz dyiazmm Mu/bums UNITED STATES PATENT FFmE.

WALTE MJTQHNLSON, or iaLoonrrE'Ln roivF A. I v


To all who???) it may mm.- i

Be itknown that I, WALTER M, Jonxsox, citizen of the United States, residing at i Bloomfield, inthe county of Davis and State of Iowa, have invented certain new and use-' ful Improvements in Display-Racks, "of which the following is a specification.

This invention relates toimprovements 'in display racks which may be employed for displaying various goods, but is destick candy and similarpro.ducts,-and has for one of its objectstolprovide aisimply constructed device Wherebydifierent v'arieties of the goods-may be dlsplayed in relatively. accessible position and which may be adjusted to receive and support the goods in different sized lots and which'may be folded into small'space ,when not'required or for shipment or-storage,

-With this andother ob ects in view, the

. invention consists in certain novel features of constructlon as hereafter shown and de- 'tion;'

' Figure 1' is a perspective v1ew of the. 1m-

scribed, and then specifically pointed out inthe claims andin the drawings illustrative of the preferred embodiment of the-invenpfoved device in open positiong-Fig. 2 is a detached. perspective view of one .of the base rods; Fig. 3 is a perspective view of the improved \device in folded position; Fig. 4.

is a'plan view of-one of the end members before being bent into shape. Fig. '5 is an enlarged sectional detail of one ofthe end members. J v

florresponding and like parts are referred to in the following description and indicated in all the views of thedrawings by the same reference. characters.

The improved device-comprises in general m'ent'beyond a position at right.- angles to the supporting portion, and a plurality-inf division plates slidablelupon the '-supporit' I ing portion, and foldable into parallel rela tions-thereto or at right angles thereto and prevented from movement in one dIT-BCtlOll beyond a position at right angles to the sup porting portion. 1

. The supporting portion o f the-improved device is preferably formed from a plural-;

ity of rods .10farranged in pairs and in ar signed more particularly for the display of p Specification of Letters lj aten t-if Pa'tented Jan. '7, 1913. Application filed February 2,;1$12. r..eria1'No. 675,084. I I

pair of the rods united by a transversemember 11. .The rods may be of any required .Mounted to swing 'upo'n'each setof the transverse members 11 of the rods'is an end member 12, .each 'end- 'memberfbeing formed as shown in Fig. 4, with a plurality of pairs of clefts spaced apart and correspondingin position with the rods 10, each pair of clefts thus producing a narrow tongue 13 separated bytwider tongue-likeportions 14,

The intermediate portions 14 are rolled around the. terminals 11 ofthe rods, while the-tongues 13 are bent at. right'a-ngles to the body of the plate. Thero-lled portions -'14 formhinge connections between the end members and the rods and enable the plates to, be; folded inwardly and lie flat upon the rods as shown in- Fig. 3, whilethe tongues allel relations with drama of each x serve toprevent the end members from moving beyond a position at right angles to the rods when open, as shown -in Figs. 1 and 5.

, Slidably disposed upon the rods 10 between the end members are a plurality of di- V1S10I1 plates which are slidable upon the' rods and foldable flatwise therewith, .or adapted. to be arranged at right angles to H the rods as may beppeferredr The intermediate plates are precisely alike and the I description of one will sulfice for all;

Any required number of the division plates may be employed, but for the purpose of illustration three are shown, and eachcomprises a sheet metal member 15 with a port-ion at one end bent at right angles thereto as shown at'16, and with a plurality of apertures'l7 atthe'bends and through which the'rods 10,-pass By. this simple means the plates .12---15 may-be fold ed in one direction flatwise upon each other and upon therods 10, as shown in. Fig.3,

but will be prevented frommovement. be-

. yond' a position at'rightangles to the "rods when in open-position'as shown in Fig. '1

through .the' action of the tongues 13 andi;

the bent portions 16.

Theplates 12 -15.may be 'ofany required and dimensions proportioned to the goods size and of any suitablematerial, but will preferably-be of sheet .met'ali'and the size 1 and it not desired therefore 'to limit'the siz'eof the device to any extent.

The improved device is simple in con- Stl'liCtlOh', 1 can be inexpensively manutac -'tured and of any suitable material, but preferably of-metal and plated, galvanized or therwisetprotected or ornamented asrequiredf The improved device will be found espe-h cial'ly adaptedflto the display of small arti cle's merchandise; such as "stick candy, in "cbnvenient osition for display and wherein:

between the plates, and vary any required extent:

eachi ind 'iv n'a'l article isreadily accessible withoutvdisturbing the remainder-. g

Asibefore' 'stat'ed,- the 7 plates '15 are readily I adjustable longitudinally of the rods so as to increaseror decrease the-spaces or area their size" to Havingthusdescribed the-invention, what 1 is claimed Jasiinew: is

'1'. A, display'rack comprising a. plurality of sup ortingjimds, end members arranged to fold inwardlyupon said rods and held fromfrnovingbeyond a position at right angle sto saidrods, and a plurality of division members bent at right angles near,.one end and provided with apertures at the bends to engage over theyrods,-whe'reby-s aid division plates are foldable inone-direction upon the rods and heldifrom movement in the'other direction beyond a position' at right angles thereto.

2. A display rack comprising a plurality of supporting rods, end memberssupported pair'of the rods being united at the ends, end' members each having a plurality of cletts arranged in pairs and forming a plurality of stop tongues, the material of the end members between the tongues being turned into eyes to swingingly'couple the end members to the end portions ofpthe rods with the tongues 'opposite the longitudinal portions of the rod ,,whereby the end members are. foldable inwardly upon the .rods but held fromoutwardmovement beyond a position-at.right angles to the sam'e.

In testimony whereof I aflix myisignature in presence ofitwo-witnesses. v 4 g ALTER JOHNSON. [a s1 Witnesses:'

SHERMAN S.- lllunonnm', G. W. Hume

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