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Publication numberUS1050043 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 7, 1913
Filing dateMay 13, 1912
Priority dateMay 13, 1912
Publication numberUS 1050043 A, US 1050043A, US-A-1050043, US1050043 A, US1050043A
InventorsJohn A E Sellar
Original AssigneeWilliam E Mahoney, Ernest Monnier, John A E Sellar
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Holder for hypodermic-syringe needles.
US 1050043 A
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Patented Jan. 7, 1913.

lig. Z..

WWII/I4 [mami-mf;

weerwolf@ l rl . crier, or ees-remises, messeeeeserrs, fre

lpeciceton ci Letters Peem'.

e E- ey 13, 1932. Serial No. 96,365.

e citizen of tbe llnied diaries, residing ai Evereft, iii die ceuny or Middlesex and Siete of llessecbuse'rs, lieve inrened cerleii. new and useful lmprosemens in Holders or vypodermic-Syririge Needles, of Wliieli lle ollowiee is e specil'lcsion.

rliis irlveetion relees to holders igor bypodermic syringe needles, aud for its objec to provide e. bolder adaped riot ouly to coui'eiri mid protesi one or more needles when ille seme ere not in use', but also to store one or more rubber Washers used to Deel: the joiris bemeeu ille nipple of e syringe barrel eed lie lieb of bypedermic needle engaged herewib.

The inreriiou consiss in i'zbe improvemeus which infill aow proceed o describe end Gleim. A

@i lieeccompenjing drawings forming' 'e peri oi2 ibis speciiceiion,l `igure repre seats e longiudi'oel section` of e needleiiolder embodying my inveiiier, end Wo needles engaged -berewili. Fig. 2 represeus e secional view or elle bolder alone, be members thereof being seperaed. Fig. 3 represents e perspeeive View of e rubber Washer.

The seme leers reference indice-te the seme eerie ie ell ef elle gures.

Erl lie drawings, e and represeet ivre ubuler members eelecireiy consiuting e bolder edeped llo con-tain rire iigrpodermic syringe needles or crimules c c. rlie member e is provided fig :L reduced end porion e Wiii e siiolder a? et die limer end of seid portieri, die eurer end oi? elle eernel screw-thread ses e. threaded end orii which is edeped co @e erid of elle member Z) surrounding tbe orice o `orms e shoulder b2 which is separated from lie shoulder a2 when the members ere connected, by a, space of sulcient Width io eccommodee one or more rubber Washers E of ille lend employed to peck elle 30ml; bel-Ween the liub c or' e needle c end he barrel of e syringe ilo which the bub is applied, es shown in another application for Le ters Paten of the United States for an improvement in hypoderzric syringe needles, lled by me concurrently herewith. Tbeii lie members e, b ere separated, 'ille Washers may be reedily removed for use. l-Brovision is hus made for storing die Washers required'for use with the needles held by 'be bolder, and for enabling. e praciioner to supply a washer quickly, which is often e metter of great importance. The needle hubs c ere detachably engaged with che outer-ends of the bolder members a, b, by

'screw-thread couplings e, f, or otherwise.

l claim: A

A needle bolder, composed of two hlbular members each adapted to engage a, liypoderrriiel syringe needle, one of seid members lmviiig'e reduced kend portion and a shoulder at' the inner end thereof, seid4 reduced portion being exernally breaded and the other member beving e threaded end orifice adapted to engage seid reduced portion, ythe endo seid member forming e shoulder spaced from the me-mentioned shoulder to confine one or more spare Washers on ibs reduced porion.

En testimony whereof l bave eilixed my signature, in presence of wo wiriesses.




P. 'lezzerm

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U.S. Classification206/571, 206/366
Cooperative ClassificationA61B19/0271, A61M5/3202
European ClassificationA61M5/32B