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Publication numberUS1050321 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 14, 1913
Filing dateJun 10, 1912
Priority dateJun 10, 1912
Publication numberUS 1050321 A, US 1050321A, US-A-1050321, US1050321 A, US1050321A
InventorsFrederick C Winzenburg
Original AssigneeFrederick C Winzenburg
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Toilet-mirror structure.
US 1050321 A
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1,050,321 Patented Jan.14,1913.

' W1. nesses; I 1 1 0% V I mneys.

40 ing into the head and 45 in place. The disk 55 may be swung laterally NI' D srA'rns PATEN onrron.



Specification of Letters Patent.

To all whom it may concern.

Be it known that I, FREDERICK C. Wrnznncone, of Chicago, in the county of Cook and State of Illinois, have invented certain new 5 and useful Improvements in Toilet-Mirror Structures, of which the following is a specification.

My invention relates to toilet mirror structures particularly useful for ladies to hair dressing to enable the top and back of the head to be seen as well as the face.

The object of the invention is to provide a light, portable stand for two mirrors which will enable independent universal ad- '15 justment of the mirrors and which will enable relative bodily adjustment of the mirrors such adjustments to be accomplished without the use of set screws, clamping or other mechanism which require special 2 manipulations.

In the accompanying drawings the various features of the invention are clearly illustrated, and Figure 1 is a side elevational view of the structure, and Fig. 2 is a 25 sectional view showing the adjustment for the mirrors.

The supporting stand comprises a base 5 which may be in the form of a casting and shod with a disk 6 of felt or other cushionmaterial. The upper end of the base has a vertical pivot pocket '2 for receiving a pivot pin 8 extending downwardly from the supporting head 9. This head supports the lower mirror structure L comprising a 35 mirror frame m and universal adjusting mechanism a for enabling the mirror to be adjusted at various angles. As shown, the mechanism it comprises a ball 10 secured to the head 9 by means of the pin 1.1 extendsecured by means of a set screw or pin 12. The ball has a diametral pivot slot 13 for receiving the cir cular pivot tongue 14 extending from a circular disk 15, a pin 16 holding the tongue extends into a slot 17 in the supporting bracket 18 and is held in place by the pivot pin or screw 19. The periphery of the disk 15 has ratchet teeth 20 to be engaged by a pawl pin 21 held in engagement with the teeth by a compression spring 22 between the pin and thebas'e of the slot 17. The mirror frame m is secured to the base 23 of the bracket as indicated. With this arrangement the mirror frame on and vertically, it by the being held in lateral adjustment 'of this handle laterally,

frictional engagement of the tongue 14 with the ball 10 and being held in vertical adjustment by the engagement of the pawl pin with the ratchet teeth.

Extending upwardly from the head 9 and preferably along the arc of a circle is a tu-. bular arm 24 with which the extension rod 25 has frictional telescopic engagement,'the end of the rod 25 supporting the upper mirror structure. The upper mirror structure is constructed in the same manner as the lower mirror structure, the frame 111/ being secured to the bracket 26 which pivots the ratchet disk 27 and contains the pawl pin 28, and the tongue 29 extending from the disk having frictional pivotal engagement in the ball. 30 secured to the end of the extension rod 25. The upper mirror is thus adaptable for vertical and horizontal adjustment or any combination thereof. By

sliding the rod 25 into or out of the'tube 24, the upper mirror structure can be adjusted bodily with reference to the lower mirror structure and such bodily adjustment together with the individual adjustment of the mirrors will enable any setting so that the top and back of the head and the face can be seen at the same time in various ways. To enable more ready adjustment .of the rod 25 a handle 31 is secured thereto, and to the tube 24 a handle 32 is secured. To

efi'ect further adjustment of the mirror structure the handle '33 is provided on the head 9 and extends downwardly and forwardly to within a short distance ofthe periphery of the base '5. By'moving the end on the pivot pin 8 to carry the mirror supporting structure into any desired position. The head 9 together with the pin 8 and handle 33 are preferably in the form of an integral casting, and the lower end of the tube 24 is secured of a set screw or pin 34. To prevent accidental removal of the head 9 from the base, the pin 8 may have a peripheral groove into which a locking screw 85 projects.

I thus provide a light yet substantial 'mirror structure which is of neat appearance and which will enable universal adjustment so that the two mlrrors can be used to the the head is rotated Patented Jan.1l4,1913. v

Application filed. .Tune 10, 1912. Serial No. 702,723.

screws or operating special clamping devices.

.l do not, or course, desire toloe limited to the enact details oil" construction shown, as changes are possible which would still come within the scope or my invention and It therefore claim the following:

l. in a toiiet mirror structure, the comloi- -nation oi a lease having a verti'cahpivot poclret its upper end,a head having a "downwardly entending pin pivotally engaging in said pocket, a lower mirror structure supported on said head, a tubular arm eirtending upwardly and forwardly from said head, -a curved extension rod having iErietional telescopic engagement with said arrn, an upper mirror structupe supported at the outer end of said rod, and a handle engagement in said arm, a pivot member sein said pocket, a

cured to the outer end of said rod, a bracket having pivotal engagement with said pivot rneinher, and an upper mirror trarne secured to said loraclret,

3. in atoilet mirror structure, the combination of a lease having a vertical pivot pocket in its upper end, a head having a downwardly extending pivot pin engaging ivot rneinher secured to said head and having a pivot slot, a ratchet a pivot tongue irictionally enintaaat gaging in said slot and set at right an ice with reference to said dislr, a loraclret havin a slot in which said dislris pivoted, a paw' said head and having a pivot slot, a ratchet disk having a pivot tongue irictionally engaging in said slot and set at right angles with reference to said disk, a bracket having a slot in which said dislr is pivoted, a pawl in said. pocket, a spring for holding said pawl in engagement with the ratchet teeth oi said dish, a mirror trance secured to said bracket, and a handle extending downwardly from said head for enabling said head to he turned on its pivot.

5. in a toilet mirror structure, the COII1- I loination of a supporting hase having a vertical pivot pocket at its upper end, a head having a pivot pin engaging in said pocket, a curved tubular arm extending upwardly from said head, an extension rod having frictional telescopic engagement with said arm, a lower mirror ifrarne, universal hinge mechanism supporting said mirror frame on said head, an upper mirror trance, and umversal hinge mechanism supporting said upper mirror frame from the outer end of said extension rod.

in witness whereof, I hereunto subscribe my name this 7th day of dune, A. D. 1912. FREDERICK C, WINZENBURG. Witnesses: 1

Crimes J. ScHr/rmr, dorcn M. Lorz.

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