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Publication numberUS1050400 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 14, 1913
Filing dateFeb 24, 1910
Priority dateFeb 24, 1910
Publication numberUS 1050400 A, US 1050400A, US-A-1050400, US1050400 A, US1050400A
InventorsLawrence Carr Steele
Original AssigneeLawrence Carr Steele
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US 1050400 A
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Lfo, Pand .13.11.14, 1913.




wlrNEssEs: g N a N 5 un. Y lmp/aman' L. C. STEELE.



1,050,400, A Patented Jn. 14, 1913.


L. C. STEELE. PB BD' TTABLE., v APPLICATION FIPED 213.24, 1910.1 115050,40@ Patented Jan. 14, 1913.


WITNESSESZ mvENTon ated by eny oFnIoE. f



Specification of lLetters Patent. g lualtented J an. 14, 1913.1,"

- pplionnon filed February 24, 1910. Serial N0. 545,575.

To oli idiom t may concern.'

Be it known that I, LAWRENCE, CARR brenne, residing at Beaver, int-lie county of Beamer end State of Pennsylvania, a citizen ol tbe United States, have invented or discovered certain new :ind useful Improveinenisifn Feed-Tables, .of whicli improvements tbe following is a specication.

object of the invention is to provide a feed-table of simple construction, the conveying mechanism of which shall be reversile by convenient. means. Means are also provided' or permitting the withdrawal of the'tsble from its operativerelation with associated mechanism, if for any reason access to the latter is desired.

in the accompanying drawings the invention is illustrated as embodied in n table for feeding .sheets or plates., which' may be arranged in piles, to s. shear. Figure 1 is a View in plan. Fig. 2 is a side elevation. Fig. 3 is an end elevation.

The shear may be of any suit-able construct-ion, having a movable blade 1 opersuitsble means, not shown, and EL fixed blade feed-table are pivotally supported at their center upon the opposite rollers 5, mounted on' stub-shafts 6 having bearings 7 bolted yto the beams, said rollers resting on rails 8 mounted on the opposite standards i) and brackets 10 project-ing therefrom. At the outer ends of the beams are mounted the bearings 11 of the drum-shaft 12, said bearings being preferably fastened beneath the lower flanges ofthe beams. To the end 0f drum-shaft 12 is fastened the friction-wheel 13, preferably provided with anv angular edge as shown. A second drum-shaft 14 is similarly supported at thev inner ends of the beams LL, adjacent to the shears, and any desired additional number of shafts 15 may be provided between said end shafts. Said shafts 12, 15, 1 1 are provided with beltcarrying surfaces, preferably 'in-fighe form of series of ,drums 16, arranged in longitudinal alinementon the succeeding shafts, and on said lines of drums are carried the endless belts 17, which may be of any matral desired having the requisite flexibility.

Beside the outer ends of beams 4, adjacent to the friction-wheel 13 on the end of snst 12 1s a standard 18, having bearings 1S 28 for o pair of 'elisir-s 'and 22, one

2 supported in the end of the L above and tbe other belowltlie linel-of'shavft'vv 12, and leach provided on its inner end with a -rictional-wlieel, 23 and 24 respectively', in the verticalplane of the axis of wheel 13 on sliaft 12, the periphery oit' each wheel 23 and 24 being so 'shaped as to friotionally engage. tflae angular edge of wheel-13, when tbe letter is moved into contact withv either.

0n the outer end of one of the shafts, as 21, is fastened the sprocket-wheel 25, connected by a driving-chain 26 with a sprocket l27 on shaft. 28, driven from any suitable source of power. In the drawings tbe shaft' 28 is shown for convenience as mounted Iin the luousing of the shear. The shaft-s 21 .and 22 are tconnected by intermeshing^pinions 29 end 3G, so that they are driven in opposite directions by shaft 28. g

In the upper end of Vertical rods 31 are bearings encircling tlie shaft. 12 adjacent to its opposite ends. Said rods are connected et their lower ends to a; cross-shaft 32,'.whicli is pivotnlly connected at its end adjacent to standard 1S to the end of horizontal arm 33 of a three-armed lever-,.centrally'pivoted to a bracket 34 on standard 18. The upper 'arm 35 of said lever is pivotelly connected by link 36 to e, rock-sha-'ft operated .by lever 38, herein shown as minet-lever. The lower arm .39 of seid three farmed lever is,

pivotally connected by link .40 to the end of lever 41, .shown as a hand-lgver'adjaoent L to foot-lever 38, and loosely/fu crumed on an extension of shaft 37. It. will be seen lthat by depressing foot-lower v38 thel shaft l12 and the outereind oltlh'e table will bc elevated, bri t ew e 13 4intoe r ement with tlliliiperrdriven wheel 23,\ngv!ln1e bymoving the hand-lever 41 towardthe table, the outer end ofthe table will be lowg ered, and wheel 13 brought into "engagement with-the oppositely 'driven vwheel Springs 42 are interposed between the leverarms 35 'and 39 and abutments 48 on bracket 34, which when the levers are `released will. return and retain'the table and shaft 12 in.'

the neutral position shown. The rails 8 at their inner ends ere turned over the to s of the rollers 5, and are slotted for tli Y tain the table in its forward cent to the shear. the rails are also turned up stop for the rollers. tor

position adjato provide, a any reason e reception of keys 44' to re-- 1 The opposite ends-45 of f access to the inner side of the shear is desired, the keys e4 may be witbdrewn, and

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Cooperative ClassificationB65G2201/02