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Publication numberUS1052714 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 11, 1913
Publication numberUS 1052714 A, US 1052714A, US-A-1052714, US1052714 A, US1052714A
InventorsCharles D Durkee
Original AssigneeCharles D Durkee
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US 1052714 A
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TAFFRAIL LOG APPLICATION FILED MAR. 21, 1011 Patented Feb. 11, 191$.

. UNITED STATES PArnnr orrioncmnns n. hunnnn, or nzeooxnrn, now seen.


. Application filed March 21, i911.

. x To-all whom it may concern."

Be it known that I, CHABLEH D. Desires,

a citizen of the UnitedStetes, and resident of Brooklyn, in the county of Kings and State of New new and: useful Improvements in Tsfirail- Logs, of which tion.

for measuring the speed 01' vessels and. calculating the number of miles per hour at which the vessel is traveling.

The invention that class of ships logswhich is known as tafir'eil logs, in which the measuring device is secured-to the mil or stern-of the boat, said measuring device he- I in? operated'by a. propeller on the end oi" a ine trailing in the water from the stern of the vessel. 1 v

The invention vide an improved tafirail log which is simple in construction and which will efiec- .tively and accurately register the speed of a. vessel.

Referring to the accompanying drawing: Figure 1 is a view of a tcflreil log constructed in accordance with this invention. Fig. 2, is a side view thereof with the regis- 80 tering mechanism disclosed, the casing thereof being partly broken away. 3 is at plan view in longitudinal section of the registering device and balance disk.

The talirail log constructed in accordance with this invention includes a registering device which may be of any suitable con struction adapted for the use to which it is applied in connection with this invention.

To illustrate the manner of carrying out the invention a particular form oi registering device 1 is shown and described which consists of a. metallic c lindricelcesing 2,

- formed withe. rear tubu er r cjection 3, and

handle 5 having a boot, to secure this registering device by medns of a linejto a rail or other part of the sternof a vessel. Said yoke 4 is swiveled to the casing .2 by means of pivot pins 7 on the sides of the casing. Mounted in the ossing 2 is a number of rotary wheels 8, which are so geared together as to be successively rotztted. The pcri 'lhci'y of each wheel 8 has thereon figures from O to 9 inclusive. Connected with the mechanism for successively operating the wheel 8 is a rotary shaft 9 which extends through and projects from a forward yokefl with a.

Specification or Letters Patent.

York, have invented certein the "following is a specifics This invention relntes to ships logs, usedhes special reference to other part of the has for its ohject to pro Patented Feb. "51,1913;

Serial No. 616,047.

the tubular projection 8. Secured. in any suitable manner to the projecting end. of the shaftll is a balance disk 10, having a tubular sleeve or-projectihnl-l, extendin over the end of the shaft 9 and iastened thereto by it cotter pin 12. Mounted in the tubular prqection 3, is a cylindrical support 13, through which the shaft 9 extends, said support 13 being formed with enlarged ends 14 containing racewnys in which are located balls 15, the shaft 9 having acircular enlargement 16; which with one of the ends 14 of, the support 1'? forms a. ball bearing End the several parts set forth forming ball bearings. Secured to the disk 10 in any suitable manner, as for example by a knot 17 in the sleeve 11, is one end of a line 18 of the usutl length employed with a log, and secured to the other end of said line is s propeller 19 adapted with the Line 18 to trailin the water astern of s vessel. The propeller 19 is formed with the stem 20 to which is secured the line 18, and with pro pellc'r blades 21 which are mounted on project reerwnrdly from the stem 20, and are spaced apart from each other. The blades 21 are braced in any suitable manner, as for example by a ring Qflsecured' thereto and located between the blades 21 adjacent to their outer ends. By means oi th1s construction s lifiht and strong pro peller is provided which will not sxnl: so deep in the water as a more solid one.

The registering device may he mode of brass or an alloy which will not rust.

The balance disk 10 serves stesdier This invention especially adapted to be used with motor heats.

wheels 8 are located opposite on. opening the side of the c: ing 2 est posing the numbers on the periphery cit each. wheel 8. The numbers on the wheel. 8 at the extreme right read thousandths of :1 nautical mile or knot; those on the wheel rend hundredths g and those on the merit Wheel rend tenths. For example the reg;- ister 99,999 is ninety-nine and nine hundred and. ninety-nine thoustndths 9i nztnti cal miles or knots. The next revolution oi the ne'istering device shoes 9.9900 and new tinulng to rotate will start t 1 again and.

so on. t

it will be observed that the hendgrip portion of the handle 5 is formed of flat strip metal and the straight lengths of the some are and will cause the log to run more casing including a 05m trip meial having its ends fedi to appcaiia sides 01 xtel. pmtions straig ix in. langiiudmai cenacia thmvghfi instrument heir ianggahs in 3501" a i'zamfigrip, and its an; the QQZJUOH siwpsi t0 fm'm a iimangaging is 301m, marl 21 for boiling the simight m1 portiens time yuke in "g'id relation, 16

"t dangar of Lhb pan f zz-2129f A ship g; ccmprising a casing" open 5 with the ad dan er an; is 1'51 (and and firevided with a sighv' 1 hands the easel: opening, regisiering mechanism in tha cas- 20 bi observed that the F631" ens? ing and visible iihrough the sight opening, :1

$371113 is in the form of 21 3101153115; shaft amending tnrnugh she casing 'and prm L5 ecfing beysnd the 0 men rear and fihemof for operating the miiisiering mechanism, a cylindrical suppm", in the casing for file shaft and 'exiendmg in me open rear end of the 61 mi support is simiiarly pm casing, said s-uppurt' being providecl with w 11 5; iwusing, which may be enforward mar housings, collars on th z @ollar 0n sliaft 19 is house shafvt and lying within thehousings,ariizifi'ioassfi-mendoned collar by abuttion hearings in the hcusil'xgs and in 001m: em sf suppsrt l3, pmvents with sail collars, and mpza'ns fax. roiatimghe budinal movement of the shaft. w

Signed. iii; the city saunisy 2115; Skate 0:

ii 1', Mg comprising i steirmg mcchacmsn 1

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