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Publication numberUS1052809 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 11, 1913
Filing dateJul 1, 1911
Priority dateApr 25, 1911
Publication numberUS 1052809 A, US 1052809A, US-A-1052809, US1052809 A, US1052809A
InventorsEdgard Frankignoul
Original AssigneeEdgard Frankignoul
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Tubing for boring.
US 1052809 A
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TUBING F011 1301111111. l M PL'IOATION H1151) JULY 1", 1911.

15,5258@ l Patented Feb. 11, 1913.



Specication of Letters Patent.

Patented Feb. 11, 1913.

Original application filed April 25, 1911,`Serial No. 623,138. Divided and this application led July 1,

1911. Serial No. 636,502.l

To ad whom t may concern.'

Be it known that I, EDGARD FRANKIGNOUM.

a subject of the Kingdom of Belgium, re-

siding at 196 Rue Gretry, Liege,l Belgium,

have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Tubing for Boring; and I do hereby decl'are the following tombe a full, clear, and exact description of the invention,

such as will enable others skilled'in the art sunk into the soil by a succession of blows directed to act adjacent to the forward portion of the apparatus.

An object of my inventionjis to provide a directing portion for the tubular structure which will prevent ingress of earthy matter or iluid into the tubular structure,

l the arrangement of parts being such, when the portions 3,41-and5and through the disky `6 to act as aguide means for' a ramv 1 which.

the tubular structure is in place, that the directing portion' may be withdrawn throughthe interior of the tube. f

In th-e drawing forming part ofthis specification, 7 designates a portion of a tubular structure provided with a'dri'ving flange at the lower end thereof. The upper portion of said drivingflange forms an internal shoulder adapted to receive a suitable. disk adjacent to. the margin thereof." `Sub-v jacent to said disk 6 is a guiding plug com' prising two' metallicportions 3 and 4 and an interposed portion 5- of -eXpans'iblemate-urial there between. This layer'fis of lead or such material as willdeform and enlarge laterallyfunder the blows so'as'jto continu.-

ously pack 'thefjoint between f the'- plug and the driving liange'.. A vrod'Q.- passes through kis adapted to act upon the disk 6 for sinking the apparatus. -The lower end of t-he rod 2 is provided with a conical guide portion 9 which constitutes the entering or the advance portion ofthe apparatus.

The operation of this device is as follows lVhen the apparatusis in a position for driving, the structure is advanced .by blowsofthe ram 1, the guide rod 2 and advance portion 9 serving to position the 'structure as desired. The impact upon the disk -6 and portion 3, which is in contactv therewith, ldue to the action' of the ramv l compresses the portion 5 which expands laterally, contacting with the interior wall voli the member 7 thus preventing lingress of earthy matter or' fluid into the structure.' 'When it is desired to extract the plug and disk from the tubular structure, the rod 2 is raised, carrying with it such parts through the engaging portions 4 and 9.

I claimz l -1 In tubular boring apparatus, a casing section having a driving flange, anda drivingplug fitting within the flange', said plug having an eXp-ansible portion arranged to be forced out againstthe wall ofthe driving flange under the blows of 'driving and pack t-li'et'ube against ingress of earth or water;

substantially as described.

' 2. `In tubular boring apparatus, a casing section' having adriving flange with an internalis'houlder, a driving plug within the langehaving a plurality of separate parts, an expansible member between said part-s arranged 'to pack'lthe jointbetween the plug' and driving flange, 'and a leading stem ex tending through a hole in the plug; substantially as described. 1

3. Inv a tubevborlngfapparatus, the combi-I' nation'with a boring tube provided Withan internal shoulder, of a member adaptedtolengage saidshoulder, a plug -subjacent said..

member' and including'rigid portions and, -an expansible portion'the'rebetween, one of adapted td act u-ponv said li'st mentionedl as lmy nven'tio-m-I have sgnd my name n member for drving'th'e tube'and compress-1" prg'sgnce'of tw()v vsubscribingwitnesses..

y ing the Said expansbleportnof said 'plug Y y .EDGAR to expand the same laterally against the ny A FRANKIGNOUL' terior of the tube toclose the same against Witnessesz' 'i ingress of earthy matter or fluid. GEORGES VANDERAHAEGHEN,

In testimony that I-c1am the -foregongg- LONARD LEVA.

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U.S. Classification175/23, 175/293
Cooperative ClassificationE21B7/00