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Publication numberUS1053660 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 18, 1913
Filing dateMar 5, 1912
Priority dateMar 5, 1912
Publication numberUS 1053660 A, US 1053660A, US-A-1053660, US1053660 A, US1053660A
InventorsFrederick C Smith
Original AssigneeWater Bury Mfg Co
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Collapsible drinking-cup.
US 1053660 A
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1,053,660, Patented Feb. 18, 1913.





To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, FREDERICK C. SMITH, a citizen of the United States, residing at WVaterbury, in the county of New Haven and State of Connecticut, have invented a new and useful Improvement in Collapsible Drinking-Cups; and I do hereby declare the following, when taken in connection with the accompanying drawings and the characters of reference marked thereon, to be a full, clear, and exact description of the same, and which said drawings constitute part of this application, and represent, in

Figure 1 a view in side elevation of a collapsible drinking-cup constructed in accordance with my invention and shown as closed. Fig. 2 a view of the cup shown as open. Fig. 3 a view of the cup in vertical section shown as open. Fig. 4: a view of the cup in vertical section shown as closed. Fig. 5 a reverse plan view of the cup.

My invention relates to an improvement in that class of collapsible drinking-cups .comprising aseries of graduated rings which, when extended, form a cup, and when collapsed or broken down, form a relatively compact package.

The object of my invention is to construct such a cup so that when it is collapsed or closed, the respective rings forming it will be held against rattling; and the invention 'consists in the construction and combination of parts to be hereinafter described and pointed out in the claim.

In carrying out my invention as herein shown, I form a large circular opening 2 at one side of the center of the flat circular top 3 of a circular sheet-metal foot or base t which is formed with a concentric annular positioning shoulder 5, and has its edge turned over to form a bead 6 inclosing a stiffening wire 7. The said off-centeror eccentric opening 2 receives the contracted or reduced lower end 8 of the cup-like bottom ring 9 of the cup, the said ring 9 being the smallest ring of the four graduated rings of the cup which also comprises the intermediate rings 10, 11, and the top ring 12. The said ring 12 which is the largest of the four, has its edge turned over to form a bead 13. A flanged cover 15 is provided to be snapped over the said bead 13, while Specification of Letters Patent.

Application filed March 5, 1912.

Patented Feb. 18,1913.

Serial No. 681,755.

the lower edge 16 of the said top ring 12 is adapted when the cup is closed, to fit snugly over the annular positioning shoulder 5 as shown in Fig. 1. The lower end of the bottom ring 9 is contracted in diameter sufficiently to form when upset within the foot or base 4, an annular retaining-flange 17, whereby the said bottom ring 9 is secured to the base 4 at one side of the center thereof, the said ring 9 being formed with a shoulder 18 which rests upon the top 3 of the base 4. on a line closely adjacent to the edge of the off-center circular opening 2 therein. Inasmuch as the lower edge '16 of the top ring 12 fits over the annular positioning-shoulder 5 so as to bind the base 4 and top ring 12 together in concentric arrangement, it is apparent that the intermediate rings 10 and 11 will be firmly held between the inner face of the ring 12, and the outer face of the eccentrically mounted cup-like bottom ring 9 at the point where the said ring 9 comes closest to the edge of the top 3 of the base 4, if the eccentric opening 2 is spaced properly with reference to the thickness of the intermediate rings 1.0 and 11. All rattling of the said rings is thus effectually prevented.

My improved cup is opened and closed in the same way as any cup of its class, and presents much the same appearance except that when the cup is open, it is plainly seen to be off the center of its base. However, that gives the cup a distinctive character and is in no way objectionable.

If preferred, instead of adapting the lower edge 16 of the top ring 12 to fit snugly over the annular positioning shoulder 5, I may choose to employ a deep cover having its lower edge adapted to fit over the said shoulder, whereby the same results would be secured.

I claim 2- In a collapsible drinking cup, the combination with a base formed with an annular in a to rin which is lar 'er in diameter D D b than the said bottom ring and the lower edge of which is adapted in size to fit over the said positioning-shoulder when the cup is closed, whereby the intermediate rings of the cup are held against rattling When the cup is closed by being pinched between the top ring and the eccentrically arranged cupspecification in the presence of tWO sub- SCIlblIlg W1tnesses.


like bottom-ring on the side of the same Witnesses: coming closest to the edge of the said base. J. S. NEAGLE,

In testimony whereof I have signed this A. O. BECKER.

Copies of this patent may be obtained for five cents each, by addressing the Commissioner of Patents,

Washington. D. C.

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U.S. Classification220/8, 229/400
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