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Publication numberUS1053688 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 18, 1913
Filing dateDec 5, 1910
Publication numberUS 1053688 A, US 1053688A, US-A-1053688, US1053688 A, US1053688A
InventorsGkeokge B. Wiilcox
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US 1053688 A
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y Specification of Letters Patent.

Apucanon mea December 5, y1910. serial No. 595,786.

To all whom it may concern.'

Be .it known that I, Gnome-B. W ILLcox, acitizen of the United States, residing at Saginaw, in the county of Saginaw and State of Michigan, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Receptacles; and I do hereby declare the following to be a full, clear, and exact description' 1 of the invention, such as will enable others skilled in the art to which it appertains to make and use'the saine.

My invention relates to cans and likel rcceptacles and pertains more particularly to cans having hinged covers and provided with means for raising the cover by pressure of the foot .or hand. l

My improved receptacle is adapted to a zdf kitchen refuse, oily waste and rags in 2O factories, etc., but for convenience it will be described as applied to wastecans.

. The objectsv of my invention are to pro-- vide, first, a cover soconstructed that when it is tilted the entire interior of the 'can may be inspected. Seconchto provide means -whereby the cover may be opened by. foot pressure applied near 'the floor or by hand pressure applied near the cover. Third, to

. provide a single member in which is combined the functions of a hand-actuate 'l cover opener, a lifting handle, a stop toylimit the opening movement ot the, cover, land a presser foot adapted to avoid overturning 'the can or bending the presser foot, regard- -a less of theainount of weight applied.

Another object is to provide a cover adapted to clamp tight down when the can is being carried, so that though the can is filled above its-rim with papers, waste, or other 40 light material, the contents will not scatter.

Another object is to provide a cover- .opening device so arranged that when the can ,is .in position to be emptied, that is,

y tipped bottom up or nearly so, its .weight 45,will operate to open the cover and to hold it open until the can is righted, so.that the can lmay be violently shaken and turned to any desired positionfor inspection, remainingo en until set down. `A- urther object is to provide a can havy ing few projecting partsand those parts s` 1 arrangedthat it 1s not possible by pushing the can under a` bench or against a post, to accidentally operate the cover-lifting device,

55. leaving 4the cover open. i This safe-guard against accidental opening -is of especial imrreat variety ot' uses, such as the collecting' portance in furniture polishing rooms and the like where highly .inlau'unable cloths are deposited in the can.

Vith these and certain other objects in view, which will appear later in the specifications, the device consists in the construction and combinations of parte and Vthe equivalents thereof, illustrated in the accompanying drawings, in which Figure 1 is a side view 'of the can with the cover closed; Fig. 2 is a similar view showing the cover open; and Fig. itis;` a crosssectional detail broken away in part, show-4 ing the upper part of the can-with the cover v Patented Feb. 18,1913.

closed, the open position of the cover being indicated by dotted lines.A

As is clearly shown in the drawings, the device consists of a can body l having suitable legs 2 and provided with a hinged cover A vertically movable member, as a bar 8, is mounted on the can in any 'suitable position and held in place by guides as 9 and 9*. The upper end of the bar 8 is provided with a handle 8b and the lower end with a laterally projecting )resserf foot 8a, which is preferably prov-it ed with an upward projection. as 8, to prevent the foot of the user from slipping. l prefer to locate one ot the vlegs 2 in close proximity to the bar 8, as

shown, in order that the leg may be used as a hand-hold when handle S" is pushed down to open the can, as in throwing out the contents of the can. A link -10 is piyoted at its lower end to the rear edge. of the cover 3 and at its upper end to the bar 8 in any suitable manner as by means oit a strap 11 carried by the handle 8b.

Downward pressure of the handle 8h opens the cover as indicated in Fig. 2, and similarly, stepping on the presser foot 8 also opens the cover. When the handle or presser foot is released, the ,cover closes by itsl own weight, restoring bar.8 to its initial position. y

To provide a positive stop for the cover to limit its opening movement I arrange the handle 8b to engage the cover when open, as

shown in Fig. All tendency to overturn v the can when heavy weight is suddenly applied to the presser foot'8 is avoided by making the bar 8 of, such length that the presser foot rests onthe floor when the cover is raised. The'presser foot then assists f in holding thecan upright andthe heavier' the weight applied, the more firmly the can is held.

I prefer to construct the cover-as follows: A hinge rod 6 is' secu-red across the cover in any suitablemanner as by being inclosed in a housing 5, which may be made of sheet metal. The ends of the rod '6 are received in ears "7 secured to the bodyv ofl the can.

@The link 10 is pivoted near the periphery of the cover back of the housing. Lifting the can by handle 8b .pulls upward on the link. l0 and yieldingly clamps the cover in Vits closed position.' The link may be received in the' .looped end. Lllofa stil'ening which is secured 'to the cover- 3.` -The ,stifening bar 4 strengthens'-the cover and' also adds weight to the;can tomakeitsclosing positive. i

That part ofthe .periphery of-thecover forward of the housing 5 'is S'preferably 'flanged' downwardly' as atf- 3"". and that part of the cover at the rearof the housingis made 'slightly smaller than the can so as to tilt into the can when the bai-'8 is pushed down,- as indicatedv injFigs 2A and 3. 'By

this arrangement the cove1' ,f when opened,

Ipermits' the .entire interior of the can -tojbe inspected and prevents the accumulation of;

di'rt'in the'top'of the can back'of the hiinge'. v

In- 'u's'e,y'-the' cangimay vbe carriediin one' hand and when set down the .cover is opened" by downward pressure' on the handle"with;y out removing' the hand." Objects' .o'n the licor-may' then' be `picked-up and thrown into 'the can, 'the can audits handle serving.'4

" .as a support for the'user while stoopingto pickgu'p objects fromthe floor.v Lifting the. caautomatically closes vand clamps .the-

' neara be'n'ch 'or row voi shelves vand while stooping.

' claim and theuser is-'employing both hands t'c'if'pick objects' 'from the shelves, a' `'pressure of the foot causes-"fthe cover 'to' fly open andi the articles' are rthrown* into the/ can without e atgthe' "upper of movement'v formingastopt engage thecove'rga its opening more; `cnt ,ia and-fa presser A'hiet-f at the lower ellfctsaidfzmember limit 2. The combination with' a receptacle, of a hinged cover, averticallymovable bar mounted on the 1receptacle and' pivotally secured to the cover, guides-fixed to the 'ireceptacle and slidingly receiving said bar, a handle at the upper end of'said barand located inlthe path ofy movement of said cover, said handle forming a stop to' engage the cover and limit its opening I'novement, and a presser foot atthe lower end of said bar.

mounted on the receptacle, a1 handle at the 3. The'combinatio'n with a receptacle, of l '7a' hinged cover, a vertically movable vbar upperend of said bar, part of said handle at the lower end of said bar, and a link piv' otally vconnected atv one endto said cover and at the other. end to .the projecting part of said handle.

- projecting 'over said c over, a presser foot 4. The combination with a receptacle, of

l ahingedcOVer having its rear part slightly 'smaller than .the l`recep tacle,.a vertically .,movable.: bar mounted. on the` receptacle, a

han'dle'at the'upper'-end of said v bar, a

'presser foot'at-the lower'end of said bar, and a lilik pivotally connect-ed at one end to the n.1 hinged `cover. having its -rearpalftfslightly smaller .than the receptacle, a lstil'eningbarsecu'red tolsaid coverv-jand'formed with4 a' looped end,'a vertically movable bar. mountr'ear part of said coverand at the other' end.

. i 5. The .combinationlwith al1-receptacle', of

den'thef-rewptaley-aShandlafthe .upper 1 end of saidlban'yandxa presser; foot atfthey lower end of said bar, a linkjpivotally con? f 6. *,'The v.c 'ombination witlia can hailing legs and'ra'hinged cover,guideS;1 iXed to the .can, a verticallyj-movable 'bar-- received in. l

,said guides,','a handle,v on .the upper end' of said bar, .part oi said, handle projecting over saidy cover, alink pivoted at .its upper end to the overhangingpart of-said handle` andatitslower `end to said oever, a later-v ally projecting presser foot formed-on the lower end of said bar, the presserfo'otmovable lengthwise and in close proximity to one of lsaid"legs,"such leg being adapted to serveasa hand-hold when thexcan. is in tpol 115- Inv .testimonyvwhereoh I aliix my' signa- {sition to be. emptied.

{ture-:inf.presence offtwo witnesses. l

' GEORGEB; WI-Lnoos. All

Witnesses; C lirmsrirmA A. BRAIDEL,

Guo. W. SMITH,

Copies or 'this patent may beohtinedfor five" cents' each, by 'adressinggtli' v" `l0.131911s aiiioiie'gl, of Patents,

' r Washington D. 0.

nected' at one end of the looped end of saidl

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