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Publication numberUS1054311 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 25, 1913
Filing dateFeb 20, 1912
Publication numberUS 1054311 A, US 1054311A, US-A-1054311, US1054311 A, US1054311A
InventorsS. Phillips
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US 1054311 A
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M. ff fw S. S. PHILLIPS.



1,054,31 1 Patented P91125, 1913.



v PPLIATION FILED FEB. 20, 1912. 1,054,531 1 Patented Feb. 25, 1913.




Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented Feb. 25, 1913.

Application filed February 20, 1912. Serial No. 678,884.

To all 'whom z't may concern:

Be it known that I, SAMUEL S. PHILLIPS, a citizen of the United States, residing in the city and county of San Francisco and State of California, have invented new and useful Improvements in Cheese-Cabinets, of which the following is a specification.

This invention relates to stock containing cabinets and particularly to a cheese cabinet lo and cutter.

The object of the present invention is to provide a substantial, attractive, practically insect-proof cabinet or case for containing stock of various kinds; and particularly to provide a case in which may be preserved and rendered of easy access cheeses of various natures, it being an object of the invention to design and provide a case for cheese whereby the latter may be at all times on display and protected from dust and insects.

Means are also provided on the case for the ventilation of t-he same and the apparatus is provided with movable supporting members whereby a cheese may be Withdrawn from the case, said members being provided with apparatus for cutting the cheese while it is withdrawn.

It is a further object to provide in combination with a stock display cabinet a movable support for the stock contained in the cabinet and a screen coperative with said member, so that when the latter is withdrawn from the case to permit access to the stock, the screen will automatically close the opening through which the stock has been withdrawn, thus excluding insects from the case..

The invention consists of the parts and the construction and combination of parts as hereinafter more fully described and claimed, having reference to the accompanying drawings, in which- Figure l is a perspective view of the improved stock display case. Fig. 2 is a horizontal section through the case, showing the stock carrier withdrawn. Fig. 3 is a sectional elevation of the case showing one of the stockV carriers withdrawn.

4In the illustrated embodiment of the present invention 2 represents the framework structure which may be of suitable desi and proportion, the sides and front of which are'provided with panes Vof glass, rendering the contents of the case visible at .all 55 times; the upper' end of the structure being provided with 'a top plate 4, in which may be made an opening 5 having a screen or suitable Ventilating medium 6 permitting the air from the interior of the casing to escape, and the lower portion of the structure being provided with a bottom 7 in which may be formed one or more openings 8 having a suitable screen 9, the openings providing for the inlet of air affording a circulation through the case. The bottom 7 is' slidably mounted in the frame or structure 2, so that it may be withdrawn by a pull on handles 7, thus permitting the crumbs or debris which may accummulate in the case to be readily removed.

It is desirable to provide a stock cont-aining and display case of such construction as to exclude at all times to the greatest possible extent dust and insects and yet provide means whereby the stock may be readily obtained when necessary. It is especially desirable to provide an improved cheese containing cabinet or case which will permit ready access to any of the which it may be desired to cut.

In the present instance the case or cabinet structure 2 is provided on one side, or what may be the back of the cabinet, with one or more closures or doors 9; these being adapted to have a snug lit with the frame structure of the cabinet and are supporteduthereon by hinges 10 at one end of the door secured to the framework. On that side of each door which is toward the cabinet structure there 'is provided a shelf or carrier 11, upon which may be positioned the stock to be displayed and preserved. In certain instances someof the carriers 1l ma be provided with ribs or cleats l2 on the upper surface to prevent the rolling or tumbling about of small articles when placed on the carrier. y

When the stock display case is used for supporting and preserving cakes of cheese, which are usually, when new, quite heavy, it is desirable to rigidly brace the shelf or carrier 11 with respect to its door or closure 9, in order to aid m supporting the load of the cheese and especially to support the cheese when it is being severed. In the present case the carriers 11 are shown as connected by a stout brace 13, the lower end of which is screwed or otherwise attached, as at 14, to the carrier or shelf 11, which is shown in the present instance as substantially in the shape of a quarter of a circle; the arcuate edge of the carrier being adaptcontained cheeses ed to swing freely past the vertical member of the framework 2, when its door 9 is swung open. The brace 13 of each carrier extends toward the upper portion of its.

door 9 and adjacent to the hinge supports 10, the end of the brace being threaded, as at 15, and project-ing through the door and having on its outer end a nut 16, whereby the brace 13 may be tensioned to rigidly connect the vertical closure or door 9 and the substantially horizontal carrier shelf 11.- Each or any of the carrier shelves11 may be provided, when thecabinet is to, be used for displaying and containing cheese, with a suitable cheese cutting apparatus 17 having a knife 18, which may be used as required to. sever a cheese, indicated at 19, resting on the cheese plate 2O which may be rotatable and supported on thecarrier shelf 11. As a further security and support for sustaining the carrier 11 under the load of the cheese and the pressure applied to the lat ter when the cutting apparatus is being operated, there is provided a furtherbrace 21, which is shown as being mounted on the outside of the closure or door 9; the lower end of the. brace 21 being threaded and mounted in a bracket 22, which is perforated to permit the end brace 21 to project throu h and receive an adjusting nut 23, where y tension of the brace 21 may be nicely determined. The upper end of the brace 21 is turnable in a bearing 24, which is provided with an opening 25 axially in line with the center of the hinge 10.

By means of the adjustable tension brace 21 and the brace 13, it is possible to nicely adjust the closure 9 with relation to its side of the frame 2, so that the edges of the closure 9 may be made to conform very snugly with the bars and sidesv of the frame structurev2 of the case. This snug fitting of the door or closure 9 with the framework is an important and desirable feature, in order to exclude to the greatest possible extent the admission of insects or dust. y

Fromy the foregoing it will be seen that when a clerk or merchant desires to dispose of"a cheese or a part of the same,l instead of having to insert hishand and forearms into the interior of the cheese cabinet, he merely releases the door 9 carrying the cheese desired, by unlocking a latch 26 of any appropriate style,`which holds. the door in closed position, and swings the rdoor with its car-` rier shelfl outwardly from the case until the cheese or other stock is entirely without the case, and then easy and quick access to the stock may be had.

One of the important and articular features of the present invention 1s the provision of means whereby, when any of the closures 9 with its carrier shelf 11 has been-withdrawn from the case, the opening over which the closure 9 is normally in position is automatically and quickly closed as the carrier 11 is withdrawn from the case. This means comprises in the present instance a screen or other appropriate device 30 having a substantial frame which is pivoted at 31 Ato a hinge bar 32, of which there is one for each of the carriers n the display case.

type, the normal function and tendency of which is to thrust their connected screen 30 upwardly to close the opening from which the door or closure 9 is withdrawn. The automatic operation of upwardly turning the screen 30 is accomplished by the spring hinge 31 as the doo-r 9 is withdrawn and the automatic lowering of the screen 30 will be accomplished by the closing of the associated door 9 as this is swung inwardly, so that a cam or abutment projection 33 mounted adjacent one corner of the carrier shelf 11 contacts with the framework of the screen` 30. As the door 9 is pushed inwardly, thel abutment or cam 33 engages the screen frame and tilts the latter about its hinges 31; the continued movement of the cam member 3.3

the cam or actuator 33. The bar or track 3e not only serves the function of a wearing surface against which the cam 33 may run,

but also helps to brace the screen frame.30.

The outwardly swinging door is limited in its movement, wheny the carrier 11 has been swung sufficiently out to permit ready access to its carried stock, bythe engagement of a shoulder 33', on the actuator 33, with the bead of the adjacent corner ofthe frame 2.

yThe present stock container or cheese cabinet involves the combination of means for amply protecting the stock from dust Vand insects; at all times freely displaying the stock in the case and yet permittingy the merchant to have quick and free access to the stock, when .it is necessary to make a sale. The shelves on which the. stock is contained, while being movable so as to withdraw the stock from the case, arey so The hinges 31 may be of the well known springV designed' and erected as to be rigid and substantial, being amply strong to carry thev burden ofthe stock, as well as withstand the strains imposed when the merchant is cutting a cheese on the carrier. While the stock being 'sold' is withdrawn from the case or container, the latter is sealed against insects by the automatic closing of the screen- 90 on the carrier 11 advancmg over a way or track bar 34 provided for the engagement of ing the openmg made when the first named closure is actuated to withdraw the stock from-the case, said closure being hin ed to swing in a plane at right angles to t at in which the first-named closure swings, and being held under' tension by said first-named closure when the latter is closed into the case.

2. A cheese displaying and containing cabinet, comprising a frame of suitable design with transparent panels, a carrier forming in part a closure on one side of the case and adapted to support the stock displayed, means connecting said carrier to the frame, whereby the carrier may be swung outwardly to Withdraw its imposed stock from the case, and a screen automatically operable to close the opening made when the carrier is Withdrawn, said screen being horizontally hinged and adapted to swing at right angles to that in which the carrier is movable, said screen being held under tension by said carrier when the latter is closed into the frame.

In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand in the presence of two subscribing witnesses.




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