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Publication numberUS1054452 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 25, 1913
Filing dateMay 16, 1912
Priority dateMay 16, 1912
Publication numberUS 1054452 A, US 1054452A, US-A-1054452, US1054452 A, US1054452A
InventorsLillian M Sayen
Original AssigneeLillian M Sayen
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US 1054452 A
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1,054,452. Patented Feb. 25, 1913.



To all whom it may concern:

5e it ltnown that l. ltntnux M. Haven, a citizen of the United States. residing; at Rock post-ollice. in the county of Delta and State of .\lichi t 'an. have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Bed-( lomthe comfort and the indifference of the patient while it is being used are features that contribute to make it a valuable and appreciable addition to a sick chamber, or hospital.

Other and further objects of my inven tion willreadily become apparent to those persons who are skilled in the art, from a consideration of the description taken in conjunction with the drawing wherein:

Figure 1 is a perspective view of a mate tress having a central perforation adapted for use with my commode attachment; Fig. 2 is a similar view of a closure for the mattress perforation, or opening. Fig. 3 is a longitudinal central section, through the mattress and the spring bed support showing the bed pan of my commode in position; Fig. 4 is a broken away portion of the spring, n1attress-support, showing a plan view of that portion thereof that is located immediatelv below the perforation in the mattress. Fig. 5 is the commode pan. or 'essel adapted to'hold the fluids and other matter that may pass through the perforations in the mattress, and spring support. Fig. (3 is a transverse section taken on line t3(5, of Fig. 4.

.In all the views the same reference characters ind' tale similar parts.

The mattress 10 is provided with a perforation 11, lined with a waterproof fabric 12. \Vhen the mattress is in place, superposed upon the bottom 13, which may be of any desirable construction, and it is immediately above a similar perforation H, made in the square plate 15. The perforation 14, in the Its ease of mauipula tion; cleanliness resulting from its use and Serial No. 697.636.

plate 1-). may foreoiiyenienee he. anade for support of the pan; o zri'e'ssel 1!), the side wings 20 and 21: whereof -o\'erlie ,theinturned edges of theoeleats'tli'Land 1S ,-as shown in Fig. 3. :Thez vessell ltl" is provided with a handle 2:2. by mea'ns of which to the cleats and the! 1 perforatioin14.v A transversely positioned bar pivoted to Specification of Letters Patent. Patfillt d Feb 25 191;; J Application filed May 16. 1912. i i V i i it tnay be inserted inyposlt iion with reference .270

the plate 15, as at 2+. and is adapted to3engage a supportingilatch 25. on the opposite side of the perforatioirH, andtheplatolfi. The bar. 23. is intended tossupporttheolosure 20. for. the perforation lllill'tllt. mattress ltl. 'lhe closureciti is made of substantially the satnomaterial of which the mattress is composed so'that when itis in place. to till the pertomition- 11, it is nn- '23 is movedon its pivot24, so that it occupies a position substantially parallel with the cleat 17, as shown in Fig. 3, at which time the closure 26 may be removed from the. bottom of the mattress and through the perforation 14 of the spring support. strue' ture 13. \Vhen the device is being prepared for use, the pan, or vessel 1%). is placed by sliding it transversely with respect to the mattress, on the cleat support 17 and 18, by

engagementof the flanges 20 and '21 with the cleats, about. the same time and before insertion of the pan, the'bar 23 is turnedon its pivot 2-l until it is substantially parallel with the cleats 17 at which time the closure 26' may be removed from the opening from the bottom of the mattress without disturbing the patient. After the commode has been used the pan may then be removed from its position and the bar 23 returned to t the position shown in Fig. 4, after the clor Ling. the

sure 26 has first been plated in the opening in the mattress 11;; the bar 23 then supports the closure 26, inplace; By this operation One of thespecialadvantages ofmy conit will be observedthat the patient neednot be moved or disturbed.

For purposeof cleanliness the pain 19 may be lined with porcelain like, or other vitre ous materialand the plate may be like wise treatedfjso that the surfaces of the parts may be quickly and easily cleansed.

struction -is :idue; to the fact :that the opera- "tions necessary and:incident to its use may all be performed, below the mattress st-ruc-' ture without distu rbingithe patient, or canspatient any inconvenience or;dis-

comfort." I

While I have herein-qdescribed, .for the purpose of complete disclosure, a specific embodiment of my invention I desire to be 'under'stoodthat" I'do' not consider myinvent-ion to be, limited to. the specific construction shown furtherthan defined by the appended claims. ;Having describedmy invention what I ter's Patent is:- M 1. In a supporting claim as new and; desire to secure'by Lettress having a perforation and closure, the

combination-of a 'plate having a perforation larger in diameterthanthe closure to be used therewithy'means upon the under side of said plate to support a pan under said perforation slidably removabletherefrom, a

closure-retaining bar pivoted to the plate at apointnear the edge of the perforation for movement in a horizontal. plane from'closure-retaming'positionto a position out of the path of movement of a mattressclosure vertically through said perforation, and

means on the side of the perforation which -is diametrically opposite to said pivot point of thebar to engage thefree end :of'said structure for a mat-.

horizontally pivoted bar for prevention of such removal of a mattress closure.

2. In a supporting structure for a mattress having a perforation and a closure therefor, the combination of a plate having a perforation for passage therethrough of,

a mattress closure to be used therewith, lon- 1 gitudinal members secured to and extending from opposite edges of said plate, transversely arranged cleats on the under side of said plate, a pan having wings whereby said pan is slidably insertible in said cleats to be moved to a position-beneath said perforation in the plate, a bar pivoted on said plate between said cleats for movement in a horizontal plane from a position parallel to said cleats to a position diagonal with respect to the plate, respectively to permit removal 'of a mattress closure in a straight vertical path through said perforation in the plate and to retain said closure in said perforation in the mattress.

3. In a supporting structure ;for a mattress having a perforation and a closure hand in the presence of two Witnesses.


In the presence of- 3V. LINN ALLEN, MARRY F. ALLEN.

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Cooperative ClassificationA61G7/02