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Publication numberUS1054709 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 4, 1913
Filing dateDec 26, 1911
Priority dateDec 26, 1911
Publication numberUS 1054709 A, US 1054709A, US-A-1054709, US1054709 A, US1054709A
InventorsFrederick James Munro
Original AssigneeFrederick James Munro
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US 1054709 A
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' P. J. MUNRO.


.- Patented Mar. 4, 1913.



Application filed December 26, 1911. ySerial No. 667,651.

To all whom t may concern.' l

Be it known that I, FREDERICK J MUNRO, a subject of the King of England, residing at Halifax,.in the Province of Nova Scotia and Dominion of Canada, have invented a new and useful Shaving-Brush, of which the following is a specification.-

This invention relates to shaving brushes.

The primary object of the present .invention is to construct a brush of this charac ter which will maintain itself in a vertical position, when not in use.

A still further object of the inventioiris to use the same means which maintains the brush in vertical position for retaining the brush in the mug.

In the drawings Figure 1 is a sectional View s'howmg the brush in its standing position, and F ig. 2 is a )sectional View, showing the same arranged Within the shaving mug. The brush consists of the hollow handle 10 which supports the bristles 11. The handle 10 is divided into chambers 12 and 14 which are connected by the restricted passage 15, the chamber 12 being elongated and of greater area than the lchamber 14. The chamber 14 is substantially circular and the handle is adaptedto contain a balancing Substance such Vas quicksilver. It Will be noted that when the brush is brought to a vertical position as shown in Fig. 1, the balancing substance 16 will flow to the chambe`r, 14 thereby maintaining the brush in a vertical position, preventing the bristles from contacting with the surface 17. The advantages of this manner of supporting the brush will be clearly apparent and it will be noted that after using vthe same the brush may be placed upon any support without the bristles which are covered with lat-her contacting with the support, attention being called to the fact that it is unnecessary to poise t-he brush, the same assuming theposition shown in Fig. 1 when placed in a substantially vertical position. It will be noted that the side walls of thechamber 14 are so 16 to maintain a level to curved as to allow the balancing substance properly support the brush. y

Speoication of Letters Patent.

' Patented Mar. 4, 1913.

When the brush is inverted as shown in Fig. 2, the balancing substance will enter the chamber 12 thus directing the weight toward the bristles and when the brush is inserted within the mug 18 the Weight of the balancing substance will prevent its accidental displacement.

Attention is called to the fact that were the weight which maintains the brush in a vertical position allwed to remain in the chamber 14 the weight of the bristleswould not overcome the weight contained within the chamber 14. Thus it would be impossible to maintain the brush in the mug. A further advantage of the shiftingl weight` is that in instances where the contents of the mug, above the soap 20 is semi-liquid, the weight. will maintain the bristles incontact with the soap preventing the brush from floating to the level of the liquid which might have a tendency to displacethe same.

It will be noted that the ent-ire handle may be formed of rubber and bristles 11 set in the portion 22, the balancing substance 16 being placed in the handle in any suitable manner the opening through which the same is inserted being subsequently closed and sealed.

What is claimed is A shaving brush comprising, bristles, a handle for supporting said bristles, said handle being divided into two chambers connected by a restricted passage, one of the chambers being substantially spherical, the other chamber being elongated in the direction of the length of the brush, a heavy mobile substance within said handle, adapted to maintain the brush in an upright position, or to hold the said brush in a shaving mue.

Iii testimony that I claim the foregoing as my own, I have hereto aflixed my signature 1n the psence of't'wo witnesses.


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U.S. Classification15/143.1
Cooperative ClassificationA46B5/02