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Publication numberUS1055458 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 11, 1913
Filing dateJan 12, 1912
Priority dateJan 12, 1912
Publication numberUS 1055458 A, US 1055458A, US-A-1055458, US1055458 A, US1055458A
InventorsBenjamin Goldenberg
Original AssigneeE I Horsman Co, Benjamin Goldenberg
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US 1055458 A
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' Patented Mar.11,1913.

5 wua nto@ mls rum w.. Lnlnal. Immun n, L

' LUL- 1,055,458.

`free portion thereof juNrrnD srArgEs fra-TENT ormoni.

BENJAMIN eoLDiiNisnaG, or NEW Yoann. Y.,- assigner, on cnn-HALF 'ro nr.; HQBSMAN ce., or NEW Yoan, La conronarinu orl NEW arena.v

Application led. January To all 'whom it may concern v Be it known that I, BENJAMIN GOLDEN- BERG, a citizen of the United States, and a resident of the borough of Manhattan, city, county, and State, of New York, have in'- vente'd certain new and useful Improvements` in Dolls, of which the following is a specification.

My invention relates to dolls and has for its object to construct the limbs thereof in such a manner that they may be manually adjusted to diderent life like and naturalA positions and caused to remain fixed in any such position until again manually moved to a different position.

My invention will be fullyvdescribed hereinafter and the features of novelty will be pointed out in the appended claims.`

Reference is to be had tothe accompanying drawings in whichv Figure 1 is a front view of a doll-embodying'iny improvements; Fig. 2 is a vertical section of a portion of the head showing a hand in an adjusted position and Fig. 3 is a sectional view of an arm showing a hand and a portion of the body.

In the drawings provement as embodied in an arm of a doll, although it is to be distinctly understood that. this is merely a specific illustration and that the improif'ement'is equally well adapted for incorporationin the legs of a doll. The improved arm as shown in the illustration comprises asack A of fabric or any suitable flexible material shaped to lresemble the human arm and having its one end attached to a hand Bin the following manner: The sack A in a reversed condition, or in other words inside out, is drawn over the hand B until its one open end is preferably flush with the end ofthe ,wrist portion C and the remainder thereof extends beyond. said hand B. The one end of a iieXible, but substantially inelastic wire D isl nowwound about said sack S so as to completely encircle and clamp it on the wrist portion C, the said wire being twisted about itself in order to firmly secure it in position, andthe extending* upwardly from said hand in thev general direction of the nshed arm. Theasack A isnow again reversed or brought badk to its initial position', or in other words as vshown in Fig. 3 iii which condition the free portion of the wire D is located within the sack "A. In

I havel shown my im-l y specification of Letters ratenn- Patented Mai-,11, l191,3

12,1912. semina. 670,783. i

order to. prevent the` wire D Afrom the wrist portion C, I preferably pro'v vide an annular groove Ewhich extendsv about said wrist portion and yinto which 'the .50 i

wire D extends andvclamps a portion ofthe sack A as clearly shown in Fig. `This construction `also permits the hand and wrist to be turnedA about its own axis when desired,

freni nipping A filling F of any suitable description is now introduced into the sack A so as to stuff or fill out the saine and yet leave said sack' bent to different positions. i

capable o f being The opposite or body end of the sack AI is -now secured to a disk G and clamped to the body by means of a second disk G anda rivet or other means I which passes through both disks as'shown vbest in Fig.- 3.. In this condition-it willbe seen that the wire I) extends lsubstantially throughout the length of the 'arm and is inclosed by the filling F,

its inner endbeing entirely free and disconnected The completed. arm may now be bent or adjusted to any desired position and will'be retained or fixed in any such position bymeans of the wire D until againadjusted to a different position. For instance, as shown in the drawings, the hand B may be brought to the mouth of the doll which thus has the appearance of sucking, for instance, the thumb. In order to increase this appearance and at the same time give thedolls face and hand a normal appearance when the arm is in position other than the one illustrated the fingers are bent inwardly and the thumb J is bent so as to project slightly beyond the palm of the hand whereby arecess is formed between the thumb and index finger and the mouth K of the doll is slightly open with the upper lip projecting beyond the lower as shown in Fig. 2. When the hand is thus broughtI to the positionillustrated, the thumb J will extend into the mouth K and the upper lip j o1 the filling or of the parts which is always sufficient to cause the limb to move slightly away from the intended position. For in- Stance, in the position illustratedwith ordinary constructions the hand would move slightly away from the mouth so that the fdesired effect lwould belost. /In the present Ainstance the wire D, 'while being iflexible, is

substantially inelastic and sufiiciently 25.' limb secured thereto and comprising a mam shown and described may be made 'lwithin vthe scope of the claims without .departing from the spirit of my invention.

I claim-- Y Y l. In a doll, the combination of a body,.a

portion and a member located at the end thereof and a iiexible substantially inelastic wire for securing said main portion and said member together and having a free portion extending lengthwise and interiorly of said limb for fixing it in an adjusted position.

2. In a doll, the combination of ay body, a limb secured thereto and comprising a sack and a member extending into one end thereof and provided with an annular groove, .a filling in said sack, and a substantially inelastic flexible wire extending about said member for clamping a portion of said sack insaid groove and having a free portion eX- tending lengthwise and interiorly of said limb for fixing it in an adjusted position.

3. In a doll, the combination of a body, a head provided with a mouth recess having a projecting upper lip, a limb adjustable to different positions', a member secured to said .limb andr having a portion thereof formed, into a projection adapted for insertion beneath said projecting lip whereby said projection has the appearance of being concealed and means located interiorly of said limb for fixing it in an adjusted position and for maintaining said projection beneath the projecting lip.

4. In a doll, the combination of a body, a head provided with` a mouth recess, the upper lip of which projects beyond the lower, an arm adjustable to different positions, a hand having the thumb bent to form a projection and a recess between itself and the index finger, said thumb being adapted for insertion intol said mouth recess and said upper lip being arranged to enter said hand recess whereby the thumb has the appearance of being concealed'in said mouth recess and a substantially inelastic flexible wire arranged to secure said hand and arm together and having a free portion extending length- Wise and interiorly of said arm for xing said arm in an adjusted position andlsaid thumb and lip in coperating recesses.

In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my handin the presence of two subscribing 4 witnesses. v


lllitnesses J oHN A. KEHLENBECK, Fnrrzl ZIEGLER, Jr.

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U.S. Classification446/370, D21/625
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