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Publication numberUS1055676 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 11, 1913
Filing dateSep 13, 1912
Priority dateSep 13, 1912
Publication numberUS 1055676 A, US 1055676A, US-A-1055676, US1055676 A, US1055676A
InventorsSamuel Soneshein
Original AssigneeSamuel Soneshein
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US 1055676 A
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1,055,676. Patented Mar.11,1913.


nar-rnornoroa Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented Mar. 11, 1913;

Application filed September 13, 1912. Serial No. 720,124.

To all whom-it may concem:

Be it known that I, SAMUEL SoNnsHrnN,

a citizen of the United States, and a resident of the borough of Manhattan, in the city, county, and State of New York, have invented certain new and useful Improve ments in Hat-Protectors, of which the following is a specification.

.My invention is designed to afford a combinedhat shield and guard in which adequate provision is made for protecting the hat against the inclemencies of the weather 1 as well as preventing its loss by wind pressure or otherwise.

The invention consists in the specific construction and I arrangement of parts described and claimed, a distinctive feature being the utilization of the gathering cord as 'a guard; cord, as hereinafter more fully set forth.

In the accompanying drawings, Figure 1,

.is a view of the under side of a hat to which my combined protector and guard is applied; Fig. 2, a top View of the same; Fig.

3, a sectional diagram in which the material forming the protector is represented b a single heavy, lack line,the sweat ban of.

. the hat being omitted; Fig. 4, is a detail view upon a larger scale, illustrating the use of the reinforcing strip for the drawing cord; Fig. 5, a sectional detail on a still larger scale, showing the application of said reinforcing strip.

In the drawings accompanying this application I have shown my improved shield and hat guard as'made for and applied to, a flat crown straw hat, although it is obvious that the device may be adapted to the requirements of various shapes and kinds of 40 hats without departing from the spirit andintent of my invention in this respect.

The shield C, is composed of a suitable flexible waterproof material, cut in appropria-tely shaped sections, and sewed or otherwise joined together to form a' continuous, unbroken cover for the upper side of the V hat H, of which it, represents the sweat band. Thus the cover C, in the drawings consists of the top or crown section 0, the

side section 0', and the rim section 0 The latteris made of greater width than the brim h of the hat, its edge being folded over upon itself and secured by stitching or otherwise to form a casing 0 or run-way for the gathering cord 9, which also performs the function of a guard cord. That is to say the gathering cord is made of such length that its ends protrude through the eyelets e, e,-sufficiently not only to admit of their being tied together when taut, .to secure the protector C, to the hat, but also to afford an ample length of cord by means of which ,the hat may be secured to a garment of the wearer, to guard against loss by force of wind or like cause.

In order to protect the edge of the cover against the strain to which it is subjected by the gathering and guard cord g, I reinforce oneside of the edge casing 0 adjacent to the terminal eyelets e, e, with a strip 7*, of leather or other suitable material, preferably flexible,-the terminal eyelets e, 6,

being passed through said side foldof the casing 0 and through said reinforcing strip 1', and clenched or upset thereon, as indicated in Fig. 5. In like manner extra eyelets e, 6, may be applied to secure the endsof the reinforcing strip in position, as indicated in Figs. 1 and 4, or the ends of the reinforcing "strip 7", may be otherwise secured in place if preferred.

The ends of the cord 9, are provided with enlargements g, g, of any kind that will prevent the displacement ofthe cords, and afford a means of attachment to a garment of the wearer,buttons being suitable and available for this purpose, as shown.

The use is obvious. When it is desired to protect'the hat against rain or wind, or both, the flexible cover C, is applied to the hat, the guard cord 9, is drawn taut and knotted or otherwise temporarily secured between and adjacent to the terminal eyelets e, e,one or both ends of the .cord g, being then available for" holding or for attachment to the garment of the wearer. The reinforcing strip r, bears the brunt 'ofthe strain in use, and prevents the rupture of the material.

What I claim as my invention and desire to secure by Letters Patent is, l 1. A hat protector of the character described comprising a cover of water-proof material formed with an edge casing having adjacent terminal eyelets, and a combined drawing and guard cord extending through said casing and terminal eyelets and formed with enlarged ends, said guard casing being disposed beneath the brim-engaging portio of they protector, 1

2. A hat protector of the character described comprising a cover of water-proof material formed with an edge casing having adjacent terminal eyelets, a reinforcing strip attached to one side of the casing through which said terminal eyelets extend, a combined drawing and guard cord extending through said reinforcing casing and through said terminal eyelets and formed with enlarged ends, said casing being disposed beneath the brim-engaging portion of the protector.

3. A hat protector of the character dc scribed comprising a cover of Water-proof material and having a rim section, side section and a crown section said rim section having its edge folded upon itself to embrace the edge of the brim of the hat, an eyelet in the rim sect-ion, a reinforcing member in said section concealed Within the turned over portion thereof and a drawing cord confined Within said rim section and passed through the eyelet, said reinforcing memberarranged to bear the brunt of the strain and to prevent rupture of the cover.

- SAMUEL SONESHEIN; I Witnesses: j

' G o. WM. MIA'r'r,


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