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Publication numberUS105604 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 19, 1870
Publication numberUS 105604 A, US 105604A, US-A-105604, US105604 A, US105604A
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Improvement in wrenches
US 105604 A
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ttc-tied tant OTHNIELQJ. sMiTH, or 'WAUWA'rosa wisconsin.

Letters .Patent No. 105,004, dated July 19, 1870.


The Schedule "referred to `these' Letters Patent and making of the saine,

OTHNIEL J. SMITH, `ot Wauwatosa, in the counl Vty of Milwaukee and4 State of `VVisconsn, have in l vented certain Improvements in Wrcnches, of which the followingis a specification.` V

Nature and Object of the Invention f Is to construct a wrench that shall' `be strong and l easily changed for any sized nut without diiculty.

4Description of the Drawing forming part of this Spcijcation, 'Figure 1 is 4a perspective view. Figure 2, a sectional view.`

General Description.' A is the permanent jaw and shaft B, the "movable jaw.

C, a raised rib on the inside ofi-the shaft A, for the` .purpose ot' strengthening it'andpreventing the shaft from bending. Y

D, screw, which operates the movable jaw. lE, ring, with hole in it, which admits the end of screwD., x This ring slips on over the shaft A, and is held in place by the wedgel H. Y

F, tlmmb-pieee,which holds jaw B firmly onto the screw D. Y l

G, spring, which holds thumb-piece ont in place. H, wedge, which holds ring E firmly in position. I, wooden handle. Y 5

K, nut, which screws ontoshaft A, to hold handle l on. Y

This wrench is very simple and' strong, and the pe? culiarities about it are the rib G, which strengthens the shaft A, the ring' or thimble E, and its peculiar fastening, slipping on over the shaft A, and bearing its whole length, falling in'behind a slot, and the wedge H on its other side, between it'and the shaft A, holding it firmly in position. The screwD, with one end in the end of rib' C, and the other in the ring or thmble E, being` held firmly in position, andthe jaw B, which can be thrown o" of the screw and slipped back and forth, as may be desired, shovingl the thlvlmb-piece F back.`

. Claims.

1. 'Shaft A, with rib- O on the front 'side of it, i/n

combination with jaw B and thumb-piece F, subst an.

l'ially as described.

2. Shaft A, jaw B, thumb-piece F, screw D, and.

thimble E, held in position byfwedge H, substantially as described.

3. Shaft A, rib C, screw D, with one end of it inserted in rib C, *and the other end inthimble- E, sub` stantially as described.

OTHNIEL J. SMITH. Witnesses:


WILLIAM H. Hormon.

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