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Publication numberUS1056333 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 18, 1913
Filing dateAug 24, 1912
Priority dateAug 24, 1912
Publication numberUS 1056333 A, US 1056333A, US-A-1056333, US1056333 A, US1056333A
InventorsJames Hill
Original AssigneeJames Hill
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Fastener for bags, trunks, &c.
US 1056333 A
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Patented Ma1zl8, 191s.



Specification of Letters Patent.

Application filed August 24, 1912. Serial No. 716,837.

To (17! 'IIY/ZOHL it may com-cm Be it known that 1, Jules HILL. a citizen of the United States. residing at Paignton. in the countv of Devon. England. have invented certain new and useful l1nprovements in l asteners for Bags, Trunks, Cue, oi

'hich the 't'ollowing is a specification.

.llv invention relates to improved t'astenings or locks for handhags. drt sing cases, trunks and the like. and more cspeciall} to that class of hags and t 'unks which require clips. .des or other forms of exterior tasteniiu near the ends oi the hug trame or at To thc ahove ends my invention consists in such parts such con'lhinations of parts as fall within the scope oi the appended claims.

in the accompanying drawings which form a part of this specification;*ligure l is a side elevation of a distended hag t'ramc embodying n1 invention. showing the front plate oi the lock case removed, and portions at one jaw broken away, Fig. i an enlarge tion on line 2-2 of Fig. 1, showing in hroken lines the position of the lWtllS of the s "on t jaw when engaged, Fig. 2'. a like scct' n of the. closed frame on a line c:n'respoinling to line ;l$ of Fig. l, and

indicate like casta attached by screws a or otherwise to the jaw A. A metal rod I) passes through openings Z) in the end malls of the case at the rear. and is .rotatphlv mounted in bearings (Z, fixed by screws (5 or otherwise to the frame A, near the hands of the jaw. The

wardly turned J-shaped lugs or lips upon Patented Mar. 18,1913.

theirextrealities. he cranks 9 have angles and strokes corresponding to those. of the crank c. The usual plunger 1' is located in the crank case. over the crank and is provided with a foot plate i, which contacts with tho crank 0. and which has an opening to loosely receive a vertical guide pin 91" fixed in the 'hotton'i' of the case a. Fixed to the t'rame memberjik near its ends, and in aiin'cinent with the cranks g are sockets Sockets y" upon the same member are in alinement with the lugs Downward'pressure upon the 'pliingeri causes the rod bto rotate. depressing thelugsor catches 7 on the center crank 0, out of the sockets j", as shown in Fig. 2 in broken lines, and at the same time and. by the same motion with draws the lugs 71. from sockets Upon releasing the pressure on the plunger i or the lever hereinafter described, the center crank c, the. catchesf'and the lugs l1 a-i'e forced hack to their normal position hywo' right and left hand spiral springs Z, mounted-"on the rod Z inside the case a. Each spring Z has its inner end Z engaged with the crank, and its outer end Z engaging the case a. In large and heavy trunks, dress cases and the like it is sometimes advantageous to supplement the described parts by additional hearings (Z upon the jaw A, as shown n Fig. t, and to provide the rod 6 intermediate the latter with an additional crank g and actuating spring m.

Although two lips, catches, or lugs, are shown on the center crank a, it will he un- (lti l()()(l that. only one or more than two may he provided. These lugsmay befornied integrally with the crank as shown in Figs. 1 and 2. or may he fixed thereto in an) convenient manner, or may be formed by bonding the. constituent wire of the rod I) as at f, as shown in Fig.

If desired. the usual lock catches, fastened on a cross plate or otherwise arranged, may he titted to the lock case a, in which case the lugs 7' may be dispensed with.

A construction especially applicable to sniall hags and the like having light and narrow frames is that shown in Figs. 6 and 7, which has in place of the puii'ger 2', for oscillating purposes a. lever upported in hmcket 0* upon the i. This lever upon the crank 0., finger piece 3; has bifurcated end pivoted upon the pintle 0, embracing the lever, 0, and movable n siot 0 in the A, whereby the lever '0 may depress the crank e, and when not in. use drop against the exteri r of the frame ols shown in broken lines in '3, I

The a may he centrally orto rated, on is usual, to allow the insertion of a he to operate it suitable form of lock or other device. In this instance the locking device; is designed to preventthe depression :t' the-crank when the bag is closed, and may he eoruprised for instance of e bolt slidable ton position under the crank. I I Having described my invention What p claim is;- P i In a device of the character stated, the combination of airtime, 2i rod mounted to ovided with t crank portion, 21 plunger for toting the .rod, resilient means for throwthe crank, and locking means on the eronk portion. v at, .ln a device of the character stated, the conihinetion of a. frame, it rod mounted to "run axially and provided with e crank, ingg ineans engaging crank portion rind spring n tcrrotating said rod.

turn smelly on the interior thereoi and character stated, 2. me, :1 rod mounted to turn axially andsignature in presence of two Witnesses.

In a device or the che stated, at frame, a rod mounted to turn axially end I IOVlClQCl with o, crank portion,-ond elongel for rotating said rod. v

6. In 2 device of the character stated, frame, 2. rod mounted to turn axially on provided with a crank portion, e piunger to rotating said rod, and resilient means to. throwing the crank.

'7. in device of the character stated, o frame, erod 'th crank portion and end lugs, o spring acting on said rod for rotating the s211ne,'locking means engaging said crank portion and {t plunger acting on said. crank.

8 in 1 device of the character stated, a frame, a rod with :i crank portion and end lugs, means engaging the crank portion for locking, the device at the center, a spring coiled about and acting upon said rod for rotating the some, sockets for cooperation with said lugs, and e plunger acting on said crank. V

9. In a device of the character stated, 21 frame, a rod mounted to turn axially and with crank portion, means for rotating said rod in one direction, and a plunger noting on seidcrenk portion for turning it in the opposite direction.

10. in a; device of the character stated,

mine, a. rod mounted to turn axially and With crank portion, means for rotating said rod in one direction, undo phingei' :icting on said crank portion for turning it in the on posite direction, said rod having h1g8 at ends and adjacent the crank portion, and.

sockets for the reception of said lugs.

In testimony whereof I have sinned iny- JAMES J;

Witnesses Loom Weiss-Dennis, Tnoims EJARSONE VJiLsoN.

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