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Publication numberUS1056343 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 18, 1913
Filing dateJul 16, 1912
Priority dateJul 16, 1912
Publication numberUS 1056343 A, US 1056343A, US-A-1056343, US1056343 A, US1056343A
InventorsNiels Kromann
Original AssigneeNiels Kromann
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US 1056343 A
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sail?" oimo BEACH,

olenxeomim A. s it ed l1 to be :1 fill. he invention i, L r oi -v 211:; utlifii for herting and elllGS motion, nation oil parts as in the description on" os st i 1 t the *t'ei'i'ed form of ntention, tLliQD es accompanying d ded with a shoulder f d l ioi" i.ively ed on 11 formed with e lon -iiloita v l2 for the pin 1th mine" 11 short lat ral offset 1 h ulder e slee e 1 3 with-:1 L l'nurled a suitable fipeuificationof Letters Patent.

may be A means for Patent Serial No. 709,81

'nter osed between the boss 16 and the col- 9. firms 5 may be connected with the 11 by bars 17 preferably loosely fitted eeess 18 in thehoss 16 and having the end portions thereof extending into the reoesses 6 and mounted on pins 19 suitably affixed on the arms Links 20 may have one end thereof Pl'x'OtLill) mounted on the pins 19 and have the other end tl'iereot' connected by pins 22 with 011 end of links 21 whieh letter are p thereof with any suitable form of hooks 01 fangs 23 bl'flli'fllt'lt end of th internuu e rod 7 and, are pivot ally mounted lmte t the ends thereof on a pin 2 suitnb ntlixed to Lie bifurcations 25. The pins 3 may he passed through any-of openings M7 in the :ILlJZICBIlt endsof the links 20 and l to adjust the s to the desired degree.

.inaiso it will be understood that the fa may be spread apart and operation by movin the spring 5, the sleeve 11. downor the rod 7 upwardly to have the disposed at the upper end of the guidewsy 12 and then giving the eeve ll :1 slight turn to have the pin 1O i -e with the shoulder 14;. erting the device the spring 15 untwists so that. the pin l0 is released t' shoulder l l: and the spring the-1i acts to move the T6 11 upwardly to engage with the shoulder or stop 8 the eby moving. the links and 21 to bring the fangs 23 close together.

While one form of oonstructionin which do invention may be embodied has been particularly illustrated and deserihed, 'tliere i'e many changes and modifications thereot that will readily occur to those skilled in the art, Wherefore, the right is reserved to all such changes and mmilitieations as do not depart from the spirit and scope of the invention as defined in the appended claims.

I claim:

1. In a device of the class s iiecitied, the combination of arms, a rod extending between the arms, a pin on the rod, 1': sleeve on the roth said sleeve oiovidod with a giiideu'ay for llie p in having a short lateral et to'pi-ovide a shoulder for the pin to engage; :1 collar on the rod; :1 spring inter posed between the sleeve end the coliar, connecting the sleeve with the preed ofthe fangs 253 E the device se rovided" at the other end roin engagement with the" and are both disposed between the] ms 23 on the part at the 19W-3i against the presan my arms Links pivotally connected with seicl means, a parton the real, nncl links pivotnlly inounteil on the part nn l having one encl Pdl't th pot pivotally connected with the first links and having the other end pert thereot formed to provide suitable fangs.

2. A (lQYlCQ of the class specified, CO111- prising suhstzmtinlly oppositely disposed arms, a rod extending between the arms and; liming; at stop thereon, a pin on the rod, a eleeve on the rod said sleeve hevingn guide- A) for the pin letting; short lute-ml olt'set to provide 2:. shoulder for the pin to engage, e collar on the rod, a spring interposed be tween the sleeve and the collar, mean" for vonneeting the sleeve with the urine, links pivotelly connected with the arms, a part on the rod, and links pivotally mounted. on the part and h Wing one end part thereof ad justably pivotally connected with the first links and having the other end part thereof formed to provide s'nitnble fangs.

In testimony whereof, I have signed my name to this specification in the presence of two subscribing Witnesses at Los Angeles, county of Loe Angeles, State of California, this 10th (lay'o'f July D. 1912.


ll itnesses ANNA B. Dnesiin, i-m nx. H. Lmnnns.

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U.S. Classification294/19.3, 43/5
Cooperative ClassificationA01K97/14