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Publication numberUS1056535 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 18, 1913
Filing dateMay 7, 1912
Priority dateMay 7, 1912
Publication numberUS 1056535 A, US 1056535A, US-A-1056535, US1056535 A, US1056535A
InventorsEdward Lynn Grimes, Frank Peterson
Original AssigneeEdward Lynn Grimes, Frank Peterson
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US 1056535 A
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1,056,535; Patented Mar. 18,1913.



Specification oi' ietters Application ie. Hey '7, 19M.' Seie No. $95,642.

.u all whom, z5 may conce/m1' A Be it known that we7 EDWARD L. GRiMEs enti FRANK PETERSON, citizens of the 'United States, and residents of .Red Cloud,

4"in the county of Wveloster and State of Nebmska, have invented; a new and improved Fiyillet', of which the following is a. full, dem, and. exact description.

This invention relates to such household devices as are for the pui'pose of exteifininating insects, espeoialiy iies, and has paitiouier reference' to a device of this nctux'e whereby the flies may be disposed of hy poisoning.

limong the objects aimed 'at in this nven tion are the following: to provide a poisoning deyice that is simple in constoction enti operation, which may he disposed out of the Way of ehihire'n or household pets, and to pfovide s. device which is certain in'its operation to rfestioythe ies.

The foregoing and othei.l objects are itt- '.ned in e preferred emhot'iii'nent of the ine folly described enci. elsimei, enti ilinstetetl n the accompanying (it vints, in which-- igure 1 is a perspective i ew'oti our (leviee es in use; Fig. is e siiniier 'View with 'the espe? guard removed; Fig. 3 e persi. et is speotive detail ot' the poison 'pecl gv il 1 s. plan View ot the device complete; en( y, vertical section on the line 5--5 'W f Af* v 1,-; if. *www1 of eig. i, the new ming on L1 .n e1 soli e fei'ezfrin to the drevfinffs 'iartieulsilf t I e I, we have shown. at l atmy or: cup o1V any enitehle size o1' configuration, but adapted to contains quantity ot' water il, seid troy Figa 5 is a oiie. hanger l2 upon o .mail or pin pio noting from e, Well or other elei'stetl point Whose the {ievioe may loe reached hy the nsects, out Will he out of the way oit boing tempered with undesirebly ltlithin the trav and related thet'eto in any snitehie wey es to size oi' eie't'ntion, is provided what We may term a pedestsi 14. rEhe pefestal. nifty he formati in any desired manner, ho/ e to the particular formation We lo not site or intend to he iimited. At'engeei within the pedestei enti, tray ptetetohi' the 'center :is e tubular magasine i5 Wieh extencis down towel-fi. the fhottom of t" tray to snp-port capillas? in met' or e i site? Wiclt Whose function iste (if lit .tipwei' to the tot? et the cheap to install and use, and

ention hy means of the devices heieinsttee The numeral 1'? indiestes e peti medeoif e plurality of layers of fabric or the like stitched at their edge and eapte tol contain any suitable dry poison. The pedi? will be placed upon the top ohthe pedestal, shown elesi'iy in Fig. 5, 'with ,its eentiei lower poi-tion in contact with the nppenend of the wich i6, the nioistuie from which. will he communicated thiougl'ioutthe pad to the poison, making it into e soution so that the insects may he s t'teetet to enti pms take of it. Any snit 1e chemical niet he used for this purpose that is 'Emmet tiesiiihhle, and the peels provided hy the ti'ecle in quantities so'that ef new pad may eesiijf he pnt .in place ozt the used one at small oost.

The pads are retained in position on top of the pedestal es shove described hf.' any suitable guard iiiustm'eci :xt i? is compris-ing n reticuieted memher 18' corrieri h v e.. rim 18h adapted to hc slipped upon or otiiei'wise iletaohably connected to the top of' the pedestal, said reticnlnted member hoing thus held in close Contact with the nppet' surface of the pad i7 so that the iies may reach through the member: 18g" to pm'- talio oit the poison solution certfied bythe psd..

jiVete may he supplied to the tray in any convenient manner, es through the mage.- Zine l5 oi: thiongh im opening 14a afljncent the pedestsi lfi.

The sevemlfpurts oit' the device may he constructed of any suitfthie materials and the relative sizes sind proportions of the clemente theieo may he miie-,d to :i considei'- able extent without departing from the spirit of the invention.

Having thusdesci'ihed our invention,

l what We c ieiinv :is new and lesite to secure ,by Letters Patent is:

l. ln n` :Eiy hiler, the combination of e tray adapted to contain Water, e. pedestal extending in'iwadiy therein, saic'i pedestal being provided with it tuholsi' magazine, it Wick extending 'from the bottom ot' the tray to the top of the pedestal, within said megaritie, 'ohiic poison pecl on top of the pefestel and in cont-actwith seid Wick, and means to ifemovahiy hold the pad in plee/e5 substantially es set forth.

i2. it iv kille?, the combination of s,

edito ed. toeontiiin water, n )pedestal estemimg n viwsrdiy above the top of the n downwafdiy promoting;

' aorte@ m seid Zine and extending substantially from the 'bot-tom of the bray to` the top ofthe pedestal,

means 'to successively supply/.measured quantities f dry .poison to the top "of the pedesf' Ital and hold the same in postgn thereon in Contact with the moisture supplied by said Wick, and a reticulated guard Qn top of the pedestal removably securing said noso'n supplying means in posltion. v-

In testimony whereof we have signed our-10 namesto this speccaton in the presence of two subscrlblng' witnesses.

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