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Publication numberUS105671 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 26, 1870
Publication numberUS 105671 A, US 105671A, US-A-105671, US105671 A, US105671A
InventorsTimothy Gunn
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Improved boot-jack and spur
US 105671 A
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v Specification forming part of Letters Patent No. 105,671, dated July 2G, 1870.

`Io all whom it may concer-n: Beit known that I, TIMOTHY GUNN, of Hainilton county, and State of Indiana, have int vented certain Improvementsin Riding-Spurs and Boot-Jacks; and I hereby declare the following to beafnll description of the same, refu Verence` being had to the drawings that accomresents that part used for a` bootjack when taking oft' the boots. Fig. 2 representsa bootheel as cnt out at C to receive the springE in Fig. 4 and plate -B in Fig. 5. Fig. 3 repre sents the boot-heel with the plate A fastened to it, covering the spring, toe, and spur plate. Fig. 4 represents the plate A and spring E.

v Fig. 5 represents the spur andtoe plate B and O. Fig. 6 represents a side elevation of the spur and 4toe plate O K, also the .spring E and the base-plate aa, allin a proper position.

To enable others to make and use my in-l `vention, I willprooeed to describe it.

l` The plate, Fig. 4., is made' of iron or anyV other suitable metal, to cover the whple or part ofthe heel, as desired, with a raisedpiece, D, to fasten or x the spring E upon.

Fig. 5 isa spur and toe plate, made of iron or other suitable metal, with the rowel or spur attached to one end,with catches and slots on the other, as shown by letters B, P, and X.

Fig. 2 shows a heel with a part cut outat C to receive'the plate Bl and O and spring E, when attached to the base-plate a, as more `fully shownas covered in Fig. 3. i

Fig. 6 shows the spur in its proper position, (letter K.) The other-end of the plate, as shown byletter B, provides a toe-plate to be used in taking off the boot, as shown in Fig. 1.

l claim as my inventiOn-.

The heel-plate A,witl1 the raised partD'and spring E, in combination with the toe-plate B and 0, and spur K, substantially as and for the purpose hereinb'efore set forth.




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