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Publication numberUS1056911 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 25, 1913
Filing dateApr 3, 1912
Priority dateApr 3, 1912
Publication numberUS 1056911 A, US 1056911A, US-A-1056911, US1056911 A, US1056911A
InventorsJoseph Kinzey
Original AssigneeFrank B Kinzey, Joseph Kinzey
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Radiator attachment.
US 1056911 A
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Patented Mar. 25,

Juepk Inventor 1' Attorneys Witnesses To ail cphom may concern:

Be it known that I, elos'nrn KENZEY, a

' citizen of the United States, residing at f the 'novelnonstru 1102 being had to Gernbrie and Johnstown, in the county oil State of Pennsylvania, have invented a new useful Radiator itttnohnienhfot which specification.

the following is i l tes to aslielf or roo which Wili app:

better understood,

Le invention is invention resides in parts hereinai" ilOlIlletl out in the appendedclaim,refer the accompanying draw.-

ings wherein the preferred embodiment of the invention is illustrated and wherein Figure 1 is aivert-ical section of a radiator With' t-he present. invention appliedthereto. Fig. 2 is a horizontal section taken onthe line 2-2 of Fig. 1. Fig.3 is abottom View of the attachment. Fig. i is a PGISPQCtlVe View of the attachment parts thereoi being detached or removed.

, Referring" in detail wherein similar reference characters have been empioyed to designate corresponding water or steam rediatorembodying the stay 'rods S, which are employed for retaining the sections ot' theradiator in position relative to each other.

The present attachment embodies its essential a shelf or foot-rest 5 and the inclined hangers '10 attached thereto The toot-rest 5 is rectangular in contour and has a depending flange 7- along the inner or rear edge thereof, and a depending'flange 6 alon the front or outer edge and end ther'eo The shelf or foot-rest and the depending flange-7 have a plurality of adjoining longh 'tudinal slots 9' and 8 therein, respectively,

the slots 9 bein arrangedadjscent the inner edge of the sh fit or foot rest end-the 11 per:

edges of the slots 9 lying in the plane oo'the lower face or bottom of the shelf or toot rest. v u The hangers 10 are lnntfitrom'hern of metal new their inner ends 13 hifinr- 1 Application and s in 3,

'- the loiyer'nuts 15,

objects in view,

in and combination I of j {JGnCTll'JGd and particularly to the drawings,

denotes generally the hot r ==iri=ennrg-or scnnsnosrn, ennnsrnynmn, nssxenon or enema no u or eonnsrown,zrnnnsnnvnmn. I w

1912'. Serial nolesse'zr.

'. catedor lt'orked' -touprovide 0 5s The inner or bifurcatedends or thehangers outer orifrce. ends of the hangers loam hooked upwardly as designated by the numeral 11..

Bolts '14 are hangers being adapted to straddle'the bolts 14% in order to gaged by the bolts 14 are nassed through the that the hangers may sdiustedlaterally hangers 10 nally by loosening the bolts 14, gated longitudinal slots8and 9 p the hangers and the bolts 14 to be longitudinally.

'The nuts 15 which are engaged onthe may also be'adjusted longitudiadjuste feces slidablyengaging the flange 7 so as to rest, When the bolts areloosened, the hangers may be adjusted laterally of the shelf or foot-rest, or the bolts may be adjusted longitudinally together with the hangers. It is also possible to posi the radiator, so that the hangers may be ad- 'justedwith ease and despatch and in an accurate manner. The nuts in having one of permitted. to slide vertically and horizontally, thenntsbeingat all times constrained .tion unless the bolts 14 are excessively unscrewed. 7

' When the-bangers are attached to the shelf, or foot-rest, the hangers are arranged in.-'an inclined position relative to the foot:

' foot-rest K tachinent is tied to the radiator. in use the attachment is applied lower ends of the bolts 14; have onelof their prevent a rotation of the nuts, thus peirnit- J egainst rotation. and being retained in posi-' v specification orLetters Patent. Patented Mar. 25, i133 1 0 are benthorizontaliy or at an angle relative to the body of the hanger, 'and' the' slidable in the slots 9 and bear Y the bifurcated'endsofi the 1 be clamped thereby. The inner ends of the hangers in order-to be enslots 8 in the flange '7, and it Will'be noted oi the shelf or foot-rest by loosening a bolt and sliding dhe hangers laterally. The

the elon-, ermitting the nuts and the bottom of the shelf or foottion and clamp the hang f ere-prior to the attachment of the shelf with their faces contacting with the flange 7 are,


rest or shelf in order to sustain'the shelter ner position when the'e w radiator by passing the hangers between the sections of the radiator andin en aging perthe hooks a stay rod S which-w mit. the shelf or foot-rest to swing againstthe side of the radiator in order that the shelf or footrrest will be sustained in position on the side of the radiator. The hangers 10 being adjustable laterally permits the hangers to be adjusted to accommodate various radiators wherein the stay rods are spaced more'or less from the side of the radiator, and the hangersbeing also adjustable longitudinally permit the same to be adjusted in order to readily pass between the sections of the radiator. In this manner, it

j will be seen that the present attachment may. be applied to various sizes and forms of radiators, and the attachment will serve as a footrrest or as a shelf, whichever is desired or essential. AsshoWn in Fig. 1, the attachment is applied to one of the lower' stay' rods, but it is. apparent that the attach- -ment may also beapplied to the upper stay rod as indicated in dotted linesin the said fi ur The shelf orfcot-rest may be readily detached from the radiator by raising the same, in which event, the books 11 will disthat the attachment may be removed. vi

This. attachment. 'Will serve for-various purposes, as" Wil be apparent, and the at tachment as constructed in accordance With the present invention-will be simple, substantial and inexpensive in its construction,

as well as convenient and efficient in'u'se. The shelf or foot'rest may be constructed of metal, wood or any other material, and may claim without departing from the spirit of the invention.

Having described the invention, what is claimed as new is An attachment for radiators comprising a shelf or footsrest having :1 depending flange along-the inner edge and having longitudinal slots adjacent its inner edge, the flange having a plurality of adjoining longitudinal slots with the upper edges of-tlie slots lying in the plane of the bottom of the shelf or foot rest, bolts slidable in the slots of the shelf or foot-rest, inclined hangers having their inner ends passed through the slots in the flange and bifurcated to straddle the bolts, and having their free ends booked in order to engage the stay rod of a radiator so that the edge of the shelf or foot-rest and the flange 'is.seatab1e against the side of the radiator, and nuts engaged on the lower ends of the bolts andha'ving one of their faces ,slidably engaging the said flange to, prevent the rotation of the nuts, the inner ends of the hangers being clamped between :the bottom of the shelf or foot-rest and the respective nuts.

In testimony that I claim the foregoing as my own, I'have-hereto afiixed my signature in the presence of two witnesses.



F. B. Kmznr, J EARL OGLE.

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