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Publication numberUS1059221 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 15, 1913
Filing dateSep 6, 1912
Priority dateSep 6, 1912
Publication numberUS 1059221 A, US 1059221A, US-A-1059221, US1059221 A, US1059221A
InventorsJames W Saylor
Original AssigneeJames W Saylor
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Display-top for receptacles.
US 1059221 A
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" J. W. sAYLoR.



Patented Apr. 15; 1913.


` Cavi/buenas JAMES mennen, oFrAasoNs, KANSAS.

DISPLAY-Tor ron .ancEPracL-as.

Specification of Letters Patent.

Application tiled September 6, 1.912. Serial Noi 718,951.

To all 'whom it may concern Be it known that I, JAMES W. SArnon, a

' citizen of the United States, residing at Par sons, in the county of Labette and State oi "Kansas, have invented new and useful lm provements in Displayffops for Receptacles, of which the following is a specification.

This invention relates to display tops t'or receptacles, such as barrels,.kegs, `)ars and the like containing pickles or provisions 'of any kind, and the principal object of the 1nvention is to produce a hermeticallysealed display receptacle of' simple and convenient `form which shall be adapted to form a tight closure for the receptacle to. which it is' applied and in connection, with which 1t 1s used, thus protecting `the contents of such receptacle from contamination or deterioration. I i

A further object of the Ainvention is to produce a and efficient holding device having members,

one ofwhich is connectedv withthe display receptacle 'and `forming a seat therefor', while the other is adapted 'to be clamped on the receptacle to` which the display topI is applied. t

With these and other ends in view which will readily appear as the nature oi the invention is better understood, the same consists in the improved construction and novel arrangement and combination of parts which will be hereinafter fully described and particularly pointed out in the claim.

In the accompanying `drawings has been illustrated asimplc and preferred form of the invention, it being, however', understood that no limitation is necessarily made to the precise structural details therein exhibited, but that. changes, alterations and modifications within the scope of the claim may be resorted to when desired.

In the drawings- Figure 1 is a pei-spective view showingthe improved display top applied to a barrel 01 similar receptacle and showing the display top in obstructing post tion. Fig. 2 is a similar view showing the display top in non-obstructing position. Fig. 3 is a top plan View. Fig. l is a vertical sectional view taken onthe line ll-fl in Fig. 3, Fig. `5 is a sectional view taken on the line 5*-5 in Fig. 4; Fig. G is asectional detail view taken on the line 6--6 in Fig. 5.

Corresponding parts in the several figures are denoted by like characters of reference.

display top including a simple The improved device embodies in its construction two annular bands, rings` or frames, namely, an upper band .l and a lower band 2, said upper band being provided with a circumferential upstandin flange 3, and said lower band being provided with a circumferential downwardly extending flange 4 atontednpr. 15, 1913.

which is adapted to fit over the top of the iarrel, keg or other receptacle 5 to which the device 1s to be applied. It is obvious that the contour, as well as the dimensions,

ot' the bands or frames 1 and 2 will be adapted to fit. the particular vessel or receptacle in connection with which the deviceis to be used. The downwardly extend ing flange 4 of the member 2 is provided with hangers G supporting a clamping ring or wire 7 having a clamping device 8 for securing the display top firmly upon the mouth of the receptacle 5 The bands or members l and Q are ronnected together, at opposite sides, by pair:J of *parallel links 9 `which are so positioned as to lie closely togetherwhen thc upper band 1 is seated on the lower band Q, but

which will permit the upperband to be raised and swung `to one side, as will clearly appear 1n, FlgfQ of the drawings. The lower band 2 `1s provided with a groove 1() in which a washer 11 oirubber or other resilit ent material is secured to aiiord a seat for the top member 1 when the latter is in the position shown in Fig. 1.

Seated` on the topl member 1 within the annular flange 3 is a flat recepta ele 12 having atransparent cover 13 of g! ass or other i suitable material. The meeting edges of the receptacle .12 and the cover 13 are grooved for the reception' of an annular gesket 13 of' rubber or other suitable materiah and the lid or cover 13 is provided at diametrically opposite sides with lugs 14 adapted to be engaged by clamping members 15 which are pivotallyconnected with the ups-tanding flange 3 of the member 1 at diametrically opposite ides of thelatter. The clamp-- ing members 15 -serve not only to secure the lid 1.55 firmly and tightly on the receptacle 1Q, but said members are provided at ltheir upper ends with handles 1G which may lll) receptacle firmly seated on the band or meml ber l, i

From theA ioregoingsdescription taken in connection with the drawings hereto annexed the operation and advantages of this invention will be readily understood. v

A displaytop constructed' as herein dey scribed may be readily applied to or det-ached from the receptacle, such as a barrel,-keg, jar, box or the like, a portion of the contents of which may be placed in the receptacle 12 where lit will be hermetically sealed andl thus safe. fromfdeterioration,

while capable of being freely inspected. At

the same time the device affords a tight and :etlicient closure for the receptacle to which it is applied which may be'readily moved to a non-obstructing position in order to afford access to thecontents, while, when in an ob- L ystructing position, the contents of the receptacle 5 will be safely guarded from contamination by dust, insects and the like.

In a device of the character described, a

top member having van upwardly extending` flange, a bottom member having a down-r wardly extending iiange, clamping means associated with the downwardly extendingl Hange of the bottom member-, a display re- Having thus described the invention,` i what is claimed as new, 1s.:- y

ceptacle seated on the top member within the upwardly` extending flange, a, lid for said display receptacle' Yhaving outwardly extending lugs, and clamp memberspivotally connected with the upwardly extending flange and adapted to engage said lugs, said clamp members beingprovided with han- Y

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