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Publication numberUS1059231 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 15, 1913
Filing dateSep 24, 1912
Priority dateSep 24, 1912
Publication numberUS 1059231 A, US 1059231A, US-A-1059231, US1059231 A, US1059231A
InventorsFrederick James Storey
Original AssigneeFrederick James Storey
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Tap, cock, and the like, having tapping means.
US 1059231 A
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1,059,231.` Patented Apr. 15, 1913.

sene tin, oil drum, o vessel 2 (which). need not be as thln as- STATES PATENT OFFICE;

FREDERICK JAMES sronnr, orsamavrcronm.. aus'iriar.1.4.` rar, cocx, 'man' LIRE, HAVING Terrine' MEANS.

Specication ot Letters Patent.

Application meqseptemb'eru, 1era- 1 semina. manos..

To all 'whom 'it may concern.'

Beit `known that I, FREDERICK'JAMES VKing of Great lSrc., residing `at Sale,

STOREY, a subJect of the Britain and Ireland, in the Stateof Victoria, Commonwealth of Australia, have invented certain new `and useful Im rovements in` as, Cocks, `and the Like, aving Tapping cans; and l do following f to` be a zflhll, clear, and exact description of the invention, such as will enable others skilled in the art to which it appertains, to make` and fuse the same. y

.Various taps, cocks and the like have been devised adapted or'tapping or perfo"- ratin vessels to which they are to be connecte, and for avoiding leaka es therefrom, and thpresent invention' is 0% that class.

The rapidity with which my invention can be put into use, the ease of operation and the durability of the parts,-washers or the like only requiring renewal at intervals (generally only when the article on to a new tin or vessel-are advantages.

Construction employab e is `illustrated in the drawings i herewith, but modifications within the scope of my subsequent claim are practicable; o

Figure 1 is` a `view` (partly sectional) of my article readyfor the article, when in use. This view is artly sectional and exhibits .a nozzle of di erent form. Figs. 3 to 5 are on a larger scale. Fig. 3`shows a section through the stem in Fig. l on the line 3-3, looking toward `the tapper; Fig.. 4 is a like section `but through the stem on the line 4 4 in Fig. `2 looking at the vessel ortin into which the` tapper has been introduced, and Fig. 5 shows a modification of'Fig. 3. Fig.` 6 shows-parts of Fig. 2 modified; and Fig. 7 illustrates an adjunct usablel at will The perforator or tapper I use is an `elongated cone body 1 having ribs 4.5,6 .(or in Fig.' 5, ribs 4124") of any suitable cross section, dilerentiated suitably from one another. They are shown of different widths and not all of equal lengths in Figs. 3 and4; and set to dilerent angles relatively yto the central" body in Fig. 5. These ribs have bases to abutvwithin theinside of the ker food package or other shown) linto whichl the cone is pushed. From ,the base ofthe cone there extends outwardly a hollow stem 7, the space or passage is being placed use; Fig. `2 is a view of 8 within whichcommunicates with the exte-` rior of the cone throughholes 3 in the latter, located close to the base, and also away therefrom if desired. In;` often. be made relatively shorter than is illustrated. The steml 1s in part screw threaded exteriorl'y as'at 15. v Near `the cone base the stem is not threaded', and here it has over it a close fitting elastic or compressible leakage preventing recessed' or other ring or member 10i y A ring 9 of material to serve as a washer guard and so farI as required' as a. seal to lprevent leakage from the vessel 2 around the on the' coney side' 'of the stem 7 is' located! elastic washer 10"the latter being of lar er `diameter... This relatively thin ring or disk 9 can be of soft metal as aluminium or `cop-` per or some other; or may be of a sufliciently stout composition as liber or` asbestos, or of some material adapted to be cemented or made to adhere to the tin or vessel. Various su'bstance'swill be used for'thewasher 10,

.and its guards 9 at will, regardbeing had especially to the the vessel to be.

to the local conditions nature of the liquid in tendencies of the said liquid to escape or rosion. I do not exclude the use of hard metal `guards Where l suitable. Outside the elastic washer 10 is a cap 11 orflanged washer, also tting closely around the stem. As shown it has an outer flange l2 with a rounded vesselfacingedge 13, and it acts as a packingbox. Between the said cap 11 and a'nut 16 which is screwed on at `the outer end of the stem, or the like, which can be compresse turning the nut. It is shown compressed in Fig. 2, and in practice the compression is regulated as found suitable. The spring is notnecessarilymetal--it might be one of rubber for example. On or connected to the outer end of the stem is any suitable tap or cock 17. There may be a. handle or knob 18 for fitting over the end of the cock or tap which can be hammered in applying the device in position on a vessel.

It will be found sufiicient with many tins or` vessels as 2, to grasp my article in the hand and p'ress its point or end into the vessel,with or 4without first having a starting "'holef-the cone readily. enlarging whatever Patented Apr. 15; 1913.;

racti'ce stem 7 willl to destroy by cor-r is a coiled sprin 1t dg by Vlos 10, (with rlng or v used) can be made to press the vessel suiii` '.10

' yupon the ,fixing action is completed.

' The ring 9 protects -sure fmeans,

prevent leakage. Where thetaps outer end is to be partly rotated, until the bases of the ribs are no longer opposite to the holes they have made in :the tin. If then the spring 14 is pressing the cap `11 on the washer l10, the latter will press on the outer surface of 'y the vessel. is at once sealed l the tin, and. thus' against leakage.

' But in any case the washer guard 9 when the latteris screwing down the nut,where By 16 down inthe case of further screwingnut -Fig. 2 the or even with some vessels 2 indent thelatter. The washer 10 can be of such size? as -to be completely shut in when compressed.

or cock portion' 17 is removabl the stem, it may be put' ona insertion.` vIn some cases itl screwed to 'ter-fthe said would be a permanent connection or integralpart. For..A

tins oryessels 2 (Fig. 6) having rounded or spherical surfaces,.the washer V10?. or cap f 11 or both aremodied to prodice a, nonpointed end edge 13 can 'be made to touchthe'appliance by.

leaking joint. -Thus the vessel facing in- 'terior of member 11 is rounded lto corref spond with'vessed 2B. v

'Havin described this invention, what is claimed y Letters Patent is v A. tap for vessels comprising' a stem having 4a tubular portion and a conical and portion, said conical en d por? tion provided-with apertures communicat;


ing with sald tubular portion,A and the tubu- -l lar portion having screw-threaded ,and smooth outer surfaces; a plurality of taper-l ing ribs on said conical andpointedporf ofsaid ribs washer tubular surface of and *the inner yends shoulders;` a flanged mounted onthe `smooth said stem; a packingdisk itting ,within said ed washer 'and disposed adjacent the Hang 4 shoulders of said ribs 5 a -nut screwed yon the 'tion providing an inclsln'gdevice' therewith.A r'orlnlngy slidably..

threaded surface of said tubular stem; and s a spiral spring fitting on the stem thenut and the ianged washer and adapt. edto compress the washer whenv the spring is tensioned the `vessel land prevent leakage.

In witness whereof` 'I FREDERICK [Witnesses:

GEORGE (in TUmzI,`



between by the nut `tosecure the tap to A have hereunto` set' Y my hand in the presence of two witnesses.

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