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Publication numberUS1059427 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 22, 1913
Filing dateJul 13, 1912
Priority dateJul 13, 1912
Publication numberUS 1059427 A, US 1059427A, US-A-1059427, US1059427 A, US1059427A
InventorsEdward W Barnwell
Original AssigneeH W Raiford, Edward W Barnwell
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Combination scrub-brush and mop.
US 1059427 A
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Patented Apr. 22, 1913.





1,059,427.- Patented p -22,1913.




nnwann 1w; ZBARNWELL, or LAKE: PARK, GEORGIA, nssreuona or ONE-HALF T0 a I a H .:,w. narronn ornnrronn: FLORIDA. a


specification Quarte s Patent. Patented Apr.;22; r1913.

' Application filed July 13, 1912: SerialNo. 709,139.

To allawhom it may concern:

Be it known: that, I, EDWA'RD; Wr,BARN- wnLL, acitizen of the United States, resid-i ing at Lake Parlgin the county of Lowndes and State of Georgia, have iinventeda new and useful Combination ScrubABrush and Mop and I do hereby declare the following, to be a full, clear,and exact description of the invention, such: as will lenable =others skilled in the art to which it, appertainsto make and use the same. i i

This invention relates to a newand useful combination scrub-brush: and mop having 1 a drum to contain soapy water or othenfidid necessary for scrubbing.

Itis the primary object of this invention to provide a deviceof this nature for scrubbing a floor or the like, and then by inverting the device the floor maybe mopped, and while the floor is being scrubbed,the neces-a sary fluid is automatically sup lied, and the fluid which has been absorbed by the mop is adapted to be squeezed or returned backiinto the fluid receptacle or drum from the mop.

The invention comprises further features and combinationof parts, as hereinafter set forth, shown in the drawings and claimedfl In the drawings :-Figure 1 is EtlSlClQ elevation of the improved scrubbing and mopping device constructed in accordance with the invention. Fig. 2 i is a side elevation, showing thescrubbing and mopping device inverted and the mop i111 operation: Fig.1?) is a front elevation; Fig. 4 is aivertical sectional view through the scrubbing and moppingdevice,

Referring more especially to'the drawings 1 designates the handle of 1 the improved scrubbing and imopping device, which is 0011-, nected in any suitable manner as at 2to the wood portion 3 of the scrubbing brush, the

bristles 1 of which are secured tolthe wood portion by the staples 5, which are provided with nuts 6.1 Pivotedoneach end of the tions on the handle 1. When it is desired to hold theiroller; mop out of coeperationp with the fluid drum 19, the sleeve 13 is ad-i justed, upon the handle 1 1,1 so that the set screw: 14 may enter the annular groove 15 of 1 the handle.

Secured at 16 to the wood. portion 3 of the brush are spring arms 17, which are connected at 18 to the fluid drum 19,whichis adapted to contain the necessary scrubbingfiuidh i scrubbing ;device is reciprocated over, the floor, the fluidwill be agitated and spashed The fluid drum is so constructed that: as the or :thrown from the drum upon theifloor,

After thoroughly scrubbing the floor,; and it, a

is desired to mop the same,the apparatus is inverted, so that the roller 1 mop may; be: brought inplay, wherebythe floor maybe mopped After moppingone portion of the floor, and it is desired to scrub another; ortion, the apparatus is again inverted bac to its former position, and while the other per, 1 tion of the floor is being scrubbed, the mop may be thrown against the fluid drum, by

adjusting the sleeve 13 in the desired Imanner, againstthe fluid drum, in order to press or squeeze the fluid or moisture from the mop into the drum as shown in Fig. 2.

The fluid drumis provided with an; opening, which is closed by a threaded plug 19", through which opening the fluid may be poured if desired without pouring it through the opening 19. The fluid drum is provided with a springlip 19*, against which the mop may bepressed, either when themop is in use or when the brush is in:use. The staples 5 are provided with cross bars 5, whichi fur therassist in holding the bristles in place.

The invention having been set forthgwhat is claimed as new andiusefuliis a 1.3 In combination,a handle, a fiuiddrum, means for supporting the drum upon a portion of thehandle, aroller mop,means pivoted to the handle for supporting the mop relatively to the handle and adjacent the drum, and a device adjustable on the handle and having connections with the supporting means of the mop for: throwing the mop toward and from the drum.

2., The combination of: a handle, a recep tacle carried by the handle andadapted to receive water from a mopping roll, a sleeve adj ustably mounted :on the handle, arms pivoted :to the handle and carrying a mopping roller, and bars connecting the arms with the sleeve whereby the relative positions of,

3. The combination of a hand1e,a receptacle yieldably supported relatively to the handle and adapted to receive fluid from-a mopping roll, a sleeve adjust-ably mounted p name to this specification in the presence of on the handle, armspivoted to the handle v a rod Ijournaled in the free ends of said arm,

a mopping roller mounted on said rod, bars connecting said arms With the sleeve, where by the relativeypo'sitions of the -mopping roller and the receptacle and the pressure of Copies of th'is'patentmay be obtained for five cents each, by addressing the Commissioner of Patents;

. Washington, 1).0.

trolled by" adjustment of the sleeve, and

means on, the sleeve adapted to engagethe l5 handle for holding the sleeve in such adju stedpositions In testimony whereof I have signed "my tWo subscribing Witnesses.


' 1G. CRUNF RD, 7


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