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Publication numberUS1061809 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 13, 1913
Filing dateNov 2, 1911
Priority dateNov 2, 1911
Publication numberUS 1061809 A, US 1061809A, US-A-1061809, US1061809 A, US1061809A
InventorsFrank E Bocorselski, Columbus K Lassiter
Original AssigneeFrank E Bocorselski, Columbus K Lassiter
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US 1061809 A
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APPLIcATIoN FILED Nov. z, 1911 Y Y Patented May 13., 1915- 21mm Z.

v ifolla/fz :mann menaient-sx1 um Genemans n. .nasen-En, er menziona, vrneINIA.



:incantation of meer; Patent.

Patented May 1 3, 19,13.

ammalata mea :inventer 2,1911, serial na enana To ail 'whom t may concern? ci the United States of America, residin at Richmondyin the county of Henricoan- Statevof V1rginia,have invented new anduseful improvements in Binding-Posts, L4of which the following is a speciiioation.

batteries, telephoney instruments, 's ark plugs and other similar devices to ich wires are connected.

One object of the present invention is to provide a binding'post which 'shall obvi'atethe use of screws and nut's in the securing of a wire, the invention 'for this purpose embodying a binding post which is entirely' automatic in 'its wire .holdingactiom Another object of the resent invention is the provision of a binding post "of this character which ma be ioperated manually. in the application o a wire to thes'ame and automatically actuated to hold the wire upon the cessationlof the manual operation.

With the above and other objects .in view, which shall appear as the description progresses, the invention consists in the 'construction, combination and arrangement of parts hereinafter described, the novelty of the invention bein articularly v'pointed out in the'appende claiim.. v

In the accom anying 'drawings forming a portion of this specification: Figure 1 is a longitudinal sectional view through a binding post constructed in accordance with the present invention. Fig. -2 is a detail view showing the parts disassembled. Fig 3 is an enlar ed perspective view of a modiied form o the invention, and Fig. 4- is a longitudinal sectional view through the device shown in Fig. 3.

Referrin now to the accompanying drawing in detail, the binding ost designated in general by the letter D inc udes what may be termed an inner stationary member or plug 6, and an outer sleeve or ferrule 7 having its ,outer surface knurled or serrated for grippin purposes. T o facilitate the application of t e binding post as disclosed in Figs. 1, 2

and 3 of the drawings, the inner member 6 'engagement with the threaded terminals of I y 4the sleeve or ierrule 7 is bent at ri .The invention relates to improvements in! bmdmgipos'ts for use in securing wires tol n electric-current receiving devices so that the Be 1t known that We FRANK E. Bemen-` snnsni and CoLnMBUs. Lessrrna, citizensbindingpost may be 'securely held in position thereon.

The inner member 6 has formed upon its free end a circumerentially enlarged head '9. designed to snugly engage the snrace of the sleeve or fer-rule 7. @ne end o'f ght angles to itself to form a circular retaining Bange 10 which latter engages the member 6 and is freely slidable thereon in the movement ofthe sleeve.. Intermediate the head f9 and flange 10, and encircling the member (iis a helical expansion spring 11 adapted to exert its tension upon the head andange to actuate the sleeve 7 upon the member 6 in one direction.,

The free end of the sleeve 7 is closed byl a ca-p 12 brazed or otherwise rigidly secured" 12 and depression 14 yof thehead 9 the sleeve member 7 is provided with circular openin 15 designed 4for'the assage of a wire 16.

e opemngs 15in the sleeve 7 and the depending lug 13 bein in alinement and fixed relatively to eac, otherv -it wilLbe seen that4 the center line of the openings is in direct alinement with the apex-of the V-shaped lug 113 whereb wires of various sizes or diameters may e securely held in position, by reason of Vthe fact that the lug 13 and openings 15 are movable relatively to theV V-shaped depression o`r recess 14 of the head 9 of the stationa member 6 so that a single wire may be he d in the-groove 14 under the action of the lug 13, or a plurality of wires inserted in the openings 15 and engaged between the up er and lower surfaces of the head i9 andp ug 12'respectively, in which latter event the spring 11- will act to bind the wires between the members'as described. From this construction it will also be n'oted that the wire in 'the groove 14 has three points of contact with the bindmg iametrically thereof 1s 'a post, two of which points of contact are upon the oppositesides of the depression l14% and the other at the apex of the lug 13.

In practice; when the binding post is"se cured to a battery or other device and it is desired to connect the same with a current' carrying conductor, the sleeve or ferrule'7 is` operated manually to slide upon the inner member 6 and tension the spring 11 intermediate the head 9 of the-.member 6, and flange 10 of sleeve 7. In this position of the parts the lug 13 is out of engagement with the depression 14 andthe passage between the openings l5 inthe sleeveunobstructed for the reception ofthe wire. Upon the wire being passed through the openings 15, the sleeve '7 is released thereby ermitting the spring 11 to act againstpthe Hnge 10 to automatically restore the sleeve 7 to its initial position, in which movement of the sleeve the lug 13 and depression 14 willcooperate with each other to firmly grip -thewire and hold the same in position, untll the first described operation Vis repeated; y

Iii the modification illustrated in Figs. 7 and 8 of the drawings, the head 9 of the stationary member 6 1s shown as Vbein provided with a centrallyarranged circular opening 17 adapted' tot/aline with'elongated slots 15 formed at diametrically oppositev points in the sleeve 7 for the reception of a wire 16', which'latter is held in' position in the binding ost under the action of.; the. walls of the s fts 15 in the sleeve 7, andthe enlarged head onthe plug and snugly en-` gagin the inner surface of Athe sleeve, one endo the sleeve being bent at right angles to itselfto form an inwardly extending annular retaining flange, a coiled expansion spring encircling said plug and interposed between said lan e and head and acting to force the plug wlthin the sleeve, a cap on the sleeve, and a .V -shaped lug carried by the inner surface of the cap and disposed across the same and cooperating with a similar shaped recess formed in the head` on the plug, said lug and recess being adapted to recelve a wire and maintain the same inthe t binding ost and in contact with such post at a num fr of distinct and se arate points.

In testimony whereof we a x our signatures in presence of two Witnesses.




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