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Publication numberUS1062750 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 27, 1913
Filing dateMar 30, 1912
Priority dateMar 30, 1912
Publication numberUS 1062750 A, US 1062750A, US-A-1062750, US1062750 A, US1062750A
InventorsOtto Walker
Original AssigneeOtto Walker
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Inhaling apparatus.
US 1062750 A
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1 ,062,750. Eatented May 27, 1913.




To all whom it may concern Be it known that I, Or'ro l/VALKER, a citizen of the Swiss Confederation, residing at Zurich, Switzerland, have invented new and useful Inhaling Apparatus, of which the following is a specification.

My invention has for its object to provide an inhaling apparatus for the uniform generation of vapors for inhaling from a mixture of difierent liquids.

vaporization of liquid mixtures, containing liquids of various densities, is generally irregular owing to the difference in the boiling points of the constituents, and consequently, the person inhaling same cannot obtain the real benefit of the properly mixed vapors but only the vapors successively, according to their density. In order to insure uniform vaporizing of such mixtures, a vaporizer is provided in which the liquid container is fitted with a U-shaped tube ending with an easy incline disposed approximately within the limits of the highest and lowest liquid level of said container and subjected to a heater in such a manneras to vaporize only about the uppermost portion of liquid in the inclined portion of said tube. As the tube is comparatively narrow, the heat will cause the uniform evaporation of the mixed liquid and prevent the vapors from splitting up before issuing from the nozzle end of said tube ready for immediate inhalation.

The annexed drawings illustrate an embodiment of the apparatus according to my invention, and the following is a short description of the figures shown therein.

Figure 1, is a vertical longitudinal section; Fig. 2, is a corresponding elevation with a portion of the front torn away from the casing; Fig. 3, is a cross-section of Fig. 1; and Fig. 4:, is a horizontal section on the line AB of Fig. 2.

The same reference characters denote the same parts throughout all the figures.

Specification of Letters Patent.

Application filed March 30, 1912.

Serial No. 687,336.

In a casing 32, which is reniovably supported on a double or hollow base a and has a cover 0 and hinged front wall (Z, is disposed a vessel 6 adapted to be charged with liquids and fitted with an out-let tube f.

The vessel 6 is suitably supported and the tube f thereof descends through the base plate and is then bent forward and upward. in the form of the letter U, to about the lowest level in the vessel 0. The continuation of the tube 7 is bent forward at an incline which reaches to about the highest level in the vessel 6, said inclined portion being lodged within the hood i of a flameprotector 9 within which latter a heater, such as 72-, is provided. The free end of the tube f, projecting from the hood 2', is curved upward and ends in a nozzle j The inclined portion of the tube f is directly heated by the flame which latter continuously evaporates small quantities of the liquid mixture within a very limited space, so that the vapors cannot disaggregate before i11- halation.

The heater is provided with an outer hood 9 having ventilating holes is for the escape of smoke from the fiaine.

For using the apparatus it is necessary to open, or remove, the top-casing 0 and, after filling the vessel 6, to light the heater n. The latter then produces gentle evaporation of the liquid in the tube 7 and drives out the vapors through the nozzle j.

I claim:

An inhaling apparatus which comprises in combination with the usual liquid-vessel and heater, a U-shaped tube, an incline at the forward end of said tube above the heater, and an upturned nozzle at the extremity of the tube, as and for the purpose described.



Copies of this patent may be obtained for five cents each, by addressing the Commissioner of Patents, Washington, I). G.

Patented May 27, 1913.

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U.S. Classification128/203.26
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