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Publication numberUS1063031 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 27, 1913
Filing dateDec 27, 1911
Priority dateDec 27, 1911
Publication numberUS 1063031 A, US 1063031A, US-A-1063031, US1063031 A, US1063031A
InventorsBeulah L Henry
Original AssigneeBeulah L Henry
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US 1063031 A
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APPLICATION FILED nnc. 2'1. 1911.

1,063,031 Patented May 27, 1913 2 SHEETS-SHEET 1- Beulah Louise Hem Guam:




1,063,031 I Patented May 27, 1913.


ammltoz Beulah Louise Henry BEULAH'L. HENRY, 01 CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA.


Specification of Letters Patent.

. Patented May 27,1913.

Application filed December 27, 1911. Serial No. 668,050.

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, BEULAH L. HENRY, a citizen of the United States, residing at Charlotte, in the county of Mecklenburg and State of North Carolina, have invented new and useful Improvements in Hand-Bags, of

which the following is a specification.

This invention relates to hand bags and one of the principal objects of the invention is to provide a device of this character having interchangeable covers whereby the same may be used with gowns of different shades, thereby avoiding the necessity of having a number of hand bags and of using a hand bag of some color that does not match with the gown being worn.

A further object of the invention is to provide a hand bag of this character which consists of a frame having an ordinary bag secured thereto in the usual manner and a covering adapted to be removably attached to said bag so that coverings of different color or material may be used and so that v a removable cover is provided for toilet and shopping requisites carried by the outside of the bag so as to leave the inside of the purse free to receive other articles.

Further objects of this invention will appear as the following'specific description is read in connection with the accompanying drawings, which form a cation, and in which Figure l is aperspective view showing a portion of the cover turned back. Fig. 2 is a side elevation with the cover removed. Fig. 3 is an opposite side elevation with the part of this applicover removed and with parts broken away.

Fig. 4 is a plan View of the cover removed. Fig. 5 is adetail sectional view on the line 55 of Fig. 1. Fig. 6 is a similar viewon the line 6-6 of Fig. 1. Fig. 7 is an end view with parts of the frame shown par tially open.

Referring more particularly to the drawing, the frame is constructed, as is usual in ordinary hand bags, of two substantially U- shaped members 1 and 2 which are pivoted together at their-free ends and have secured to their upper ends the handle extensions 3, to which the separate parts 4 and 5 of the handle are secured. The frame parts are also provided with the usual ball head looking extensions 6 which hold the frame in closed position. The frame carries the usual casing or bag 7 which may be formed of any suitable material and which is preferably lined so as to give the interior of the bag a finished appearance. Upon one side of the frame member, a socket or depression 8 is in any suitable manner. This lid is adapted to receive a monogram or the like and the receptacle is provided for the reception of small coins so that these may be accessible without opening the bag proper.

Secured upon one side of the casing is a piece of leather or any suitable fabric which forms a pocket for the reception of cards or the like. Immediately adjacent the card pocket is formed a receiving pocket by stitching or otherwise securing a strip of leather or some other suitable fabric 11 to the casing so as to receive a mirror 12. Upon theopposite side of the paper pocket from the card pocket, adepression 13 is made in the casing for the reception of a powder puff or the like and this depression covered by a flexible fabric 14 which holds the powder puff in place. Immediately below the depression 13, an elongated depression 15 is formed for the reception of a vinaigrette or other similar toilet article, the same toilet article being held in place by an elastic band 16. The opposite side of the bag has secured thereto a pocket forming member 17 adapted to receive a tablet and-in the center of this side, a strip of leather 18 arranged in U form is adapted' the casing for the reception of a pencil and immediately below the pencil holder a stamp pocket 22 is formed.

All of the toilet and shopping requisites before described'are concealed by a cover '23 which is provided with a plurality of headed members 24 adapted to snap into the resilient sockets 25 carried around the casing. This cover may be in any suitable by opening the bag. Securing the purse Within the bag prevents its loss and also assures its natural position. \Vhere the purse is loose in the bag, it is constantly becoming lost among the articles and frequently lost out of the bag itself.

A look 26 is preferably employed to hold the parts of the frame together independent of the ball head fasteners.

It will be clearly understood that any suitable type of gusset may be employed to connect the separate parts of the frame such as the fan like one illustrated herein or any other type found desirable and that the form of the cover may be such as to cause the bag to resemble an opera bag or an ordinary shopping or hand bag.

In order that the user of the bag may gain ready access to the vanity-or shopping requisites, each side of the bag is provided with an integral flap 27 which hinges along the dotted line shoWn at the top thereof and is provided with a snap fastener 28 to connect the free edge of the same With the bag. This flap may be, or as before stated, one side of the cover may be partially removed if desired. In order that the user of the bag may gain ready access to the shopi ping requisites, each side of the bag is provided with an integral flap 27 Which hinges along the dotted lines shown at the top thereof and is provided With a snap fastener 28 to connect the free edge of the same with the bag.

What is claimed as new is The combination with a hand bag having its opposite side Walls adapted to serve as article holding means, fasteners secured to the edge portion of the side Walls, a flexible cover conforming to the shape of the side Walls and disposed against the under side of the bag and said side Walls, fasteners carried by the cover and adapted to be connected to the bag fasteners and removably holding the cover thereagainst, the opposite sides of said cover being provided with integral flaps hinged against the upper edge thereof, and fastening means secured to the free end of said flap for the purpose set forth.

In testimony Whereof I aflix my signature in presence of two witnesses.




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