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Publication numberUS106329 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 16, 1870
Publication numberUS 106329 A, US 106329A, US-A-106329, US106329 A, US106329A
InventorsSamuel Oolahan
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Improvement in straw-cutters
US 106329 A
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dialed mes @ate-nt (Militia.

Letters Patent No. 106,329, dated August 16, 1870.


The Schedule :eferred to in these Letters Patent and making part of the same I, SAMUEL COLAHAN, of Cleveland, county of Cuyahoga and State of Ohio, have invented certain Improvements in Straw or Feed-Gutters, of which the following is. a specification.

The nature of this invention relates to the construction of a straw or feed-cutter,a11d is so arranged that the knife can be made to cut square against a surface of wood or met-al, or the knife may be shifted so as to cut by the edge of the 'bottom Vplate of the cutter-box, in the manner of a. shear. l

The motion is given to the knife by inean's of a crank-shaft arranged above the knife, the knife sliding in grooves or V-shaped slides in' the sides of the i'rame, the crank-shaft being driven by gear-wheels on each end.

In the drawing- Figure 1 is a `side elevation.

Figure 2 is an end elevation.

Figure 3 is a longitudinal sect-ion.

Figure 4 is a detached view of section.

A is a cutter-box madel in theusual form, and supported upon a frame and legs in the usual manner. i

'At the front end of the cutter-box A is attached an ilron frame, B, the bottom of which is on aline with the bottom ofthe cutter-box.

Near the bottom of the frame B is arrangedafeedroller, G, the shaft of which turns in suitable boxes in the frame, and on the ends of the roller-shaft are the driving-wheels D and balance-wheels E.

Above the roller C is a second roller, F, which turns in adjustable boxes g in the frame B.

Over the roller F is placed a spring, h, whose ends bear upon the vboxes g, and which may beinade to bear more or less by means of the set-screw t'.

In the upper part of the frame B is arranged a crank-shaft, K, which turns in boxes, l, placed 4in the upper part of the sides of the frame, the ends of the crank-shaft passing through them, and having the small gear-wheelsm on either end, which mesh with and are driven by the gear-wheels D.

Aknife-bar, n, which plays in the grooves or on the V-slides o on the sides of the frame B, is connected to the crank-shaft K by the pitman p, the knife lw being secured tothe bar 'a'by the screws s.

The bearings iu the boxes l are made in one end of them, so that the ends ofthe boxes mayT be reversed by turning them over, bringing the crank-shaft near the front, the knife-bar then playing .nearer the front, so that the knife shall cut past the front edge of the frame B, inthe manner of shears, a knife like that seenin iig. 4 being used for that purpose.

rlhis. knife, thus arranged, .is int-ended to be used when cutting large material, as stalks, 85e., when the other Ywould not he as eieient. i

When the knife w is arranged to work in theV rear grooves or slides, itlcuts against a groove in the bettom of the frame B, which groove is to be provided with a plate of copper, wood, or other suitable material. Y

Itwill be seen by the arrangement of the crankshaft above the knife that, as it descends, its cuttingpower is increased as the cranks and pitmen come into line.

It is also intended to use but one or both of the balance-wheels, as may be desired, but there are to be two sets of gein-wheels, as represented.

I claim- 1.l The combination of the reversible boxes l, crankshaft K, pitman-rods 11 1), and knife w, said parts being :so arranged that the position of the knife may be changed to etfeet either a pressure cut or a shear cut,

as and for the purpose specified.

2. Thecomhination and arrangement of the shaft K, rods 1), knife n fw, reversible boxes l, rollers F G, boxes g, spring h, set-screw fi, the drive-wheels D, flywheel or wheels E, pinions m, thc frame B with guide o, and the box A, all` constructed and operating substantially as described.



Geo. W. Tusexmls, C. E. TIBBITTS.

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