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Publication numberUS1063782 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 3, 1913
Filing dateNov 6, 1912
Priority dateNov 6, 1912
Publication numberUS 1063782 A, US 1063782A, US-A-1063782, US1063782 A, US1063782A
InventorsGeorge Otto Dickey, Charles Augustus Dickey
Original AssigneeGeorge Otto Dickey, Charles Augustus Dickey
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Lamp-bracket for semaphore-signals.
US 1063782 A
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1,063,782. Patented June 3, 1913.-





To alt whom i 15. ma concern Be it known'thatwe, (1) GEORGE one i DICKEY and (2) CHARLES Amms'rus D em-1r,

citizens of the United States of America, .re- .6 sidin'gat Pit-took and (2.) New Sheffield, in the counties of (1) Allegheny ,and' (2) Beaver, and State oflennSylvania, have invented certain new and useful Imprve-' ments' in Lamp-Brackets for Semaphore- Signals, of which the. follow ng is aspecification, reference being ha'd therein to the accompanying drawing I 1 Thisjnvention relatesto lamp brackets for semaphore signals, and the primary object of our invention is to provide a lamp bracket that has approximately n-ine'adjustin ents whereby a lamp can be correctly positioned relatively to a semaphore arm and i the lenses. or bulls eyes thereof, whereby a signal will be properly displayed. Another object of this invention is videa lamp bracket for semaphore signals that can be advantageously used throughout a railroad system, particularly upon such systems where curves, grades and irregular sections of track require special attention in --the-pr'oper setting'of signals, it being a well known, fact that semaphore posts or standardsare not always vertical, consequently I the semaphoreand lai tern uscd in connection with the =p'ostdo' not properly a'linc when actuated, causing either-anentire or partial obliteration of the signal, a poor light and in a great-many instances a misunderstanding of thesignals that often re.

sultin the loss of property and life.

A further object of this invention is to accomplish the above results by a lantern bracket that is simple in construction, du-

rable, inexpensive to manufacture, easy to install and adjust and highly etlicient for the purposes for which itis intended.

With theabo've and other objectsin view the invention resides in the novel coiistruction, combination and arrangement of parts to be hereinafter specifically described and then claimed. 1 4

Reference will now be had to the drawing,

Figurel is a front elevation of a lantern bracket as applied to the ,post of. a'semaphore, Fig. 2 is an enlarged longitudinal.

' sectionaldview ofthe same, Fig. 3 is a side elevation of a portion of the bracket, Fig. at

. is a horizontal sectional view of the bracket,

Specification of Letters Patent. Application filed November 6, 1812. Serial 2:10. 729,873.

Patented no.3, 1 913'.

and Fig. is a side elevation-of a lamp holder. I Further describing our invention with reference to the accompanying drawing,

'wherein like numerals denote correspondingw parts throughout: ldenotes'a post support ing asemaphore 2 having lenses 3 and 4; all of which are of the ordinary andwell known type used in connection with the va-rioussig nal systems of railways. I 5 denotes a clamping member that i's'selnicylindrical in plan and adapted to fit against the side of thep'ost 1, said clainping'memher having openings 6 to receiveth-escrew threaded ends 7 of a yoke 8 th'abengages 7 the post 1 for retaining-the clamping nein-z ber'fi in engagement therewith. Nuts 7 are screwed upon the threaded ends of .the yoke 4 and it is through the medium of-the' yoke and the nuts thereof, \vhiclr-constitute a imple fastening means, that the clamping member can be adjusted vertically upon the post. and correctly positioned. n I

1Q denotes a vertical offset portion of the clan'i 'iing member a and pivotally connected to the otl'set portion, as at 11 is a .vertical portion 12 of an angle bracket I3. lThe vertical portion 12 can be pivoted to the offset portion. 10 by a bolt 14 and a nut :15,;jo'r s'iinilar neausl The. lowerend of theyerjLi-JS cal portion 12 has a segment-shaped slot 1.6 and extending through said slotfis they-endof a bolt 17 carried by the ott'set portionltl,

beneath the pivotal connectio'il'. Tl'ie'bolt 1 7 hasa nut 18 and sa'id'bolt and nut 'em-i9 \ployedas a fastening means'for holding the w'ertrcal portion of the bracket in adjusted position. lt'is through the medium of theconnection between the bracket and" the. clamping member that said bracket canbe' adjusted in-two directions.

The bracket 13 has a longitudinal slot 19 and movable longitudinally of said slot the screw threaded stem 20 of a lamp holder- 21 having a lain-p support 21. The stem 20 is held in adjusted position by-washers 2.2 and nuts '23 and it isthrough thc-mediur'n v of the nuts 23 that the holder can be adjusted in two directions longitudinally of the bracket and in two directions. vertically of the bracket. 'lhere are stilltwobther ad justments, that of swinging the lioldr fitl to the right or left and with suntan; on lamp 24 upon the holder, it is obvious that.

the lamp or lantern can be correctly posit-ion'ed' whereby the. lenses of the Semaphore correctly aline with th'eli'ght Qf-';1',h

'mg alaterally-extending means constitut- *ing a support vfor the base of the lamp;

lam orlantern. I v ,v I vii; attach considerable importance-to the nine adjustments that are accomplished by- .o,ur bracket, and we Iwouldfihave it' under} 'stoodthat the structural elements'are susceptible to such variations andmodificationsas fall within the. scope of the appended" g'o tion ofsa id clamping member for holding claims. 1

What we claim is 1., The combinatipn with a semaphore 'post', of a clamping member adjustably connected thereto and having an ofi'set portion, an angle bracket pivotally connected to the saidbracket in adjusted position. n

'2) A bracket- -for the purpose set forth comprising a. clamping member adapted to be'adjustably connected to a-sema'phore'post and having. an offset portion, an angle: shaped supporting member'pivota-lly con- I nectedto said oflset portion, means'for fixing said supporting member from movement with respect to'the clamping member, said supporting member provided with a slot, a' lamp holder extending through said slot and vertically and' longitudinally adjustable with respect to the supporting member, and

. vcom'prisipg' a clamping member; adapted to means for fixing adjusted poslt-loni '3, A bracket :for the purpose set forth said lamp holder in its 1 beiad'ust'ably connected to .a semaphore post and "shaped supporting member pivotall' com 'aving an offset portion, an angle nect'ed to said ofl'set portion, means or-fix-' 'ing said supporting member from movement with respect to the Clamping member, said' supportingmember provided with a'slot, a

lamp holder extending through said slotand vertically and longitudinally adjustable with respect tothe supportingmember, and

meals for fixing'said u'mbhomtfi'n its ad jus'ted position, 'said lanip holder compris 4.- A lamp supporting bracket for a semaadapted to be adjustab ly connected to the post, an angle-shaped-supporting member phore post comprising a clamping member having one arm plvotally connected to said I clamping member andits' other arm formed with;a slot, a lamp holder adapted to be con; nected to thelamp and rovided with a stem roje'cting through'sai .slot'and capable of eing laterally, vertically and longitudinally member, means 'for fixedly securing said for fixedly securing said supportingmemher in an adjusted position with respect to said supporting member. I 5

5. A lamp supporting bracket for ya semaadapted tov be adjustably connected to-the post, anangle-shaped supporting-memberhaving me arm pivotally connected to said porting member, means for fixedly securin said holder inits adjusted. position, an

adjusted with respect tosaid supporting holder inits adjusted position, and means I phore post comprising a clamping'member rojecting through said slot and capai bein laterally, vertically anddongi tudinally a justed with respect to said supmeansfor fixedly securingsaid supporting v member in an adjusted position with respect to said supporting member, said lamp holder j further provided intermediate its ends with a laterally 'support'for the base of the lam 1 In testimony whereof we a 2: our signaprojecting, means constituting a tures in the presenceoftwo witnesses.


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